Global Golf Review 2023: Is It Legit? My Experience!

A question that I get asked often is, from where do I buy my golf clubs? To which I usually respond, “online”.

And the reason for that is that I find the best deals online rather than relying on my local retailers. 

And in this Global Golf Review, I want to dive into my customer experience using them to buy my last set of wedges and 2 putters! (don’t judge me)

global golf homepage
Screenshot of HomePage

About Global Golf is a U.S. based online retailer of golf clubs, apparel, and equipment. They are located in Raleigh, NC.

GlobalGolf began in 2001 and started off just auctioning off golf clubs on So if you see them on eBay, yeah, that is them. 

They have over 130-employees and have over 50,000 pre-owned clubs in stock at any given time. 

They are also one of the few places that use some impressive services called, “U-Trade-In”, “U-Try”, and “U-Select”. 

I have never really seen these services anywhere else that wasn’t an in-person store and really helps supplement being an “online only” retailer. I will get more into what those services are and how cool they are later in this review. 

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Pros and Cons of Global Golf


  • Clubs are 100% Real
  • Shipping is Very Fast
  • 30% Trade-in Bonus toward clubs and gear
  • Friendly Customer Service (with Live Chat Feature)
  • Great and Safe Packaging


  • Online Only
  • The more custom you get, the longer the shipping may be
global golf logo
Global Golf Logo

What to know before you buy from GlobalGolf

Golf equipment can get expensive and it is nice to have somewhere to go to get constant discounts on clubs and gear with a great return policy as well. 

If you are someone that is looking to save a few bucks on like-new golf gear, this is the place to go. 

One thing that I considered before buy a single golf club from Global Golf was the idea of not being able to use the golf club before fully committing to the purchase like I would at my local Dicks Sporting Goods or Golf Warehouse. 

But Global Golf helps curb that fear by using their “U-Try” service. You can try a club and only have to put down $25 ($50 for a set of clubs), and if you don’t like it for any reason, send it back in their awesome packaging, and that is it. 

I would still recommend using the club indoors to make sure you don’t get it scoffed up or scratched. I have had no issues returning clubs, but don’t want to send them back a used or worn club. 

Global Golf have a HUGE range of golf gear, accessories
and apparel.
Global Golf is my favorite place to shop for golf
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Benefits of Using Global Golf

My favorite benefit of using Global Golf is the constant discounts, so you can save money. 

At any given time, they have discounts as much as 40% off clubs and apparel. The prices are quite reasonable as well especially when you include the discounts. 

The offer “TrueFit”, which is a service that allows you to try on shirts, shoes, and even slacks and shorts to make sure they fit before you commit to buying it fully. 

Along with a rewards program that can get you discounts on anything you buy from the store once you accrue enough points, they have “U-Select” which is a cool service where PGA professionals like Chris Wadwick and Ryan King. 

With U-Select, you tell a questionnaire about your golf game with some very specific questions and products are tailored to your style of play. 

Buying a Custom Club

I have yet to buy a custom club from Global Golf.

This is mainly before I’d rather have my local golf shop fit me with the actual club in hand. 

You can choose the shaft and loft of select clubs. But the more you play with the customized settings, the more of a chance of the club being “too” custom and then you have to wait a month for the club to come in since it is likely going to need to be custom made. 

I believe they just buy their drivers and clubs from the wholesaler. At which point, I am not sure how much savings you really get. 

Tons of Equipment

They do not just specialize in clubs. They carry almost all brands of golf balls. 

My Experience with Global Golf

I have bought at least 10 clubs from Global golf and have had a flawless experience each time. 

I know I hav raved about it a few times, but their packaging is off the charts. You could bang those boxes all around and they are not going anywhere. The clubs are clean, grips still very tacky and easy to hold. 

When buying clubs, you can buy levels, such as “New Condition”, “Certified Pre-Owned Clubs”, “Very Good Condition”, and “Value Condition”. 

The Certified Pre-Owned golf clubs come with a headcover, 6-point inspection, and a 12 month limited warranty. In most instances, I went the certified pre-owned route just so I can get a warranty. I am pretty back with taking care of clubs, unfortunately.  

If you are in the market for some new clubs, I would go for it. Global Golf is a legitimate company.

What Others Say About Global Golf

One thing that is annoying about a lot of online golf retailers is that their equipment rarely has reviews on them. But since Global Golf is such a large retailer and golfers who buy there, usually buy again, they have a good number of reviews for most of their clubs. 

This way you can get a clear idea of what others that have already taken the dive before you do. 

They also have a on of positive reviews on Google Customer Reviews.

So, as you can see, they are not a perfect company, but from my experience and others, they are trustworthy enough to give a shot in my opinion. 

Global Golf Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Global Golf including:

  • Rock Bottom Golf
  • Golf Galaxy
  • 2nd Swing Golf

You can’t go wrong with many of the alternatives listed here, but in terms of reviews of people that have purchased, these places don’t compare to Global Golf. 

Does GlobalGolf Sell Fakes?

No, their clubs are 100% real and legitimate. 

How Fast is GlobalGolf?

This one depends as it varies if you choose a custom club or not. 

If you choose a club that is in stock an ready to go, you can have it within a matter of a day or two. But if the club needs to be custom made based on the parameters you input when ordering, it can take a while. 

I had one club custom made and it took about a 6-8 weeks before delivery. This was during the pandemic and supply chains were not the greatest. In Global Golf’s defense, all they can do is order the clubs from the manufacturer. It’s then out of their hands which is understandable in my opinion.

Where Does GlobalGolf Ship From?

They ship from Raleigh, NC in the United States. They do have retail locations in Utah, Canada, and Greensboro, North Carolina. But the majority of the clubs come from their headquarters in Raleigh. 

Who Does Global Golf Ship with?

This depends on how fast you need it. They utilize USPS, UPS, and FedEx. They tend to offer what is cheapest for you and where you life. 

When I was receiving boxes, they came UPS and USPS with choosing standard shipping for both. 

Does GlobalGolf Have Stores?

Global Golf has retail locations in Utah, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and Greensboro, N.C. But I’ve never personally been there. They are mostly an online only service.

Is GlobalGolf on Ebay Legit?

Global Golf got its start on eBay way back in the early 2000’s. So chances are yes, it is really them. Just check for logos and that they match up and see if their account has a lot of activity and not in the single digits. 

They also have an eBay store that is tough to fake. 

What is GlobalGolf Return Policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, GlobalGolf claims to give you your money back. 

In my experience, I did have one return and it went seamlessly. 

Is GlobalGolf an Authorized Dealer?

Yes, and for a ton of great name brands as well. 

This includes: 

  • Nike Golf
  • FootJoy
  • Callaway Golf
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist
  • Cleveland Golf
  • Adams Golf 
  • Others not mentioned on their site. 

Conclusion and What You Should Do

If you are looking for a fast service with great clubs that you can try out before making a committing purchase or just want to save a few bucks to buy some high quality clubs, they I totally recommend Global Golf.

They have great customer service, fast shipping, large selection of clubs, and friendly and quick customer service help.

Global Golf is a great fit for most golfers needs when filling out your bag (they have bags, too)

Click here to check out Global Golf’s sales page to see what they currently have on discount, but feel free to explore the rest of the site as well!

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