Do Golf Clubs Fit in a SmartCar? (Explained)

Smart cars aren’t quite as popular in the US as in some parts of the world—like Germany, where the brand was first established—but they’re quickly gaining recognition in the past several years. 

There’s just so much to love about them: they’re fuel efficient, save you a lot of parking space, and are super friendly on the wallet. Plus, they’re roomier than you think! 

But you’re probably wondering, do golf clubs fit in a smart car? They might have roomy interiors, but can the same be said for the trunk? 

Golf clubs and golf bags fit in a SmartCar rather easily, with the exception of the club drivers. The drivers must be removed from the bag and either placed at an angle in the trunk or on the passenger seat.  

Read on to know more about SmartCars, as well as the types of golf bags that can fit in these cars. 

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Smart Car? 

As Smart cars continue to grow in popularity, people have begun calling any number of small cars—usually classified as “microcars”—Smart. 

But you should know that “Smart” is a vehicle brand, just like Toyota and Chevrolet. It’s a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz and a parent company Daimler. 

Established in 1994 in Germany, Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the most popular microcar companies in the world. The brand isn’t as well-received in the US as it was in some parts of the world, like Europe and China, but it’s still pulling some decent business in the country. 

Smart cars come in dozens of models, with some having bigger trunk space than others. 

On average, though, Smart cars have a trunk space of around 12.4 cubic feet, which is more than enough space to fit two full-size stand golf bags (minus the drivers) with some space to spare. 

The Smart Fortwo line can fit up to four golf bags as it allows you to fold the backseats down for additional cargo space. 

What Golf Clubs Fit in a Smart Car? 

Smart cars can fit almost any type of golf club in the trunk, including: 

  • Hybrids
  • Putters 
  • Long, Mid, and Short Irons
  • Pitching, Approach, and Sand Wedges

Unfortunately, it won’t fit club drivers or woods, as they tend to be longer than the rest of the clubs. Panic not; they’ll fit in the passenger seat or behind the passenger seat if you’re using a Fortwo. 

What Types of Golf Bags Fit in a Smart Car? 

Smart cars have enough storage space to fit most clubs, but what about golf bags? 

As you probably already know, golf bags come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are made for professionals with big pockets and storage options, while others are made for casual golfers. 

One such professional golfing bag is the staff bag. Staff bags are the largest and heaviest of all golf bags. They measure between 40 and 50 inches and weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. They’re difficult to carry around, so golfers only use them with caddies or golf carts. 

Staff bags can fit in the trunk of a SmartCar but only if positioned at an angle. You can probably store two staff bags in the trunk, but it’ll be an extremely tight fit. 

Cart bags are much like staff bags, except lighter. Still, they’re not suited for carrying around the course. Since they’re designed to sit in the back of a pushcart, golf cart, or trolley, they come with cart straps instead of shoulder straps. They don’t have a built-in stand, either. 

Cart bags also fit a SmartCar. You can pack two cart bags plus their respective trolleys, so long as they’re foldable. 

Finally, you have stand bags and carry bags. 

These golf bags are popular amongst beginner and casual golfers. They’re lightweight, compact, and structure-less, so they’re easy to carry and store in the back of the trunk. 

Stand bags and carry bags hold all your basic golfing equipment, like 14 golf clubs, several golf balls, and other small essentials like nail clippers, sunscreen, and the like. You can put up to three of these bags in a SmartCar on top of each other.  

Final Thoughts 

Smart cars aren’t as revered as they are in parts of Europe and Asia, like Italy, Germany, and China, but they’re still a top choice for minimalists and individuals who live in crowded cities. The fact that they’re reliable, compact, and cost-efficient is icing on the cake. 

Smart cars can comfortably fit up to four sets of golf clubs or three fully-equipped golf bags, depending on the type. Your drivers won’t fit in the trunk though, so you’ll have to place them in the passenger seat unless you’re okay with them “peeking” out the car’s back windows. 

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