Best Tubes For Golf Cart Tires

Whether your golf cart is electric or gas, strictly for the course or used recreationally, sleek and shiny black or pretty in pink, the truth of the matter is- it’s the tires that make it stand above the rest.

Golf cart tires are no minor expense and for good reason. Golf carts are one of the most versatile vehicles and their use is widespread.

Here’s a look at some of the top tubes for golf cart tires available…


Air-Loc Golf Cart Mower Tire Inner Tubes

Made with quality Butyl, these inner tubes are durable and reliable with a standard TR13 valve stem and multi-fit availability. The Air-Loc inner tubes come in a two-pack and are the less extreme, though still very reliable, version of the heavy-duty Air-Loc inner tubes, which sport a metal TR6 valve stem.

The Air-Loc inner tubes are top rated and favored by many for their quality craftsmanship and dependability. With their multi-fit functionality, you can buy Air-Loc inner tubes for tire sizes 18×6.50-8, 18×7.50-8, 18×8.50-8, 18×9.50-8, 20×8.00-8, 20×8.50-8, 20×9.00-8, and 20×10.00-8.

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LotFancy Inner Tubes

With their high puncture resistant design and featuring brand new isobutylene-isoprene rubber, the LotFancy inner tubes are ideal for riding mowers, lawn mowers, tractors, golf carts, and garden trailers.

Also sporting a standard TR13 straight stem, the LotFancy inner tube brand fits tire sizes 20×8.00-8 and 20×10.00-8. LotFancy customers have touted the brand’s reliability and customer service.

Of the three brands listed here, theirs is the most comprehensive listing, which goes a long way when it comes to going through with a purchase.

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Minireen Inner Tube

For an affordable choice without sacrificing on quality, the Minireen inner tube brand is the way to go.

Featuring a straight TR13 valve stem, this inner tube fits multiple tire sizes and style for tractors, golf carts, lawn mowers, and others. Customers have enjoyed fast, reliable service and a durable product which has lived up to the expectations of consumers.

Though theirs is a relatively smaller, lesser known brand, they have delivered quality and durable products to happy customers. Finding the right balance of quality and affordability is a high priority for many, especially given the expenses of each individual parts.

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Other Options:

There are many inner tubes and inner tube sellers from whom you can purchase quality products for your needs. For those searching for the best golf cart inner tubes, it is important to keep in mind your intentions.

If you are using your golf cart strictly on the course you’ll want to take the course terrain into consideration. Alternatively, if your aspirations lie more in the wild outdoors and encompass an all-terrain landscape, there are certain specifications you will want to make when choosing the right inner tube for your golf cart tires.

The tread style of your golf cart’s tires, the probable terrain coverage, engine type, and a slew of other variables all play a part in deciding the specifications needed for your golf cart’s inner tubes.

Depending on the cart’s overall shock absorption, you may want to look for tires to help with that issue. Along with those tires, you will need the required inner tubes.

Each aspect of your vehicle will affect the other aspects. It is important to understand your vehicle as a whole, and as individual parts to see how they all work together and to get the most out of your vehicle… and money.

It’s important to know what is needed and expected of your vehicle. Get educated on what makes your cart special and understand the differences in the individual parts, as with the inner tubes. This will only serve to benefit you in the long run.

Many homeowners with expansive acreages will utilize golf carts to easily maneuver around their property (even with their dogs) without the hassle of driving a large motor vehicle over their lawn(s).

Others, such as hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, make use of golf carts as an alternative form of convenient transportation, especially when traversing longer distances than would be comfortable walking or riding a bicycle.

Golf carts have been used on and off the course for decades now, and have formed a solid and well-earned reputation for being a valid choice of off-road vehicles.

As such, off-roading comes with its own set of challenges and increases the already prevalent need to ensure you’re using the proper tires for your vehicle.

Aside from simply ensuring you are purchasing new, rather than used, tires, it is also inherent to the golf cart’s overall performance standards to take into account the inner tube style.

Whether purchasing the tube and treaded tire separately or via a manufacturer, it is beneficial to become familiar with each part of your vehicle so you can choose the best possible products to ensure a quality experience.

Whether cruising the course or bounding around the dunes, the right inner tube for your golf cart’s tires can make all the difference between getting stuck in the mud and chasing your dreams.

One bad decision can ruin a vacation, golf trip, or even a wedding. It truly is the little things that matter. The smallest details, no matter how minute, are just as important as the face of the matter.

Without a strong foundation, there can be no hope for a reliable end product. All you have to do is look for them, and you will see many horror stories about golf cart trips gone wrong due to faulty or poor parts. It can be devastating for the owner, who has spent so much time and resources procuring a fun, reliably safe alternative vehicle for themselves and/or their friends and family members.

Not only can it be devastating to the pocketbook, but the physical dangers of choosing the wrong parts are also just as real, and just as potentially traumatic, if not more so.

The good news is, you are already taking the first steps to ensure nothing untoward or unfavorable happens while using your equipment. The following brands and products are representative of the wide market and options available to the conscientious golf cart owner.

Par for the Course

When you’re in need of a new tire or tires on your day-to-day vehicle,  it is always recommended to purchase new tires, rather than used ones.

The same advice is given for those looking for golf cart tires. As many plan to use their carts minimally (i.e. only on the course or during certain times of year), they may be tempted to purchase a set of used tires to save time and money. This is detrimental to the longevity of your golf cart and may actually cause future problems, resulting in spending more money than initially intended.

When you purchase new tires, the benefits far outweigh the temporary relief of funds. Whether or not you choose to purchase the tires and tubes as a set or separately, one should take into account the advantages and disadvantages of any proposed equipment before putting it to use.

Knowing what to expect with your golf cart can make or break any given experience, whether it’s roaming the course, managing lands, or traversing trails in the woods.

Having the right tools in your arsenal and understanding how you can best equip yourself will not only ensure peace of mind while driving but will cut down on necessary repairs and upkeep in the future, saving the owner money in the long run.

Using the wrong inner tube in the tires on your golf cart can lead to disaster. Imagine getting stuck in a sank bank or blowing a tire due to a bad fit. These are very real concerns for golf cart owners.

Educating yourself on your golf cart and its specific needs and requirements will drastically decrease the potential for disastrous situations.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you choose the incredibly popular Air-Loc, the new and sleek LotFancy, the affordable FDJ, or any other sort of inner tube, one must always ensure they understand the ramifications of making a bad purchase due to having been misinformed or uninformed about the needs of their cart or vehicle.

To combat any possible circumstances becoming less than favorable, it is encouraged for the vehicle owner to do their own research.

When one fully understand their vehicle, not only will they be able to make their purchase with the utmost of confidence in knowing it is the right product, but it will also dramatically change the maintenance management process for the vehicles, thereby rendering future problems (and potential future fees) obsolete.

Research your cart to the best of your ability. Ask questions in online forums if you don’t understand any certain specifications and never underestimate the ramifications of choosing the wrong part.

There are many reputable websites which are dedicated to helping others understand and get the best and most out their off-road vehicles, and specifically ones for golf cart enthusiasts.

Looking into these groups can truly help to educate one on the benefits of choosing the right products.

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