What are the Best Golf Clubs for under 100 Yards? (Explained)

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we always expect to hit the green from 100 to 120 yards away. I know I do. But sometimes, we fall short, and other times, we send the ball into the bushes due to the wrong choice of clubs. What are the best golf clubs for under 100 yards?

A 9-iron is the preferred club for many golfers for hitting 100 yards, add or take 5 yards. Beginners can easily attain 95-105 yards using the 9-iron golf clubs. 110 yards is also possible with luck and a bit of wind. However, there is no perfect club or driver for this distance.

Several factors influence your club choice for 100 yards, including your personal swing and lie type. Stick around as I explain the right club for use from 100 yards and how to practice pitch shots from that distance.

Set of golf clubs for under 100 yards
Numbered golf clubs for different yards and purposes.

What Type of Golf Clubs From 100 Yards Should You Be Using?

The 9-iron, 7-iron, and pitch wedge are the best golf clubs for use from 100 yards. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

The 9-iron

A 9-iron is categorized under the short irons golf clubs because of its short shaft. With a high-mass head, the club is versatile. Count on it to get you out of trouble when hitting golf balls for short distances.

The 9-iron helps you bring the ball as close to the flag. It also gives you perfect opportunities for making easy birdies or pars as you progress with your golfing career.

Pitching Wedge

The amateurs usually prefer the 9-iron for 100 to 125 yards, although the pitching wedge can also deliver. This is because of a misplaced notion that they can attain a longer distance with the 9-iron instead of the pitching wedge. However, the pitching wedge can also hit over 100 yards from the greens.

A well-executed golf shot from a pitching wedge can go as far as the one made with a 9 iron but in a different trajectory. The problem is that most amateurs lack proper technique and golf swing speed with their golf clubs to compensate for the yardage difference.

The 7-Iron

Many golfers need some more skill and practice with their 7-iron. They either flog it too high until it falls short of the green or hit off and watch it land in the woods. If you didn’t know, a 7-iron club could give you a lot of versatility if you know when and how to hit it.

The 7-iron is best suited for up to 135 yards, long par 3s, or short par 4s. You swing your hands smoothly and leave the rest to the club. When hit with this club from 100 yards, the golf ball flies low, bounces, and then shoots off towards the putt. We call this a half-swing.

You need lots of practice and incredible skill to hit the 7-8 iron 100 yards into the green. A mishit takes the ball further than needed, putting you into big trouble.

Golf ClubsDistance
9-IronShort distances equal or less than 100 yards
Pitching Wedge100-125 yards
7-Iron135 yards
Kind of golf clubs and the space they can ace.
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How to Practice Shots Within 100 Yards

I will show you a practice drill that works not just for 100 yards but for various yardages within that distance. You develop a feel for multiple lengths and learn to confidently get shots next to the pin. It also helps you to adjust the distance by hitting a three-quarter swing or choking the club to reduce the length.

The drill works, but you must practice more to learn what works for you and the distance you can achieve with one golf club within 100 yards. Follow the following steps for the best results.

  1. Measure a distance of 65 yards and place a marker, probably a flag stick. Hit the golf ball towards the target.
  2. Reduce the distance to 55 yards and hit the balls towards the target using the golf club you used in step one.
  3. Increase the distance to 85 yards and hit the ball towards the target using a different club from the one you used in 1 and 2 above.
  4. Bring the target closer by 10 yards to make 75 yards, and hit the golf ball using the same club you used in step 3.
  5. Take your target to 105 yards and use the club you usually use to hit 100 yards.
  6. Finally, from a 95-yard position, hit the golf ball using a 105-yard club. Congratulations!

Repeat this practice drill daily for several weeks until you learn to control your distance in 100 yards.

Want to up your game? Here are some tips about techniques and Golf Clubs for Under 100 Yards.

What Are the Best Golf Clubs for Under 100 Yards?

The best golf clubs for under 100 yards include;

Approach Wedge

This short golf club has a loft of 50-54 degrees. I usually use a 52-degree wedge to make close shots from tight or rough lies. The club is suitable for hitting 80-95 yards towards the green. In other words, the club is suitable for golf shots that the sand wedge and pitching wedges can’t because they either hit too far or too close. Always carry one in your golf bag because it is convenient.

Sand Wedge

Bring along the sand wedge if you can easily escape from the sand traps. These wedges are perfect for players with difficulty moving out of the sand. You can hit a distance between 60 to 80 yards using this club with a high loft of 54 and 58 degrees.

You can also use the sand wedge like a high loft wedge. This has helped me avoid excessive rolling of the ball when it lands on the ground.

Lob Wedge

Lob wedges have a highly high loft of between 58 and 64 degrees, although the usual type has a 60-degree loft. It is the highest lofted golf club in your bag, some even going as high as 72 degrees. The club can hit a ball a short distance of between 20 and 40 yards.

While some golfers think that handicappers using lob wedges is a bad idea, with enough time and practice, most golfers can successfully use the club.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide, it has to fit your game and situation. 

There are times when I will use a 9-iron inside 100 yards, or if I need to get over a sandtrap, I will use my sand wedge to get more height. Experiment with what gives you the most consistent results regardless of your use. 

If you want to know how to improve your swing, check out my other article: 11 Golf Exercises to Improve Swing Speed Hack

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