Mizuno Vs. TaylorMade Irons: Does Mizuno Make The Best Irons?

Mizuno vs. TaylorMade irons, which one to buy? Buying perfect golf irons that can offer precise spin control and better ball speed. 

You need to choose the best manufacturer from the available options. But, of course, you can always go for TaylorMade or Mizuno when choosing the best manufacturer.

Mizuno has dominated the market with some of its popular irons like Mizuno Jpx 921 hot metal. 

Its unique forging process makes irons that can offer stunning performance and feel. But now, TaylorMade has made a great comeback with the TaylorMade P790.

But which one should you use? Look at this detailed discussion on TaylorMade P790 vs. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro to get your answer.

Mizuno vs. TaylorMade Irons – Comparison

Mizuno Vs. TaylorMade Irons

TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade P790 Irons
TaylorMade P790 Irons (Click the image to see more photos)

This is the latest addition to the TaylorMade P family and comes with some amazing features. For example, as one of the best irons for golfers, the P790 comes with a 7 percent thinner face to generate faster COR. 

Besides, the manufacturer has included the PICT- Progressive Inverted Cone Technology for better accuracy. While maintaining the sound and feel, the thinner face design also increases the club’s feedback. 

It has the Speed Pocket to make the face flex more at impact. That means you can easily attain distance and faster ball speed using P790.

The P790 has a 4140 steel face. As a result, you can easily play more forgiving shots with this. Inside that, there is a larger mass of tungsten, and it has been intelligently reshaped to offer a better and deeper center of gravity.

Mizuno JPX 921 Irons

Mizuno JPX 921 Irons
Mizuno JPX 921 Irons (Click the image to see more photos)

When buying one of the best-forged irons for golfing, you can trust the Mizuno JPX 921 hot metal. 

It has been developed through the CNC milling process to offer an excellent feel, control, and spin. In addition, you will witness the differences in the short game while using these irons.

If you want to achieve faster ball speeds, a perfectly straight ball flight, and a controllable ball landing angle, the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro will be a good option.

Using a revamped CORTECH face, Chromoly 4140M and 0.2mm thinner center point creates faster ball speed. On the other hand, the Seamless cup face with a unique sole design enhances the ball speed.

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Who Should Use These Irons?

young, woman, and senior golfers

Well, if you check the official sites of the brands, you will find that both the P790 and JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro are listed as players’ irons. 

However, after a detailed analysis, it can be said that in between Taylormade p790 and Mizuno JPX 921, the latter is created for specialized players and fall under distance irons. 

So, to achieve more distance, it is advisable to use the JPX 921 forged irons. Click here to learn the differences between golf irons forged and cast.

The P790 irons are suitable for professional golfers and some mid-handicappers who want to improve their game. If you are a golfer looking for a perfect combination of distance and feel, you can trust these irons.

The JPX 921 irons are perfect for starters and players who want to emphasize precise feel and feedback. Low handicappers can also use these irons. These are also good for single-digit handicappers.

Composition Of Both the Irons

This comes down to the advantages of Chromoly and carbon steel. Chromoly is a perfect material for building roll cages. 

From this, you can assume how strong the material is. On the other hand, P790 differentiates itself by using a hollow carbon steel body structure.

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Mizuno vs. TaylorMade Iron: Performance

Both the long irons offer a perfect level of workability with a soft feel. The longer irons of the JPX 921 set offer a better feel. It is quite difficult to differentiate these two in terms of accuracy. 

The unique forged design makes the irons ideal for better spin control. You can also have complete control over the apex height.

Pros And Cons Of Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Iron

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Mizuno JPX 921.


  • You will get various premium shaft options.
  • Excellent feel
  • It comes with robust Chromoly construction.
  • It offers an impressive amount of forgiveness.
  • A wide-back milled slot
  • More distance from a long iron


  • It has a low MOI
  • Offers compromised feedback
  • Compared to the hot metal model, the forgiveness level is low.
  • Not suitable for beginner golfers.

Pros And Cons Of TaylorMade P790

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of TaylorMade p790 Irons.


  • It comes with a unique hollow body construction
  • It feels soft to hold
  • You can enjoy good scoring accuracy
  • Achieving a better ball speed will be easier for you
  • The mild carbon steel structure makes it robust.
  • It supports an impressive vibration dampening level.


  • With this, you will get limited fitting options.
  • The JPX 921 forged irons offer a better feel.
  • The spin amount is moderate.

Do The Brands Offer Custom Fitting Options?

Both TaylorMade and Mizuno offer different custom fitting options to their customers. But only one manufacturer out of the two has the edge in customization.

It may be noted that TaylorMade charges more for different types of shafts or grips. On the other hand, Mizuno’s custom fitting options are very different. 

The manufacturer offers premium quality grips for free. Besides, the available shaft options are well-rounded and have shafts designed for different players. 

In terms of customization, Mizuno is much better than TaylorMade. With them, you can make an iron tailored to your interests.

Final Words

The above discussion has proved that the Mizuno JPX 921 and TaylorMade P790 are forged irons and cost the same as the standard package.

But if you want to improve your gameplay and are looking for more distance with long irons, then the Mizuno JPX 921 can be an excellent option. 

More reviews have proved that the JPX 921 is a good option. The manufacturer offers a lot of custom fitting options at affordable prices. 

So, you can come up with a set that will work best for you. If you have any confusion, then take a professional’s help in this,

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