Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Mini-Cooper? (Explained)

The small size is Mini Cooper’s trademark, and it’s the reason the car is widely sought-after. However, if you’re an avid golfer, you may not be a fan of the petite car. You’re probably wondering, do golf clubs fit in a Mini Cooper?

Your golf clubs may fit in your Mini Cooper, but it won’t be an easy feat. Mini Coopers only offer a trunk room of 8.7 cubic feet, which is barely enough to fit the woods and drivers separately, and maybe a narrow-base bag if the seats are folded. You may have to put the woods diagonally for them to fit.

Let’s explore how all Mini models can fit your golf clubs.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Mini Cooper?

It’ll be a bit challenging to fit golf clubs in a Mini Cooper, especially if it’s a 2-door model. Coopers with two doors only offer 8.7 cubic feet of trunk room, which isn’t enough to fit a whole bag. You’ll have to fold the seats forward if you want the bag to get inside.

As for the clubs, they’ll fit comfortably if you take the drivers apart and if you insert the woods diagonally. You can probably accommodate a complete set inside, but taller clubs may not be able to fit.

If you fold the seats forward, you can fit up to two sets of golf clubs. Or, you can fit a full bag, but you’ll have to put it sideways or cram it.

If you have a four-door Cooper or Cooper S, you’ll have better luck fitting the golf clubs inside. 

Both cars offer 13.1 cubic feet of trunk volume, which can fit a golf bag comfortably. If the bag is too bulky, you can always take the drivers out and store them separately. If you carry the clubs without a bag, they should fit inside the trunk without any problem.

You can even fit a push cart inside if you fold the rear seats forward.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Mini Countryman?

The Mini Countryman is by far the biggest model Mini offers. It almost defies the petite design concept of the British manufacturer, but it’s widely sought-after because of its roomy interiors.

With a trunk space of 17.6 cubic feet, the Countryman can fit a couple of sets of golf clubs. The shorter ones will fit horizontally, but the longer ones may only fit if you insert them diagonally. You can fit up to two golf bags easily in there, and the pushcart may fit if you fold the rear seats forward.

It’s worth noting that the SE ALL4 model has a smaller trunk, with only 17.2 cubic feet of room. The difference is non-noticeable, anyway, and the model isn’t common.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Mini Clubman?

The Mini Clubman is frequently mistaken for the Countryman, and it’s justified seeing as both cars are strikingly similar. However, there’s an unmistakable difference, which is the 6-door design of the Clubman. The Countryman only has four doors without the extra rear doors.

Despite the design difference, the Clubman offers almost the same trunk space. It gives you 17.5 cubic feet, which is enough for a couple of golf bags. It’s also enough for plenty of golf clubs, but the longer ones may need to go diagonally.

If you fold the rear seats forward, you get almost 48 cubic feet of cargo space, but that means you can’t have any passengers if you wish to pack more than two golf bags. I’d personally pick golf clubs over passengers any day of the year!

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Mini Convertible?

The Mini convertible is a 2-door car, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it doesn’t offer much in terms of space. 

Its trunk room is the smallest out of all Mini models, stopping at just 5.7 cubic feet. Even if you fold the rear seats forward, you’ll only get 7.6 cubic feet, which is still smaller than all the other models’ trunk sizes.

You can hardly fit golf clubs in a Mini Convertible. Personally, I wouldn’t go for it. It may fit a couple of clubs diagonally without the drivers. But it’s not worth the hassle, and it won’t take a whole set no matter what you do.

The Final Verdict

Your golf clubs will fit in your Mini Cooper if you maneuver them inside right. They’ll fit diagonally just fine, and you may keep the woods and drivers separate for better storage. If you manage to fold the rear seats forward, the trunk will extend to take more than one set of golf clubs and maybe a pushcart.

Generally, the Countryman is the best Mini model in terms of storage capacity. You can keep more than one set of clubs inside with ease, and you can fit two bags or a push cart nicely when you fold the seats.

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