What Is The Average Golf Score For 9 Holes?

Unlike many other sports, golf is an individual game. But some competition requires golfers to pair up to make the team. All the players ally and represent a team in such a situation. 

But you don’t need an opponent to play when you are not playing in any competition. The golf course has a par rating, varying from 70 to 72 for 18 holes. Thus, your golf course becomes your competitor. 

Professional golfers try to beat this par rating. In addition, each golf course is divided into 2 x 9 holes. Here, the font of the course has 9 holes, and the back has 9 holes. 

Based on the ability of a player, they are also allotted handicap. For experienced golfers, the average handicap is 15 to 18. 

But what is the average score for 9 holes? This post will help you understand everything about the average golf score of 9 holes. 

What Are Good Average Golf Scores?

men's golf scores

In an 18-hole round of golf, an excellent average golf score for an average golfer is 90 strokes or under. But it’s important to remember that each golfer has a good average golf score in the golf game depending on their skills. 

A scratch golfer might not consider a good score to be 90, i.e., bogey golf. However, a score of 9 strokes or below is regarded as the best for beginner golfers. 

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What Is A Better Score In Golf For Adult Beginners?

For an adult beginner, the National Average Golf Score is 108, as per the National Golf Foundation data. It’s also revealed that many players have an average of around 100 strokes for around. Thus, scoring around 100 is considered good for beginners. 

Good Golf Score Perspective For Average Golfer 

For beginner golfers, shooting a double bogey for every hole on a par 72 course is the same as scoring 108 at the end of 18 holes. Bogey golf is real, and beginner golfers cannot escape it. But they can surely improve their game with constant practice. 

Better Score Of Golf For 9 Holes

For an average adult, a good golf score for 9 holes is 45. A score below 40 is considered good for pros. Whereas shooting below 60 is good for beginners. 

Bad Golf Score For 9 Holes

For 9 holes, a score higher than 60 can be termed as the best. By this rule, if a golfer scores 61 or above, it’s considered bad for a game of 9 holes. During the initial golfing days, many beginners score 70 or higher. But it’s not a good score. 

High School Player’s Good Golf Score

A good golf score of 80 is good for high school golfers. If you are an average adult playing for college, then the good score will be 80. 

Is Breaking 40 Good Golf Score For 9 Holes?

Is Breaking 40 Good Golf Score For 9 Holes

Having a score that breaks 40 for 9 holes is considered good. But doing so is not easy. Even professional golfers find it challenging. 

However, as an amateur golfer, you can become an excellent player if you can break 40 for 9 holes.

While breaking 40 for 9 holes is difficult, you can achieve it with sheer dedication and practice. Many golfers who break 40 can occasionally break 30. 

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Is Breaking 50 for 9 Holes Good?

Yes, breaking 50 for 9 holes is considered to be good. It’s one of the milestones that golfers who shift from beginner to intermediate make. 

When beginner golfers take this step, they are considered to be becoming competent golfers. 

You need 1.5 strokes over par average to break 50 for a 9-hole game. It can only be done if you eliminate unnecessary shots. 

You can break 50 in 9 holes by using new golf clubs, spending more time on your short game, playing high percentage shots, and memorizing your golf distances. 

3 Factors Affecting Good Golf Score

Whether you are a good or bad player, some factors can affect your good golf score. These includes: 

Golf Course Difficulty 

The slope and course ratings are essential in determining a good golf score. Professional golfers usually prefer higher slope ratings as such courses offer good challenges that help golfers improve their skills. But beginners like playing on the low slope and course rating fields. 

Weather Conditions 

It’s tough to know the exact weather condition of a golf course. But a player must be ready to play in different climates. Golfers play fast during warm weather, and their speed cools down when the temperature drops. 

Golf Handicap 

Golf handicaps can influence a good golf score. Thus, golfers must have a lower golf handicap score. Whether beginners or PGA Tour professionals, everyone can encounter bad golfing rounds. 

Read golf match play rules with handicaps.


In every round of play, golfers try to improve their game. So while it’s important to maintain a consistent good score, it’s equally essential to remember that a player faces both good and bad rounds on the golf course. 

If you want to improve your skills and become a good golfer, you need to invest time in regular practice. Do not let the fear or anxiety stop you from trying and performing your best.

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