4 Hybrid Vs 5 Wood: Which One Will Go Further?

Whether to play with 4 hybrid or fairway wood surrounds the mind of many golfers. However, none of these serve as a magic ingredient to make it look like a golf game changer. It depends on the ball speed and what the golfers prefer on the golf course.

Compared to 4 hybrids, 5 wood will offer you more distance and higher launch angles. On the other hand, hybrid clubs offer you much better launch angles than the 5 wood.

However, many things change when we talk about a 4 hybrid vs 5 wood.

If you struggle with the launch and get the adept ball speed, hybrid clubs are the right fit for you. 

On the contrary, if you wish to bring more shaping into your shots, you might want to get the fairway woods. Both these clubs have almost the same loft but vary in because of their shaft and clubhead.

Whatever the case, we will help you decide which club will suit you the best by understanding everything about a 4 hybrid vs. 5 wood. 

Let us take a brief overview of both these clubs.

4 Hybrid Vs 5 Wood: Overview

4 Hybrid Vs 5 Wood

Let’s take a look at some of the overviews for both clubs.

5 Wood Overview

5 wood is more durable than the 4 hybrid clubs because it plays longer. Fairway woods enable higher launch angles and are a perfect fit for the mid and low handicappers.

5 wood has about 18 degrees of loft compared to 24 to 28 degrees in 4 hybrids. The high launch enabled by 5 wood makes them a good option for approaching shot distance lying within the difficult greens.

A good golfer will be able to squeeze 205 yards or more from 5 wood.

4 Hybrid Overview

A hybrid club will serve the purpose of more consistent contact with the game. For better turf interlinkage, these golf clubs serve as a perfect choice.

4 hybrid is known to be a more forgiving club. You don’t have to worry about hitting the sweet spot to deliver a straight shot. 4 hybrids have a longer head shape making them perfect for a rough play.

Eventually, choosing a 4 hybrid vs. 5 wood is totally upon the golfer. If you are fine with the short-term durability of a 4 hybrid, you can get a 4 hybrid coming with a massive head. 

However, if you focus on getting the perfect shot, 5 wood would be the thing you need.

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4 Hybrid And Fairway Woods First Impression

4 hybrid and 5 wood have a lot of differences among themselves. You can be under the impression that there are minimal differences between the two. 

But, there are considerable differences between the five clubs and hybrids. So, let us view some first impressions of these golf clubs.

4 Hybrid First Impression

Many beginners grapple by hitting with the long irons. A 4 Hybrid solves this problem for these beginners as they can use it as an alternative.

As the name suggests, hybrid is a mix of fairway woods with a large face of the iron. As a result, a golfer gets higher launch and high arching shots.4 hybrids are perfect for steering the tight lies.

4 hybrid is gaining popularity because it is versatile and solid off the tee. Even an average golfer can hit the ball higher with it. 

In addition, because of its large sweet spot, you can produce higher launch angles to help you get the perfect shot.

Most golfers keep a 4 hybrid as the only club in their bag because of its immense benefits.

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid

Most pro golfers like Collin Morikawa also consider 3 hybrid heads for their fairway hit percentage and optimal launch angles. A 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrids is always a matter of discussion because of the generous loft of the 3 hybrids. 

On shorter holes, 3 iron can prove beneficial off the tee.

A 3 hybrid is also known for its lowest fairway hit percentage. It will go about the same distance as the 5 wood. You will be able to cover a greater total distance with a 3 hybrid.

Most pro golfers like Collin Morikawa also consider 3 hybrid heads for their fairway hit percentage and optimal launch angles. A 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrids is always a matter of discussion because of the generous loft of the 3 hybrids. 

5 Wood First Impression

The 5 wood club head is one of the best clubs in your golf bag. The large head and controllable shaft length of the 5 wood serve higher and longer shots.

I recommend you take out your trustworthy 5 wood when the ball lies on the fairway. Once you do it, you will rest assured of its higher flight path, and we roll less than club one up in 5 wood.

An average golfer can hit almost 200 yards with 5 wood. We can, therefore, say that fairway wood is a long club offering a higher loft. 

Not many golfers prefer to have 5 wood in their golf bags these days because of the growing popularity of the hybrids. In hybrid vs. fairway wood, hybrids stand out.

3 hybrid has become the most popular golf club because of its great accuracy and distance. Its sharp leading edge makes it the best choice for high handicappers. 

Among all the clubs, we know 3 hybrids as the rescue club. When we compare hybrids, fairway woods, and iron clubs, 5 wood is the best of the three clubs.

Pros of 4 Hybrid and 5 Wood

The pros of these golf clubs vary according to what the golfers prefer.

Pros Of 4 Hybrid

  • Higher carry distance
  • Long irons and a forgiving club
  • Longer distances because of more loft
  • Good control of distance
  • Use from the tee club
  • Higher club speed
  • Approach shots with more efficacy

Pros Of 5 Wood

  • Easy to hit long iron and perfect for amateur golfers
  • Get you a good ball airborne
  • Helps approach shot distance with accuracy
  • Perfect for long par 4’s and 5’s
  • Fairway woods are rewarding one club
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When Should You Choose 4 Hybrid?

Choosing between fairway woods and hybrids can seem challenging. However, it is not so challenging to know what you are looking for in the golf clubs. Usually, the swing speed, tee shot, and covering more distance are what the golfer wants.

Wood vs. hybrids always turns out in favor of hybrids when you are looking for more consistency. Rescue clubs are the perfect choice for better turf interaction and navigating difficult lies. 

4 hybrid is better than other clubs because of its ability to hit better from the rough. In addition, the lower trajectory of the hybrids makes them more forgiving.

When Should You Choose 5 Wood?

As mentioned before, you cannot hit long irons as easily as the fairway woods. Fairway woods will give you longer tee shots than 4 hybrids. It will help you approach shots accurately and build a solid contact with the ball.

If accuracy and durability are on your list, you should keep the fairway woods instead of going for the hybrids.

The Best Choice For High Handicappers

For its durability, 5 Wood is a big hit for high handicappers. However, if you grapple with striking the ball, hybrids would be a perfect choice among the two clubs.

We’d recommend the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Fairway Wood as the best choice for high handicaps.

The Best Choice For Low Handicap bracket

You can easily hit the ball towards the sky with 4 hybrids. You can approach shots with more distance from the hybrids.

We’d recommend the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max as the best choice for low handicaps.

Wood Vs Hybrid Comparison

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