How Do You Use a Golf Cart Sand Bottle? (Explained)

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of golf courses? Probably pristine green scenery, right? However, once you partake in a game directly or as a close spectator, you will realize the messiness of the game.

I often hit and chip the grass, referred to as creating divots. Afterward, they use sand bottles to repair the divots, preserving the golf courses and you do this with sand bottles. How do you use a golf cart sand bottle?

Typically, a sand bottle is used to cover the holes left behind after taking a divot by pouring sand in them.

My piece below lets you know the definition and use of a sand bottle. I also explain the significance of divots and how to use your golf cart sand bottle for repairs.

What Is A Sand Bottle?

Regardless of being amateurs or professionals, most golfers highly value a golf course. I am a nature fan, meaning any environment that looks marvelously green gets my attention.

My interest in golf began from wanting to spend time on such pristine lawns. Of course, I fell in love with the game with time.

With that said, I take care of the course seriously. I always have a quality sand bottle on my golf cart while encouraging others to get one themselves.

A golf cart sand bottle, or sand bucket, refers to a bottle filled with sand. Some sand bottles include grass seeds for additional convenience. Due to taking divots, this mixture lets you cover an area in the dirt with no grass.

Golf hole and golf ball.
TRIVIA: Usually, sand bottles are located right next to your golf bag in most carts.

A divot is the imprint formed when you take out a chunk of the dirt after hitting your ball. You swing your golf club at an angle and hit the ball to get it airborne.

The sand bottle means you can pour out its contents on the dents created. You do not want to be famous around golf courses for being the one that leaves holes behind on the fairway.

I often favor the sand and seed mixture, replacing the lost section to facilitate grass growth. Continuous practice ensures that the tiny patches around the course regain their form to preserve the entire grounds’ quality.

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What Do Divots Tell About Your Swing?

Sand bottle kits helps you fill the holes you create from divots. Nevertheless, why is making divots important? When I first heard of divots, I thought, “Imperfection.” I always assumed that playing golf expertly meant you had a clean hit without “blemishes” anywhere. Clearly, physics was not my forte.

After learning more about the game, I understood the significance of taking the right divots. The dents you create help you understand your swing. You can use them to know what to correct in your swing and hit to perfect your game. It also enables you to improve your hits and get an impressive backspin that many players like me crave.

Learning your swings from divots before attempting a shot that spins your ball backward is wise. You can use these factors to understand and determine the quality of your swings:

1. Direction

You can tell if you have a problematic swing based on the direction in relation to your target. A divot to the left or right of your target means you have a swing path concern to address.

If the divot goes right, you are pushing it due to an inside-to-outside path. As a result, you get a draw, push, or hook from this shot. In contrast, you are swinging across your golf ball if it heads left. You will get a descending blow, causing a fade, pull, or slice.

A man doing his golf golf exercises to improve swing speed
Practice your swing by doing the exercises I’ve compiled in this article: 11 Golf Exercises to Improve Swing Speed Hack

2. Behind

Another problematic swing involves a divot that begins behind your swing. I occasionally have this issue, making it difficult to get a decent shot. My attempts often include hitting the ball thick, fat, dropkick, heavy, and other poor outcomes.

The ball travels a fraction of the distance it should. Fortunately, I developed a thick face to match these thick hits, so I learned to take such disappointments in stride.

3. In Front

You know you have an excellent divot when it commences in front of your ball at rest. This position means your gold club hits the ball before striking the ground. Generally, this swing gives a quality shot with a solid hit taken more centrally in the club.

It is essential to remember that you may still occasionally get it wrong, even after perfecting this swing. Do not panic just because one swing was off. Instead, dust off your shoes, use your sand bottle to cover the imprint, and move on to the next hit. After all, as they say, the most important golf shot is the next one.

4. Depth

Depth is the final aspect that can indicate your swing’s good or poor quality. What does looking at the dirt look like after taking a divot? Do you think of a bacon piece? Or do you visualize a pork chop?

You want your chunk to look like a piece of bacon. A shallow depth is your target to ensure that more hitting force goes to your ball than the earth.

On the contrary, I recommend staying away from creating huge pork chop lookalikes. You dig deeper when you miss your hit, with most force going to the ground. Consequently, you get a big dirt piece from the earth while experiencing poor hit and ball movement.

My other advice is to consider the weather and course conditions. Wet grass means softer dirt, leading you to create larger divots than usual.

Regardless of the environmental conditions, carry your universal sand bottle to cover the little holes you create.

Watch this video to learn how to do Divot Filling.

How Do You Utilize A Golf Cart Sand Bottle?

Manufacturers increasingly produce golf carts ergonomically designed to accommodate various golfing accessories, such as sand bottles. These bottles often come with additional components to facilitate convenient installation and utility.

For instance, you can get sand bottles with mounting accessories like a club-and-ball washer.

These tools let you securely clip and attach a bottle to your golf cart. Other bottles incorporate a universal bracket, allowing you to fit them onto any golf cart style you have.

I am not creative, so I appreciate that most companies include mounting hardware and instructions in the package.

You can rely on these guidelines to ensure you correctly set up your sand bottle for efficient access and application.

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How Should You Drive a Golf Cart?

Ride your golf cart and switch on the engine using the key.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Accelerate using the right pedal. Use the break and make sure you know how to use the reverse.
Keep in mind the right things to do when driving.
FREE TIP: Don’t drive at full speed when you’re using a golf cart.
How to sand a golf cart body?

Final Thought

When I first started playing golf, I totally ignored this thing, and I regret that.

But as I have become a more seasoned golfer, I have learned to appreciate the course and what is involved in its upkeep.

So do the earth a favor and be sure to use your sand bottle to help with a course’s upkeep.

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