How Many Rounds of Golf Are Played Daily? (Wow)

I love golf… and sometimes, when I’m out on the links, I have random thoughts.

One of which is, with all the golfers out there in the world right now, how many rounds of golf are played daily?

On average, over 1 million rounds of golf are played everyday. That’s a whopping 377,200,000 golf rounds are played every year. However, the numbers can vary annually depending on several personal and economic factors.

Read on, my fellow golfers, for I have looked at the data and found some interesting facts!

How many golf rounds are played daily around the world?

According to the American Society of Appraisers, a whopping 377,200,000 golf rounds are played every year! That number was taken from a study done in 2012, so with the game’s growing popularity, the number has grown exponentially, especially during the pandemic. 

There’s a lot of golf players despite the stigma that it’s only for wealthy people.
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What does that mean?

Ever since the economic troubles began in 2006, the amount of golf rounds played has been reduced by 2.3% compared to earlier years.

In addition, the number of golf courses has declined in recent decades, but new ones also continue to spring up worldwide. In 2019, a study concluded that there were 38,864 golf courses on the planet. And if current trends continue, not as many new courses will spring up in the near future.

However, with 79 million people of the baby boomer generation here in America on their way to retirement, both the construction of golf courses and rounds could increase.

Warmer areas such as Florida can expect more golfing customers in the coming years!

How many rounds of golf can you do in one day?

If we’re talking strict numbers here, in 2021, Guinness World Records cited the most rounds played by a single person was 14, with the title being held by Jurg Randegger, a Swiss golfer. And believe me, it was no easy feat.

To do this, Jurg had to spend around 12 hours walking and swinging away. Using only a 7-iron, he walked a staggering 93 kilometers (57.8 miles), and scored an unbelievable 252 holes!

Of course, as we both know, playing golf for that long can’t be done all in one go. He had to stop for a bathroom break at the very least, right? The answer is yes, and he also had to change into drier clothes!

Doing anything for 12 hours straight is going to come with some costs, namely how much energy we’d have to spend golfing the entire time. Even an avid golfer like myself gets tired after golfing from dawn till dusk.

Do Golfers Need to be Fit? Absolutely!

For us mere mortals, we can do several things to keep on playing. Going online to compare booking times for multiple courses can give us an excellent start. The earlier tee time begins, the more likely we’re able to play the longest day of golf we’ve ever had.

Whereas the tee time might not be a significant factor, especially on courses with different schedules, there could be a difference between whether we will play a game of golf in the first place.

As we both know, having one person ahead of us being late for tee time can be just downright rude.

Even for golf courses, time is money. The more tee times they can get in, the more profit they will make.

Therefore, it only makes sense that we make it on time to tee off, and staff might tell us to hurry up! In fact, to better our chances to play more rounds than ever before, it’s a good idea to show up early, up to an hour, so we can do important things like eat and stretch before that first swing.

And like most golf games, playing for as long as possible requires recognizing several other factors. Some of these include:

  • Golfing where days are long (like in Alaska during the summer)
  • Equipping pain meds (we will get sore by pushing past the limits)
  • Playing speed golf (hit and run baby!)
  • Playing golf at night (yes, these places actually exist)
  • Making use of golf boards or bikes (reduces walking time)
  • Playing the game by scoring differently (such as excluding lost balls)
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Speaking of tee times, how many could I get in for a full day’s worth?

That depends. The key word, however, to take away here is “time.” Remember that piece of advice I mentioned earlier, the one about getting to the course an hour before tee-off?

That’s no joke, as a majority of golf courses will start tee times as early as 7:30 in the morning. That means we’d have to be on site around 6:30 a.m.

As early as that may be for many fellow golfers reading this, no matter the actual tee time itself, showing up early will allow us more time to do the important things, such as stretch and grab a bite to eat. Starting the longest golf day of our lives on an empty stomach won’t be pleasant!

According to the Sports Dietitians in Australia, anything involving distance walking will need plenty of carbohydrate-rich foods throughout the activity.

Also, staying hydrated always helps, so we’ll need a big water bottle to keep our thirst at bay.

AppleGarbanzo beans
BananasGreen peas
KiwiSweet Potato
Fruits and vegetables that are rich in carbohydrates!

How many rounds could I get done in a single year?

In short, there’s no concrete answer to this question. However, on average, most golfers will play up to 18.2 rounds in any year. How this number actually plays out depends how we arrange our golfing schedules and which courses we play at.

The number of rounds can go up depending on the golfer’s age.

With more retirees soon, I have a feeling that those golf round numbers will go up.

How many rounds of golf should you do per week?

If you’re really into golf, you should dedicate at least three times practice per week. Doing so can improve your stamina, gameplay, and the way you hit your ball. But if you’re currently not fit because of your age, practicing golf once per week will do.

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Final Say

To answer your question about how many rounds of golf are played daily, my answer would be it depends. First and foremost, the season is one of the greatest factors following with how practical a specific golf course is.

During summer, I believe it’s safe to say that over 170 rounds are happening daily on a golf course.

Considering all these options available, we’ll have to plan well ahead of time, such as picking golf courses that aren’t as well-known and being calculated about our schedules. Think of it like running a marathon that’s a full day, and we’ll need all the preparation we can get!

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