What Are The Disadvantages Of Offset Golf Clubs?

When buying a new golf club, you consider multiple factors. You pick the right brand, decide whether you want bladed or cavity-backed irons, and check the grip and shaft stiffness. 

Along with these things, you must also consider whether your golf clubs should be classified as offset or not. Many golfers have not heard of offset golf clubs, but they are a great addition to the game. 

But before you add offset golf clubs to your bag this season, you must know the disadvantages of offset golf clubs (as well as the advantages). This way, you can make a better selection. 

Let’s get to it!

What Are Offset Golf Clubs?

Disadvantages Of Offset Golf Clubs

In offset golf clubs, the neck or hosel is towards the front of the face. So, when you line the golf club behind the golf ball, the golf club appears to be offset. 

Interestingly, offset golf clubs are designed with a center of gravity. It allows players to take the ball to the highest launch angle. In simple terms, the offset clubs have maximum forgiveness and allow you to improve your ball trajectory. 

Offset golf clubs look like they are bent and disfigured. But the design makes it unique and easier to play offset irons for some golfers. 

Some of the best offset irons include Taylormade Sim Max irons, Willson D7 offset iron, and Callaway Mavrik offset club

Offset comparison of different GI/Players' distance irons
Offset comparison of different GI/Players’ distance irons
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What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Offset Golf Clubs?

Unfortunately, offset golf clubs also have a number of disadvantages that can outweigh their benefits for some golfers.

Limited Workability 

If you are an experienced golfer, you should avoid playing with offset golf clubs as they do not offer the ability to draw and fade a shot. It is difficult for the players to generate a side spin to shape their shot in the desired direction. 

Increases Risk Of A Hook

Offset golf clubs can reduce slices but are known for increasing the hook. The golf club promotes more right to left side spin-offs on the face for right-hand players. It can result in a hook when the swing rhythm is off. 

Quick Fix Rather Than Cure

Avoid using offset golf clubs if you are looking for a cure to your errant shots, as they are just a quick fix. Offset golf clubs can help some players, but these are certainly not for everyone. 

What Are The Advantages Of Offset Irons

While offset golf clubs have some major disadvantages, players still use them because it lets you easily square a ball at impact. 

Players end up with errant shots like slices and hooks because they cannot place clubface squares behind the ball. Also, they have maximum forgiveness. 

Higher handicappers and beginner golfers use offset irons as they let them increase their confidence on the golf course. In addition, it helps in improving the fine margins. 

In addition, when you hit the ball, it lets you have a higher launch angle. 

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Common FAQ About The Offset Drivers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the offset drivers.

Should You Use Offset Drivers?

If you are struggling to get the clubface square at the impact with the driver, you can use offset clubs. It can also help you with a slower swing speed. 

You must also take advice from the professionals to understand what is causing the issue in the first place. It will help you smooth out your performance over time. 

How To Hold An Offset Driver?

As you need a grip in any golf club or non-offset driver, you need to grip an offset driver. This way, your golf club will do what it is designed for. In addition, it will help you hit the fairway. 

Gripping the offset driver helps you build your confidence. Thus, you must use it to your advantage without changing the grip. 

How To Hit An Offset Driver?

As you hit any driver, you can hit your offset driver. While hitting the ball, tilt your shoulders so the right shoulder is below your left shoulder and set up with the higher ball flight in the target line with your left heel. After that, you can hit. 

Do Pro Golfers Use Offset Irons?

Do Pro Golfers Use Offset Irons?

Usually, pro golfers use conventional golf clubs to better control with bladed irons. Thus, they don’t use an offset iron to shoot with a high trajectory or square the golf club up. 

Offset irons are becoming popular on tour as players of any level can be benefitted from them. Players at the elite level of games use offset golf clubs as it helps them in improving their consistency. But you won’t see them on the PGA Tour

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Offset Vs. Non-Offset Golf Clubs 

Here’s how to offset and non-offset irons are different from one another. 

  • In the offset clubs, the shafts are slightly angled compared to the leading edge of the golf clubface. In contrast, non-offset clubs have straight ball shafts, from the grip top to the hosel. 
  • The main role of offset clubs is to avoid slices and to hit fairway iron shots. But non-offset golf clubs do not help in avoiding the slices. However, a player can prevent slices by taking corrective actions. 
  • Using offset golf clubs, your hands are positioned in front of the golf club heads. But in the non-offset golf clubs, hands are placed behind the golf club heads. 
  • Non-offset golf clubs are ideal for professional players but offset clubs are best for beginner and average players. 


High handicappers and beginners can use offset clubs to make a huge difference in the striking golf ball. They can help you with a slower swing speed. But it does not mean offset clubs are the best. They have certain disadvantages. 

So, avoid picking offset clubs if you are purchasing a golf club set to correct a hook or slice. They will not offer proper help in the long run. 

If you are impressed with the features of offset clubs, you can add them to your bag this season and improve your game. 

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