What Golf Club To Use In The Rough?

In the game of golf, whether it’s a beginner or expert, every player must learn to deal with the rough. The way the rough is handled, the game functions more smoothly. 

The rough in the golf club is an area of grass that borders the fairway. The golfer should have good knowledge of the rough before getting into the game. 

A player needs to know what golf club to use in the rough. 

This article will discuss the different clubs that can be used in the rough and provide some advice on which one to choose.

Types Of Golf Club Recommended To Use In The Rough

Best Fairway Woods

The golfer should carefully select the golf club with the loft. This will help the player form a solid contact, and you can hit the ball easily to reach its destination. 

You should pick a golf club between the 8 iron and sand wedge when the rough is thick or long. This will help the ball get it back in the play from the fairway. 

The most difficult to hit are long irons out of the rough. In this case, the golfers struggle to hit the ball. The desired distance cannot be covered easily. 

But in the low lofted club, the golfer risks themselves to hit the golf ball. It doesn’t get into the air properly and can cover only some yards. 

The right golf club includes a driver, fairway woods, a pitching wedge, golf irons, and a sand wedge. Clubs are designed specifically based on the situation. The driver or 1 wood has a low loft compared to other golf clubs. 

It is sometimes difficult for a golf player to understand the golf clubs. Even the experts feel challenging to know which golf club to choose in the rough grass. 

Once you understand the clubs, hitting and getting comfortable in the rough will become easier. Let’s overview the types of golf clubs to use in the rough. 

Different clubs are available, but it is important to know what golf club to use in the rough.


For example, the lofted irons, 7, 8, and 9, are easier to hit. The iron clubs get you closer to the green to hit pitch and chip shots. When the lofted club is higher, the ball flight becomes higher. 

Expert level or experienced golfers can handle 3, 4, and 5 irons. This allows them for more distance due to the lower left.

Pitching Wedge 

The pitching wedge is used closer to the green, while the sand wedge is near the green. Gap wedges provide a high trajectory. Iron is one of the popular golf clubs. 

Most of the experts suggest this for the rough. The iron club can get you out of trouble. 2, 3, and 4 iron can cover about 200 yards or a bit more than it. 

While the 5, 6, and 7 cover less than 200 within 150 yards. The 8 and 9 iron covers less than 155 yards.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

The hybrid club is the next highly recommended club. It is also known as utility clubs. The golfers use an iron over the hybrid to achieve accurate distance in the fairway. 

Handicap golfers usually replace 3, 4, and 5 iron with 3 and 5 hybrids. It places the weight back and to the club bottom. This further accelerates the ball flight for a higher launch. 

The spin rate of the hybrid club is higher compared to others. It also gives a softer landing with a minimum roll. This further leads to an accurate landing. 

The hybrid’s shaft is shorter than a fairway wood, making it easy to hit the golf ball. Therefore, the hybrid club is suggested in the rough. 

Fairway Woods And Drivers 

Driver is about to hit the ball

These are specially designed to cover a longer distance for the best shots. For players who are in the beginner level, it gets hard for them due to the longer shaft and low loft. It is too difficult for them to handle it. 

Most golfers at the beginner level obtain more control by using 3 wood off the tee. While using a driver, you wish to try the right club with a large face. 

The angle of the loft should be 10 to 12 degrees to lead the ball to launch in the air with an accurate landing. A flexible shaft is recommended for the new golfers. 

While the expert level golfers can go for 3 and 5 wood based on the fairway distance. The high disabled golfers stick to 7 to 9 wood. These may not let you get the desired length, but it becomes easier to hit.

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Fairway Factors To Consider In The Golf Course

The fairway is a closely mown area between the tee box and the green of a golf hole. It is the target area for most golfers. The golfers usually aim at the green.

There are various factors to concern in the golf course before choosing the accurate golf club. When a player understands the club, it becomes easy to understand the golf course strategy. 

When the golfer notices an obstacle, it’s better to lay up and hit the ball shorter. This will help you get out of the trouble. 

When the green is elevated, a club that provides greater distance is recommended compared to others. Sometimes, a stronger golf club will be very helpful when the golfer is struggling with the wind.

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Overview On Shots To Use In The Rough

Most golfers find long irons difficult to hit in the rough. They struggle to hit a good stuck shot with the required distance. It becomes risky for the golfers with the low loft clubs such as long iron. 

It doesn’t get into the air easily and can travel only 10-30 yards. The overview on shots will let you know what golf club to use in the rough.

Longer Shots

The hybrid club is recommended for longer shots. These golf clubs are specially designed to get out of the rough grass. This even allows the golfer to form a solid contact. 

It helps to launch the ball towards the targeted distance. You will get closer to the targeted score with a quality distance. 

Shorter Shots

You are recommended to take an extra club for the shorter shots approach. For the swing speed of 90 %, the golfers try to land the ball on the green front. The spin rate should be accurate while hitting a shot from the rough. 

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If you’re struggling to hit a good shot with long irons in the rough, it may be time to switch to a hybrid club. Designed for longer shots, hybrids are easier to hit from the rough and can help you get closer to the target score. 

For shorter shots approach, try taking an extra club and landing the ball on the green front. Remember to keep an eye on the spin rate for a successful shot.

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