Can A Golf Cart Plow Snow? (Everything to Know)

When winter hits, it usually gets too cold for me to play golf or ride around in the old golf cart, and it sucks.

What adds to the mess is that there’s a driveway full of snow to boot. That’s going to take a lot of work keeping it clear until spring hits.

But you think of your golf cart, which is sitting idle in storage during the off season. Maybe if I could attach a plow…hold on a second, can a golf cart plow snow?

Typically, just about any golf cart can plow snow. However, it requires the right equipment and a bit of technical knowledge. Golf carts can help clear that driveway if a reliable plow is installed. The most common size you’ll typically find is about 48 to 50 inches in length.

Read on, my fellow golf cart owners, I’ll talk about what you can do about that and more!

How hard is it to to do and will it damage my cart?

Seeing how small golf carts are in comparison to larger vehicles such as trucks and ATVs, you won’t need a whole lot of equipment to get everything in place. And by everything, I mean the right brackets, the right tools, the right bolts, and a winch.

Unless it comes pre-installed, chances are you’ll have to buy the winch separately besides your plow kit.

Plow kits that are golf cart-specific may be handy and easy to install, but buying one can be quite expensive.

Instead, rather than spending thousands on something that you’ll use for only so many months, trying customizing it a bit, doing so will shave off a lot of dollars as a result. Making a kit of your own will cost around $500 instead of 2 grand.

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And with some solid parts, you could be using that same plow for the next ten years!

Wait, should I install a plow on my golf cart if I am not using it much?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. How often does it snow where you live? Is your golf cart in good condition? Are you willing to put in both the time and money to install a plow kit?

Considering its small size, the average golf cart comes with the advantage of squeezing into small spaces, meaning you can clear a small driveway similar to a motorized snow plow or manual shovel. Or sidewalks. Use them for whatever you need.

I mean, if you have a golf cart already, and can’t drive it on a course any time soon due to poor weather, you might as well consider it for the long term. Because if it’s going to snow every year, you’ll have some backup.

Is the snow plow and winch all I’ll need?

Experts recommend changing tires for ones that have better traction. The tires you already have are probably not for driving around in the snow. Getting a better grip on the ground might be the difference between whether plows for golf carts is worth the trouble or not.

This step is especially important if you’re planning on using your golf cart plow for business purposes.

All in all, only consider it if you’re subjected to weather that makes roads worse.

You might get away with using regular tires on light layers of snow, but having better tread can serve you better in the long run, depending on what you use your golf cart for.

However, I have to warn you, only “soft” tires are usually permitted on golf courses. So if you want to plow both snow and still drive it on the fairway and paths, chances are you’ll need to change the tires every time the seasons switch.

What about EZGO electric golf carts? Will it plow snow without problems?

Yeah, it can.

Although it might take a bit of prep work, even with the plow fully installed.

The main issue lies with the golf cart battery system. It’s a bad idea to leave it plugged in all the time, and will require that you follow the electric cart batteries maintenance guide on how often to charge them.

As long as you store your cart in a cool and dry space, a proper charge once in a while is all your new plow cart will need.

All right, that makes sense. How would you go about installing a plow?

I’d recommend checking out this YouTuber as a general guide and what products you may need. If your planned plow kit needs lights at all, you’ll have to wire them to the batteries. That and installing a winch requires a power source… you get the picture.

As DIY Golf Cart demonstrates, the winch is used to lift the snow blade kit on and off the ground. And, with the right adjustments, the direction of the plow can be changed, such as a “V” shape.

And, as always, stay safe throughout the process. Wear eye protection. That’s live electricity you’ll be working with. Also, as I said before, make sure you have all the right tools to do the job before you even start.

With all this being said, I should caution you about the many homemade videos there are for installing a plow, so look around to see which kit is best for the model of golf cart you have.

Chances are that there’ll be no one-size-fits all right away.

And don’t forget, even if you have a gas-powered golf cart, which is known to have more power in comparison to electric, you might also want to consider reducing excess weight and upgrading the motor. This can be especially important for electric carts overall.

The less load they have to carry, the more powerful the motor, the more snow they’ll be able to push out of the way. Also, less load equals less energy the batteries will have to use.

Final Thoughts

Using a snow plow on a golf cart isn’t a bad idea, but will wear your cart out over time.

I recommend doing it before the snow gets wet and heavy. The fluffier the snow the better.

It may even be a good idea to have a golf cart just for the snow, if you are able to justify the amount of use you would get out of it.

You can check out some examples of snow plows that connect to golf carts right here on Amazon.

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