How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons? Can You Teach Yourself Golf?

Do you seriously want to improve your golf game but don’t have sufficient funds or time for golf lessons? 

Golf lessons may look like the best way to improve your golfing. After all, by taking lessons about golf games, swing speed, and more, you will get a chance to learn from experienced players. 

There is no doubt that golf lessons can help you get better at golf, but these are not compulsory.

Now you might be wondering how to get better at golf without lessons? Is it possible? Yes, you can learn and improve your gameplay and poor golf shots without any lessons. 

To help you out with this, we have mentioned some useful and proven tips for you where you don’t need the help of professional golf lessons. 

Have a look.

8 Tips Of How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons

Start Working On Your Alignment

Start Working On Alignment

You can play better golf by working on your alignment. Alignment is something that one can practice consistently and easily. You can do that by using a golf alignment stick or your clubs.

You need to place one stick about the feet and another above the ball. Then use another stick to make sure your feet, eyes, and arms are perfectly parallel to the target’s left side.

Every PGA professional always analyzes their alignment on the golf course before taking the shot. So, add this to your pre-golf shot routine, and you can improve your golf game and your swing.

Regularly Practice Short Game From 100-Yards Inside.

You should remember that most golf game shots are from 100 yards. So, if you want to reduce your golf scores, this is an area on the golf course that you need to consider. That means you need to work on your chip, bunker, wedge, and putting green.

Many amateur golfers or average golfers think this is easy to do. But the fact is you need to practice your fairway woods, long irons, driving range, and more. Try to spend more time on the shots closer to the green.

Go On And Use A Tee For Golf Ball

Use A Tee For Golf Ball

Can you get better at golf without lessons? Yes, you can. But you need to take advantage of every possible thing to make the game a little easier. 

For example, you can tee up the golf ball while playing golf. Jack Nicklaus, a famous golfer, prefers to tee up the ball on par 3.

When you use a tee, it can increase your chances of hitting the ball perfectly. Conversely, a ground shot can send your ball in the wrong direction. 

Using a tee, you can eliminate the risk of thin or fat hitting your ball. But don’t forget to practice regularly.

Watch The Videos

Recording every golf swing while practicing in the backyard or driving is an excellent way to get better at golf without lessons. You can analyze your strengths and weaknesses when you watch videos of your golf swings.

Try to understand the swing fundamentals like making sure you are using a correct swing plane, creating sufficient lag, and maintaining a perfect posture. 

You can also detect your bad habits related to swings by going through the videos. With this, you can avoid playing poorly.

You can use your smartphone or a dedicated video recorder for a golfer like DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo.

You Should Always Practice At A Golf Course With A Purpose

Don’t just practice; you also need to improve your practice shots. Remember that practicing golf without any plan is bad. You will develop bad habits and poor muscle memory. 

You should have an attack plan, whether playing a chip shot or fairway wood. That means:

Improve The Mental Game

Golf is a long game. The average duration of a golf match is around 4 hours. This is a long time to remain mentally sharp. But there will be ups and challenges.

How you handle a situation can make or break your game. But you can easily find different resources using which you can improve it. You need to get rid of self-imposed pressure for a great game and improve your own game.

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Improve Consistency With One-Armed Golf Swing

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer

Speaking about swing changes, these are unnatural movements that you need to combine and swing well multiple times on the golf course.

You can play golf games perfectly to attain consistent swing, but most golfers face issues with this. 

With inconsistent golf swing, you will face poor golf. But you can improve your swing speed by practicing one-armed swings. 

You can control the swing using the body’s left side if you are a right-handed player. Here, you will be aiming to release your left foot instead of your right side to pull your golf club in the downswing. 

Experts suggest practicing one-armed golf swing for at least seven days. This way, you can understand the swing changes.

Watch the helpful YouTube video below:

Use The Right Type Of Golf Club

While making your golf improvement plan, you can’t ignore your golf clubs. However, beginner golfers don’t need to use advanced clubs or custom-fitted clubs for beginner golfers. 

You can go for a set of clubs including 3-wood, Irons 3, 5, 7, and 9, and a driver. Besides, you can also use shaft or graphite clubs. 

Your golf club is a crucial piece of golf equipment. Don’t hesitate to take the help of professional golfers if you have any doubts.

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Final Words

As per the experts, the best way to get better at golf without lessons is to practice golf regularly. Besides, there is nothing bad about seeking advice from professional players. 

What’s more? 

You can’t avoid bad shots, but you can learn from every shot. On the other hand, don’t forget to develop a perfect short game. 

Read every golf instruction carefully and keep playing. You can learn and improve your golf game without private lessons. And in the future, you can also participate in major championships.

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