What Is A Double Bogey In Golf? Golf Term Explained

Wondering what a double bogey in golf is? Speaking about a double bogey is a golf scoring term meaning the players make two more strokes than the part of a hole they are currently playing. 

This golf scoring term is very common, and even the best golfers sometimes score a double bogey. Is double bogey good? 

Should you avoid double bogeys? Well, keep reading to explore more about it.

Understanding A Double Bogey In Numbers

Double Bogey

Most players try to avoid a double bogey, but for some golfers, it is Inevitable. Suppose you are playing a par three hole. 

Here, you need to put the gall into the cup in 3 strokes. However, if you failed to do that and have already completed three shots, the extra stroke will be treated as a bogey. 

Suppose you finish the hole with two putts or two strokes. In a par 3 holes, a score of 5 will be considered a double bogey. And on par 5, a score of 7 will be a double bogey.

Is Scoring A Double Bogey Bad?

Most recreational golfers wonder, is making a bogey bad? Well, it depends on the skill levels of the golfers. 

For example, professional golfers, scratch, and low handicap golfers will not feel happy when scoring a bogey on a golf hole. For a beginner, a double bogey can be a good thing.

Before playing a bogey, you should understand the golf scoring terms in the golf world.

As per the expert golfers, if you make a bogey on each round hole on a par-72 golf course, you will score 90. 

For the golfers playing golf for the first time, breaking this score is a major achievement. However, with time, it makes sense to avoid making a bogey.

Every Golf Player Makes Bogies

Even the world’s best golfers make bogies. As per data, in 2021, PGA golfers made around 2.72 bogies while playing the Tour Championship. 

Famous golfer Rory Mcllory scored some bogeys per round during the game. So, it can be said that a player can face a bad day.

In the first round of the Open Championship, he began the first hole with a quadruple bogey. And he completed the round making a triple bogey.

Some other data proved that the 16-20 handicap golfers averaged 4.7 double bogeys and 2.1 triple bogeys in the game.

Quadruple Bogey, Triple Bogey, And Double Bogey

Golf scoring terms don’t always follow math or any logical rules. However, a double-bogey does. Not just double bogey, all the scoring terms related to bogey do.

  • A quadruple-bogey is a score of four strokes over par on a particular hole.
  • A triple bogey is a score of three strokes over par on a specific hole.
  • As described above, a double bogey means a score of two strokes over par on a hole.

Considering this, making 9 strokes on a par 5 is a quadruple bogey and making five strokes on a par-3 hole is a double bogey.

Is It Possible To Avoid A Double Bogey?

 Avoid A Double Bogey

Don’t think bad if you make a double or triple bogey on the golf course. Some professional golfers also make a double bogey. 

But to enjoy a successful game and to become a successful golfer, you should try to avoid scoring double bogies on the golf course. Here are some tips to avoid double bogeys.


A lack of motivation and time prevents the golfers from honing their skills. Choose some trouble spots and a few golf clubs and work on those. 

Every golf expert suggests practicing out of the sand, wedge shots, and driving before hitting the green.

Being Realistic

Golf is a challenging game, and being realistic about your golfing ability will be essential for you. 

Instead of getting over a trap using a driver, it will be better for you to go for a practical approach with a short putt or chipping.

Get Some Lessons

Seeking coaching and advice from a PGA professional or a golf expert is an excellent way to improve your gameplay. After going through a few golf sessions, you will feel as if you have enhanced your golfing skills.

Read this article if you want to get better at golf without lessons.

Keep The Golf Ball In-Play

You can utilize a hybrid or a long iron on the course to keep the golf in play for a good score. Using hybrids and long irons, you can cover the same distance. Besides, an expert golfer always uses the irons for better control.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about double bogey.

What Is More Worse Than Double Bogey?

Yes, this game has worse things than making a double bogey. For instance, quadruple bogies and triple bogies are two strokes or one stroke worse. They can completely wreck the score.

What Do You Mean By A Net Double Bogey?

After introducing the World handicap system, net double bogey in golf means the total number of stories recorded for handicap purposes. 

This is created to prevent some bad holes from destroying the handicap. In some cases, you can find a net double bogey scoring system in a stable ford scoring game.

Tips To Recover From A Double Bogey

A double bogey is two over par score. That means you have made 2 extra strokes. Well, don’t worry at all as you can recover from this. 

You need to score one under par for the next two holes or two under part in the next one hole. It may sound challenging, but most golfers have managed to do that through practice. 

Sometimes making a double bogey golf handicap can be a good thing, but you shouldn’t always depend on this and keep your number of strokes under the limit based on the hole type. 

Just keep playing golf and improve your gameplay style.

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