What Are Golf Match Play Rules With Handicaps?

It is a fact that golf is a unique and enjoyable game in which golf players compete on the field, irrespective of their ability. Well, all thanks to the golf handicap system. 

If you are new to this game, you might wonder what exactly a handicap golf is? What are handicap strokes? And what are the golf match play rules with handicaps for playing them? 

This article will help you explore everything about the handicap system.

Playing Handicap Strokes On Golf Course

What Are Golf Match Play Rules With Handicaps

In most cases, golf players may need to join a registered club or any official handicap schemes to receive an official golf handicap. 

It allows them to participate in different competitions. The maximum handicap index allowance for women and men is 54.

Most amateur golfers use handicaps to measure their performance. However, unlike stroke play, the number of strokes made in the match play is not the recorded score. 

If you analyze carefully, you will find that handicaps are utilized differently in the matchplay competition. Keep reading to understand the golf match play rules with a handicap.

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How To Calculate Matchplay Handicap Strokes?

Playing Handicap Strokes On Golf Course

Matchplay handicaps utilize a different handicap format, which can be very confusing for some golf players. Well, then we can use a match play handicap calculator. 

But first, we should understand how to work out with it. So let’s talk about this in detail.

World Handicap System

The introduction of the World Handicap System brought different changes. For example, all courses are now being evaluated based on their difficulty. 

On the other hand, every set of tees requires separate ratings for female and male players. Well, this includes a Course handicap rating and a Slope rating.

As per the rules, the Slope rating is about the difficulty of the course for the bogey golfers compared to scratch golfers. A bogey golfer is generally a golfer with a course handicap of 24 for women and 20 for men.

On the other hand, the course rating defines the difficulty of the course for the Scratch golfers. Scratch golfers mean the players who can play the course through a course handicap of zero strokes.

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Easy To Calculate Handicap Strokes

Easy To Calculate Handicap Strokes

Matchplay handicap calculation will be different based on the multiple tees or a single tee. However, experts suggest going for a single tee if you are new to this.

As per the World Handicap System, golf players no longer have the handicap system. They now have a handicap index. Based on the course’s difficulty, a playing handicap will be calculated by the formula given below:

Course Handicap = Handicap Index x Slope Rating /113

If the golfer has a handicap index of 18, then playing on a golf course with a 140 slope rating would have a handicap of:

18 x 140 /113= 22.30, approximately 23.

There are three simple steps to re-evaluate the handicap for golf matchplay utilizing a single set of tees.

  • Course Handicaps: You need to convert the handicap index to a course handicap.
  • Handicap Allowances: For every individual handicap match play, the allowance is 100 percent. On the other hand, for pairs, it is 90 percent. So you need to adjust every handicap to 90 percent of the course handicap to get the playing handicaps.
  • Matchplay handicap difference: You need to adjust every playing handicap so the lower handicap strokes play off zero.

Handicap Allowances For Stroke Play Events

The four-ball matchplay handicap allowance is 90 percent. As per the single-match play golf rules, the handicap allowance for individual handicaps is 100 percent.

For Scramble (4 players), the allowance can be 25 percent, 20 percent, 15 percent, or 10 percent.

As per the rule, the committee should mention the handicap allowance and allocate handicap strokes based on the rules. 

In general, once the handicap allowances are applied to the stroke-play methods, golf players can receive their full playing handicap allowances. 

Before you can start playing handicap, you need to understand the current handicap system and stroke allocation method set by the United States Golf Association

You can easily find more details about this on the official site of the United States Golf Association and play a fair match.

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Handicap Holes

Handicap Strokes allocation will also depend on the hole number or your total hole wins. There are different hole orderings in golf, and every whole has a different difficulty level ranging from 1 to 18. 

Doubles match-play golf rules say the most challenging hole is the rank one handicap hole.

During the match, a higher handicap player receives handicap strokes that will equal the difference between the handicap of the opponent and him. This handicap system is valid for both back and front nines.

How Do Handicaps Work In Golf Match Play?

Before you can play a handicap match, you need to understand the rules of the mixed match play rules and singles match play. 

As per the WHS- World Handicapping System, the recommended allowance is 100 percent of the difference between multiple handicaps. However, it can be 90 percent of the difference between the players with the lowest handicap plays in fourball.

In a single golf match between players of 20 and 12, the 12-handicappers will give the 20-handicappers eight strokes.

In match play, if the match ends all square and moves to the extra holes, the strokes will continue based on the course’s stroke index. 

In singles, the lowest handicap player will offer strokes to the highest handicap player based on the difference between the highest and lowest handicap player.

In Stroke play, you will find Silloth allowance. First, consider the difference between two players’ handicaps and subtract that from 18. 

Next, you need to divide that by three and subtract it from the lowest handicap. The result that you will get will be the Silloth pair’s playing handicap.

Golf Match Play Rules With Handicaps Should Not Be Confusing

Overall, understanding handicap allowances and the use of stroke play in golf can be quite confusing. However, it becomes much easier by knowing the basics and how to apply them when playing. 

The allowances and handicap strokes work differently depending on whether you are playing singles or doubles and whether the course is stroke play or match play. 

With a little practice, you will be able to calculate your handicap and strokes quickly and easily.

Just remember to always check with the official rules of golf before playing in any event.

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