What Is A Triple Bogey In Golf? Golf Term Explained

Three strokes over par rating of a particular tee box hole are called a triple bogey. The term 3 strokes over par are also known as a triple bogey. 

What is a triple bogey in golf? Is triple-bogey an acceptable score? Do all the new and PGA golfers make triple bogey share? 

How can scoring a triple-bogey be avoided? We have discussed all these questions in this post so you can improve your golf game. 

Below you can find the common golf scoring terms. 

What Is A Triple Bogey In Golf

Triple Bogey

A triple bogey is a golf score of three strokes more than given hole par scores. The phrase “3 strokes over par” is equivalent to triple bogeys. 

But you can avoid becoming a bogey golfer by practicing, so you do not make three strokes over par more than the hole’s score. 

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What Kind of Golfers Make Triple Bogey?

Everyone can make a triple bogey regardless of whether it’s a professional player or an average golfer. But it’s important to remember that a triple bogey is a bad score. 

If skilled golfers make a single triple bogey, it can be overcome. But if they make two triple score bogeys in the same score round, it can result in a poor score. But for beginning golfers, triple bogey is very common. 

A Background Of Bogey Terminology In Golf

Deviation Of Bogey 

When Hugh Rotherham wanted to establish a standard number of fewer strokes a good player should take on each hole, the golf term “bogey” came into existence. According to that system, today’s score called par was earlier known as a bogey. 

Hole Par System

In 1860, an English golf writer represented a perfect score using the term par. Later in 1911, the term par caught on when the U.S. Golf Association created a standardized score system. 

But they used par as an expected score. Here, the bogey is relegated to one stroke over par. This rule was followed till the 1920s. 

Establishing Par

The USGA then concluded that any hole 225 yards long would be considered a par 3. So, a score of 4 strokes is considered a bogey. 

Golf holes between 225 and 425 yards were Par 4s. On the other hand, 426 to 600 yards was par on a hole of 5, and 600 yards and longer would be par on a hole of 6. 

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Other Golf Scoring Terms

Double Bogey Golf Holes

One stroke over par is a bogey. Golf scores of two strokes over par on an individual golf hole on the golf course are considered a double bogey. A double-bogey can either be good or bad, depending on the situation. 

If you are practicing and playing for a professional golf tournament, a double bogey is not something you want to commit. But it’s acceptable in a recreational setting. It’s the lowest golf score.

If you want to avoid two strokes over par, you must practice daily, enroll in the game, and be physically and mentally fit. 

Quadruple Bogey Golf Course

When an average score on an individual golf hole is four golf scores higher than the hole’s par, the bogey is called a quadruple bogey. 

So, four strokes over par on an individual golf hole on the golf course are quadruple bogey. 

Making a quadruple-bogey is not something that a player would want to do, but many golfers, even most professional golfers, end up making a four strokes bogey. 

Other Golf Scoring Terms Explained

How to Avoid Scoring Triple Bogey 

If you have been average scoring triple bogey for a while, here’s how you can avoid making it: 

Choose Your Club Wisely

Whenever you are playing on the golf course, it’s important to make sure you reach for the right golf club. 

If the course has water hazards, wood, or any other hurdle, you must think again before pulling out the golf club. Even if the club does not make the golf ball travel a good distance, it will save you from the penalty. 

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Accept Your Fate

Accepting your fate can reduce the chances of scoring a triple bogey. When you accept what you have done, you can analyze your mistake and consider all of your options so the mistake can be avoided. 

Once you have made a bad first shot, don’t continue to play the game poorly, as it will affect your performance. Cut your losses and continue to play like professional golfers. 

Remember that when your ball is stuck in a danger zone, your chances of safely hitting a good score are very less. So, you can take an extra stroke to make the ball land in a safer zone rather than risking your score. 

Think About Your Shot 

Before taking the first shot, analyze the setting so you can know about the possible trouble you might encounter. 

After analyzing, if you realize that the safer tee shot is risky, you must look for other options. If you can avoid a bad first, second or third shot, you must do it. 

Practice Your Putting 

If you want to reduce triple scoring bogey, you must practice your putt. It’s important to avoid three and two putts to win or get a good score. 

You must carefully practice so you can do better on putting green. Not making three or two putts can improve your golf skills.


Here are some frequently asked questions about triple bogey.

Is Triple Bogey Acceptable?

A triple bogey is not acceptable for the golfer score if you are a professional golfer. In a professional golf-playing setting, it’s a poor score. But triple bogey is common if you are a recreational golfer. 

According to the golf course’s course rating, South Lakes golf course and River Oaks golf club are the best.  

Is Making Triple Bogey Common?

Don’t hate yourself if you are making triple bogey because even professional golfers do it. But make sure that you commit this bad score once in a while, so your performance is not affected.


When you are playing golf, you must invest sufficient time practicing so you can learn the basics of this game. Also, you should know about golf scoring terms. 

Anyone can become a bogey golfer. Situations like a triple bogey in golf are a common occurrence. But you can avoid making it with regular practice. You can also invest in golf practice sessions and good golf equipment. 

Always remember that even the more experienced golfing buddies can make a quintuple bogey or triple bogey. But you must try to improve your golfer scores. You should take fewer strokes.

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