Hi! My name is Chris and I am the CEO and content creator here at GolfCartGo.com

I love the game of golf… almost too much (just ask my wife). When I was growing up, I didn’t have the time, nor could I afford to play the wonderful game of golf. But I could afford the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour. As a result, I obsessed over it and the game of golf. So technically, I played the game mentally for many years. Much to my surprise, it actually worked out.

I know play 2 to 3 times a week and (as of right now) a handicap in the mid teens and getting better (16 last time I checked). I am hoping to get that to single digits within the next year, but time will tell.

Trust me, I will not stop trying because the goal is to become a scratch golfer. I also like attending golf events and playing in tournaments either as a single golfer or in match play.

When my wife and I found out that we were pregnant with our first son Benji, I started my business with blogging and affiliate marketing and thankfully; it blew up! Because of the success of my business and hiring teams, I quit my job and now have plenty of time to play one of my favorite game.

Working from my home office and drop my son to school every day is a treat and something that I would could never do if not for the lifestyle changes and taking life by the horns rather than being dragged around.

If you need us or want to collaborate, contact us at info@golfcartgo.com. See you around!

-Chris M

Address: PO BOX 7614 Bloomfield, CT 06002 Phone Number: +1 (860) 341-2555