Discover If Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model Y? (Explained)

Although it’s barely two years old, the Tesla Model Y is already taking the market by storm. Aside from the impeccable performance and the high-tech features, the car is particularly praised for its ample storage capacity.

So, do golf clubs fit in a Tesla Model Y?

 Yes, you can fit your whole golf bag plus your pushcart in a Tesla Model Y. If you fold the rear seats forward, the car can take up to three or more golf bags. If you have the Y with the seven-seat configuration, you’ll get less storage space, but it’ll still fit your golf clubs without much fuss.

But let’s get specific with some measurements to make sure your particular set will work.

Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model Y White Model
Fitting other luggage in your truck is all about keeping this in order. Put things carefully and neatly!

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y offers plenty of solutions for cargo, so it can very well fit your golf clubs. Here’s a breakdown of the car’s total storage capacity:

  • Front trunk volume: 4.1 cubic feet
  • Rear trunk volume: 30.2 cubic feet
  • With the second-row seats folded: 72.1 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume without rear passengers: 76.2 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume with all seats taken: 34.2 cubic feet

I don’t know about you, but that seems more than enough for my golf clubs. In that trunk room, you can probably fit up to three bags or even more if you stack them on top of each other. 

You may have to take the longer clubs out and put them diagonally to fit, but the car will definitely accommodate them.

You can put two bags against each other without folding the second-row seats, even if they include a pushcart. By folding the seats forward, you can put three bags, but you’ll have to insert them sideways next to each other.

Granted, you probably won’t take three golf bags when you only have room for one passenger, but knowing that you have the option is good.

The front trunk may be small, but it’s just about enough for a carry-on travel bag. That way, you can keep the boot empty for the golf bags.

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Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model Y with a 7-Seat Configuration?

Remember that you’ll get a smaller storage space if you order your Model Y with seven seats. You may only be able to cram two bags inside in that case.

Here’s a breakdown of the car’s cargo volume, noting that the front trunk comes in the same size:

  • Rear trunk volume: 12.8 cubic feet
  • With the third-row seats folded: 26.6 cubic feet
  • With the second and third rows folded: 67.9 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume without passengers (Only driver and shotgun rider): 72 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume with passengers: 17 cubic feet

As you can see, the trunk capacity suffers a significant cut in the 7-seat model. But I think it’s a small price to pay to have seven passengers in one Tesla. If you fold the rows forward, you’ll get enough room for your golf bag and pushcart.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model X?

Do you think that the Model Y offers plenty of storage room? Wait till you see the Model X! It’s the biggest Tesla car to date, so it’s only fair that it offers ample storage room.

Here’s a breakdown of the cargo volume of a 5-seater Model X:

  • Front trunk: 6.5 cubic feet
  • Rear trunk: 37.1 cubic feet
  • With the second row folded, 85.1 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume without rear passengers: 91.6 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo volume with rear passengers: 43.5 cubic feet

As you can see, the Model X offers substantially more cargo volume. You can probably get up to five golf bags with pushcarts in that car. Even with the rear seats taken, there’ll still be enough room for two or three bags. 

If I had a Tesla Model X, I wouldn’t worry much about fitting my golf clubs inside!

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Tesla Model Y Vs. Tesla Model X for Golfers

Comparing the Tesla Model Y with the Model X, it’s not hard to figure out that the X is much more convenient in terms of cargo volume. 

If you frequently carry heavy equipment and large, bulky pushcarts, a Model X will happily accommodate it. You’ll also be able to get your things inside with ease, thanks to the Falcon Wing doors. You won’t have to cram or push to get the bags inside because Golf Clubs fit in a Tesla Model Y and Model X.

Tesla Model X
Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model X, too!

The Falcon Wing doors won’t allow you to fit a roof rack. Because of the conventional doors, you’ll only be able to do that on a Model Y. So, that’s one more thing to think about.

Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla Model Y or Model Comparison

Can Ski Fit in a Model Y?

Aside from the common question about whether it Golf Clubs can fit in a Tesla Model Y, many are also asking if Model Y can cater a ski on its trunk.

It is possible. While skis are quite long, they can fit on a Tesla Model Y for as long as the center seat back is folded forward. However, doing this can make driving uncomfortable due to vibration and noise. Nevertheless, it’s possible.

Is the Tesla Model Y considered a luxury?

Owning any car is a luxury these days. Not everyone can hop from one place to another with their own vehicles.

The Model Y is indeed a luxury because it offers an advanced suspension system that enables a soft ride experience even on bumpy roads. Furthermore, it’s not that pricey. According to this article, its price starts at $47,490.

The Final Verdict

The Tesla Model Y can fit your golf clubs. You can probably carry your bag with your friends’ bags, and the car won’t complain. It offers one of the largest storage spaces among electric SUVs.

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