What Is An Eagle In Golf? Golf Term Explained

What is an eagle in golf? An eagle in golf is when a player sinks a putt from more than one hundred yards out. This rare occurrence can result in an exciting finish to any round of golf.

Although they may seem daunting, mastering the art of the eagle putt can be the difference between winning and losing.

Here’s everything you need to know about making this impressive shot.

Origins Of The Term Eagle 

The term eagle is believed to have originated as an extension of birdie. As an eagle is a large birdie, this term was coined to say birdie. 

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What Is Eagle?

What Is An Eagle In Golf

Eagle is a term in golf that refers to a score of 2 under par on each hole. Every given hole on the course is an assigned par, ranging from 3 to 6. If you want to know how many strokes you need to get an eagle, subtract the par by 2. 

What Does It Mean To Score An Eagle?

If you score eagles like a machine, you are a notorious golfer. However, doing so can improve your performance. When you score more eagles, your golf scores will be lower. 

Thus, your chances of winning the game are more. But, on the other hand, you are not an average golfer if you are good at scoring eagles. 

Is Golf Eagle Good Or Bad?

Compared to scoring birdies, scoring a golf eagle shot is rarer. That’s because it affects the overall number of shots related to the par. 

You can go a long way towards your target with a golf eagle as a par score, or better is what you aim to achieve in this case. You can also try to practice hole-in-one. 

How Rare Is An Eagle?

Scoring an eagle shot on par golf holes is not easy. The difficulty level differs on various par holes. Remember that golf eagle shot on a par 3 is least common as golfers are required to get the ball in the hole in one shot. 

On the other hand, scoring eagles on par 4 holes is less common as golfers must get the ball in the hole on two shots. 

Professional golfers can score around 1 to 2 eagles per round. However, beginners might only be able to score 1 or 2 eagles in 50 rounds. 

What’s Better Than An Eagle In Golf?

If you want to score something better than an eagle in golf, you can score a double eagle by making a second shot. You can also score three under par double Eagle in golf, also known as Albatross. In addition, a rare four-under-par score is also possible. 

Professional golfers with a high level of playing experience can make such a score big birdie. They can score the impossible 5 under par, called Ostrich, and 6 under par, called Phoenix (it’s a very rare bird). 

Double Eagle In Golf 

If you want to enhance your skills, you can try scoring a double eagle shot, which means a second shot on a par 5 golf hole. It’s believed that a double eagle is rarer than a hole in one. You need to make two strokes for a double eagle. 

How To Score An Eagle In Golf?

Score An Eagle In Golf

As an average golfer, your chances of scoring an eagle are less, but don’t let this factor stop you. You can, in fact, improve the chances of scoring the ultimate eagle by hitting your shots farther so you are closer to the hole. 

#1. Natural Elements And Design Of Golf Course 

If you want to hit the golf ball a long distance away, you can use shifting winds, dry ground surface, trees, altitude, temperature changes, and elevation. 

#2. Shorter Golf Courses 

You have the best chance of shooting the ball into the hole when you are closer. You can play a more forward tee shot. It will reduce the golf course length, but there is nothing wrong with that. 

#3. Altitude Or Elevation 

When playing golf at a higher altitude, you can hit longer distances. That means you can achieve extra yards through higher altitudes. 

#4. Temperature 

You can make the golf ball fly farther in hotter conditions. For every 10 degrees increase in the temperature, 1-2 extra yards are achieved. 

#5 Wind Direction 

You add a carry distance by hitting the ball downwind. Doing so will increase the rollout distance and help you gain additional yards per shot. 

#6. The Firmness Of The Ground 

Did you know that your golf ball will roll out by 10-15 yards extra on the firm grounds? This way, you can learn to score eagle. 

#7. Trees 

It’s important to note that the wind will impact the golf ball flight if there aren’t too many trees on the golf course. 

The golf player sees a tree as a hurdle. But only professionals know that trees are a true opportunity. Sometimes, trees can offer much-needed bounce, resulting in a perfect eagle. 

#8. Short Game 

If you manage to ace the short game, you can learn the art of scoring an eagle. So, you should focus on improving your short game from within 100 yards. 

Working on factors like accuracy will help you increase the chances of scoring an eagle. 

#9. Hole In One On Par 3

You can practice aiming for a hole-in-one for every par 3 holes. 

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Other Golf Scoring Terms Explained


As we have reached the end of this post, we assure you might have understood what an eagle is. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional player, if you are interested in increasing your chances of scoring an eagle, you can follow the steps mentioned in this post. 

Once you have learned how to score an eagle, you can practice achieving the impossible 5 under par, Ostrich, and 6 under par score, Phoenix. You can also try a hole-in-one or second shot. 

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