Top 5 Shortest Golf Holes In The World

Are you wondering or investigating to know the detailed information about the shortest golf holes in the world? Then you have landed on the right article. Here you’ll have brief knowledge about the top 5 shortest holes.

Golf is one of the toughest par 3’s and the longest played globally. I don’t know how you feel when you could see a short par 3 hole on your golf course, but a short par 3 hole brightens up the game. 

There may be a few local pros that you can easily point out. Don’t be alarmed if you think short holes are easy to complete.

The Golf Course

Shortest Golf Holes In The World

This par three game is brief but provides challenges and memory exercises. A golf course is a location where the game of golf is played. Every hole has a fairway, green tee box, and “cup” rough hazards. A golf course consists of 18 holes.

Most golf courses have 18 holes; some share fairways or greens, and nine holes are played twice per round on a subset of courses. 

Nine or eighteen holes with a par of three strokes make up a par-3 course. Many bunkers will compress the narrow green, making it appear even smaller.

The green is placed at some inclination from the tee by protecting the front right with a solitary bunker shot and the left side with mounds, making the club selection important.

Many of the older courses are links, located along the seaside. 

The first golf courses were built on the geography of dunes and coastal slacks, with a grassy ground cover exposing to the wind and the sea. A pro shop is usually present on courses that are either commercial, government, or municipally owned.

Many private or commercial courses are located within the country club. The number of holes, their par values, and the number of holes each par value is essential characteristics to consider when building a golf course.

Compared to the other championship courses, the Quintero Golf Club, located northwest of Phoenix, is recognized as the greatest golf course based on various variables. 

It introduces new obstacles for new players, such as precise strokes from the tee to a narrow green. In addition, most bunkers are considerably below the putting surface, making up and tough.

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Top 5 Shortest Golf Holes In The World

The shortest golf holes based on the PGA tour are listed below.

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Pebble Beach GL- Hole No. 7 (7th Hole) – Par 3 – 106 Yards, 0.102 Under Par (659)

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Pebble Beach GL- Hole No. 7 (7th Hole)

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is popular as the short par in the golf club. In the PGA major Championship golf, the hole is considered the shortest hole and the shortest par 3. 

In the 2019 U.S championships, the par-3 seventh hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links hosts the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  The seventh hole at the Pebble Beach is considered the most photographed hole, and this hole is located 106 yards away from the back tee.

The 7th hole plays downhill while hitting a small target at the edge of the Monterey Peninsula and playing into the wind. 

The hole appears like a short hole, but the wind sometimes lets the player pick up a long iron to get to the green. It is also considered the most challenging hole, with 18 ratings. 

Six bunkers bound this hole, the pacific ocean lies right to the green, and the high winds from the ocean add difficulty to the game. If there were no wind disturbances, the players could play the game in 106 yards.

In 1959, John Brodie played in this hole by hitting the first tee shot into the water, scoring a long par, and trying to end up with three tee shots, but he scored a one-stroke penalty in his first attempt. 

Tom Kite, the golf player, hits the tee shot to the left of the green and later to the hole.

The Players Championship – TPC Sawgrass – Hole No. 17 (17th Hole)- Par 3 – 137 Yards, 0.018 Over Par (456)

The Players Championship - TPC Sawgrass - Hole No. 17 (17th Hole)

The Players Championship is located at TPC Sawgrass with the 17th hole. The players’ championship is considered one of the most interesting games with the shortest hole on the PGA tour. 

In another way, it is also regarded as the best island green for its memorable moments in the golf club. 

From the championship tees, the front of the green is located away from 121 yards, and the back of the green is away from 146 yards. 

In this, 3912 sq. ft, a small bridge is placed near the back of the green, and the water almost bounds this island green.

Augusta National – Hole No. 12 (12th Hole) – Par 3 – 155 Yards

ugusta National - Hole No. 12 (12th Hole)

Augusta National is almost considered the difficult hole on the par 3, PG tour, even though it is the shortest hole on the par 3. This hole is present in the 155 yards, located near Amen corner. 

Before hitting the ball, many golfers think about the course, as it is designed with a stream in front of the narrow green, woods behind the green, and three bunkers to its left. 

Open Championship – Royal Troon GC – Hole No. 8 (8th Hole) – Par 3 -123 Yards, 0.087 Over Par (296)

Open Championship - Royal Troon GC - Hole No. 8 (8th Hole)

Royal Troon GC is well known or considered a “postage stamp” in par 3, PGA tour. This eight-hole is almost considered one of the shortest holes in Open or PGA Championship Tees history. 

This hole is located 123 yards from the championship tees and is regarded as the most challenging hole on the golf course. 

As already mentioned, playing with this hole is not a simple task. The green seems long and narrow, and a dune surrounds it in its backdrop. 

The tee is elevated, and the gully is designed with deep and vertical bunkers. When the player hits the shot, the hole rises within one of the gullies and its vertical bunkers. 

Playing with this hole is quite easy if you can manage these bunkers by getting up and down.

Caledonia Golf And Fish Club- Hole No. 09 (9th Hole) – Par 3 -118 Yards

Caledonia Golf And Fish Club- Hole No. 09 (9th Hole)

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club are considered the best club, with hole No.09, in America by Golfweek. This hole is surrounded by an auspicious woodland, making the hole memorable. 

This hole is located 118 yards from the back tees, with sand surrounding the front green and a minimum of two more bunkers in the playground just behind the green. The green is shaped in an hourglass making the hit a tougher one.

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These are some of the most challenging and interesting holes on the PGA Tour. Each one has its own unique set of challenges that make it a memorable experience for golfers. 

Whether you’re playing in The Players Championship or the Open Championship, these holes will test your skills and provide an unforgettable challenge.

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