Do You Have to Break in Golf Clubs? (4 Easy Ways)

Breaking in a golf club is a common practice for many golfers. I’ve done it but honestly not really sure if it did anything. So do you really have to break in golf clubs?

Typically, brand new golf clubs do not need to be broken in. They are ready to play with immediately after removing it from the packaging. However, we adjust ourselves to the clubs in which we play. The adjustment happens with us rather than the clubs.

So what adjustments do we need to make to play with our golf clubs properly? In this article, I will explore the process that I used and how you can adjust to your new clubs properly.

break in golf clubs

How do you break in new irons?

There are a few different methods people use to break in new irons, but the most popular way is to simply play a lot of golf with them.

  1. When you get a new set of irons:
  2. you want to start by hitting some short shots with them.
  3. Get used to the feel and how they perform.
  4. Start hitting some longer shots. Don’t try to hit too many long ones at first, just gradually increase the distance as you get more comfortable with them.

Another way to break in new irons is by using a hitting net. This is a good method if you don’t have time to go out and play golf.

Start by hitting some short shots, then gradually increase the distance similar to when you were on the course described above.

If you don’t have a net, you can use a machine like the Trackman or Flightscope. They will help with swing speed, adjusting your golf swing, and just overall help your golf game. 

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How long does it take to get adjusted to new golf clubs?

Generally, it can take a few rounds of golf to really get comfortable with your new clubs.

For me, I was probably about 3 rounds in before I got to the point that I did not need to think about my clubs anymore and I could focus just on playing golf and getting the ball down the fairway.

I most recently did this with my new Mizuno clubs. They are forged iron clubs, but have a stiff stainless steel club shaft. I was more accustomed to a staff with more flex so I was worried about adjusting for distances and flight patterns I was used to with my older TaylorMade clubs.

How do you adapt to new golf clubs?

I can do breaking in a new wedge or driver on the driving range. My goal is to figure out the best way to:

  • Grip the club
  • How far back to hold it
  • How much power to put behind your swing
  • How the golf ball reacts to your strikes

During that time, you may find that your shots aren’t quite as accurate as they were with your old clubs. But don’t worry – with a little practice, you’ll be hitting those drives down the middle of the fairway in no time. (Assuming you could do that originally.)

Adapting to golf equipment will help avoid the inevitable bad shot and hopefully get the ball in the hole more times than not. 

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Do you need to break in a putter?

This is a hard one because not much goes into using a putter in terms of physicality. You take it out of your bag from the cart, hit 2 putts or less into the hole, and put it back. 

Just as I mentioned earlier, breaking in clubs is more for you and your ability rather than the clubs. So since grips can vary greatly with putters, work on a stance that works for THAT club. 

Work on your grip that creates the most consistent shot so you can avoid that dreaded bogey, especially when you got it on the green in regulation. 

What are the benefits of breaking in clubs? 

Going to be honest, I am not sure that there are many meaningful benefits to breaking in clubs or ‘rouging’ them up for play. 

Always remember principle, the golf clubs you trust is the right golf club to use. 

This game is about 70% confidence. If you believe you can do it, you likely can. The most important thing to do is practice on a regular basis and you can get used to the clubs, not the other way around. 


The reality is that we don’t break in golf clubs, we get used to golf clubs. 

Whether it’s your golf driver, wedges or hybrids, there will be a period of us getting a fat shot or two as we adjust our bodies to what the clubs can provide. 

What is a more important metric to consider is getting fitted for clubs. That way it can help you strike the ball based on your height and build.

The game of golf is a “fickle mistress,” as my favorite YouTuber says. So take the time to adjust to your game and play within the confines of what you can do physically. Be realistic, honest, and most importantly, have fun. 

At the end of the day, we are amateur golfers and should have fun out there rather than beating ourselves up when something doesn’t go our way. 

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