Should I Buy Golf Clubs Online? (Wow)

The invention of the internet paved the way for e-shopping. In fact, most of the clubs I have ever purchased have been online. But should you purchase golf clubs online?

Typically, although convenient, you need to know the product specifications and buy from a trusted online store. You lose a chance to test before you buy, and there is always a possibility of buying counterfeit.

Regardless, this all depends on several factors.

Read along to learn what to look for when buying golf clubs online, the risks, and where to buy them.

A Bundle of Money and Golf Clubs Online
Should I Buy Golf Clubs Online? It’s not that risky!

What to Look for When Buying Clubs?

Virtual shopping can be fruitful and satisfying if you learn to avoid all the loopholes and booby traps. This demands that you know the golf club specifications, the length, and even where to get them. Here are several factors to look out for in an online golf retailer.

The Return Policy

Be careful to read the rules the company has set for the golf club return policy. Should you buy a defective or wrong fit, do they allow you to return it?

The usual return timeline is often between 30 and 90 days. The clubs should be in their original conditions and returned for acceptable reasons.

The Current Condition of the Golf Clubs

This point is usually applicable when purchasing used golf clubs. You should only buy when you are sure the club condition has been verified. Nobody wants something that breaks after one week and can’t be returned.

To know more about purchasing golf clubs online, read this article: Should I Buy Golf Clubs On Amazon?

Most stores have categories such as Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Value, and Poor conditions. Very excellent types are suitable for a budget since they are slightly used. The value and the poor categories are primarily on their last leg of life.

Shipping Cost

The rule of thumb here is that there is a catch somewhere if the sale price is too good. Some companies will keep the sales price low only to recover the amount in exorbitant shipping fees.

Free transport can be beneficial, but only for goods above a certain amount, usually $99. Also, determine whether the e-store has cross-border shipping if you live outside the country. Some companies charge more for international shipping than others.

Can You Try Out the Golf Clubs Before Purchasing?

The above point is almost impossible for most golf e-commerce stores. Clients have to make do with the 3D pictures if they cannot get to the offline store. But some have come up with innovative ways.

For instance, some reputable brands ship the goods to you, albeit at a price. This is nice because you can use the club for between $25 and $50 for a week or two. If you like the product, you top up the remaining balance minus the trial period fee.

Customer Reviews

It’s normal for some golf clubs to have a negative review, even for reputable brands. Since you cannot try the product beforehand, reading other user comments in the review section would be wise. The comments will help you decide whether to continue with the purchase or quit.

Please note that you need at least 100 before making any purchase decisions. A couple of negative reviews don’t mean the product is bad. More people were probably satisfied with the golf clubs but didn’t bother leaving a review.

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What Are the Risks of Buying Online?

Unfitting Golf Clubs

There is no sure way of ascertaining whether the club fits when buying online. It may not suit your body type, swing, or playing style.

The Clubs Could Be Counterfeit

Counterfeit clubs are cheap imitations made to look but not function as the original golf clubs. The product could be a cheap, unlicensed version of the original one. Be careful, especially when shopping from second-hand stores, e-commerce stores, or auction websites.

This may affect your game or even put you into trouble with the authorities.

Damaged Products

I think shopping for second-hand golf clubs should be limited to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. I need to make sure the club doesn’t rattle, and the marks are purely cosmetic.

Some unscrupulous sellers sell worn-out golf clubs online because the clients cannot touch or see the product.

No Trial Before Purchase

I love trying out my clubs before committing any money to test the swing’s weight and feel. Unlike physical stores, online shopping denies you the chance to try out the irons. The risk is you end up with something lighter or heavier than you need.

Where to Buy Golf Clubs Online?


The family-owned retailer has been operational for decades selling golf clubs and other golf-related products. You can land impressive deals on flash sales and even free shipping for anything above $99. Furthermore, their all-inclusive inventory is organized according to club type and players’ age group.

TGW also maintains detailed product description categories and user reviews, enabling players to make informed decisions.

Callaway Golf Preowned

This is another e-commerce store top-rated for certified used golf clubs. They mainly focus on Callaway clubs, although they sometimes feature TaylorMade, Mizuno, Cleveland, Titleist, and Cobra brands. I love this site because every club comes with a conditional guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

TGWEnjoy free shipping for anything above $99.
Callaway Golf PreownedTheir products come with a certificate of authenticity.
Golf GalaxyBest price guaranteed
Worldwide Golf ShopsImpressive set packages
Where to Buy Golf Clubs Online and Their Best Offer

Golf Galaxy

The online store has every golf-related equipment, including fairway woods, custom golf clubs, putters, wedges, many drivers, and complete sets.

The site offers a tad more selection and some free advice and buying tips. Also, you get detailed user reviews, free shipping within an hour, and best-price guarantees.

Worldwide Golf Shops

Worldwide Golf Shops have been in the golf business for more than half a century. What caught my eye was the impressive club package sets on offer. A package set has everything, including a golf bag, which saves you the hustle of shopping for individual items.

Worldwide Golf Shops have a 90-day return policy, excellent customer service, and competitively low prices. The only disadvantage is the absence of customer ratings and reviews.

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How to choose the right golf club?

Here’s my personal tip on how you should choose the right golf club. If you’re having trouble testing it yourself you should contact an expert or watch the video below.

  1. Test the grip of the golf club.
  2. Check the length; it should be the standard size.
  3. Check the clubhead size.
  4. Review the weight.
This video exposes the difference between the fake TaylorMade golf club and the original.

Final Say

For me, it’s not a problem at all if you want to buy a golf club online. Just make sure that the website you will be purchasing from is a legit site. There are scammers everywhere.

The worst thing that could happen besides purchasing a fake one is wasting your money without getting any golf club in return. Be vigilant!

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