Are Golf Shoes Necessary? (What I Learned)

It’s a beautiful day, and you’ve decided to take advantage of the nice weather by playing a round of golf. 

You head to the pro shop to pick up some clubs and golf balls, but then you realize that you don’t have any shoes specifically for golf. 

Do you buy a new pair of golf shoes, or can you get away with wearing your running shoes? Are golf shoes necessary? 

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. In short, you don’t necessarily need golf shoes to play the game, but they can definitely improve your experience and performance. 

Let’s dive in!

Are Golf Shoes Necessary? The answer is YES!

Are Golf Shoes Necessary

Just like choosing the right golf clubs is important to improve your game, wearing the right shoes, like golf shoes, is crucial.

Why? Because golf shoes are designed to provide golfers with better balance, flexibility, and stability while creating the golf swing moment. 

If you slide or slip during your golf swing movement, you will not be able to generate a perfect hit, as the contact with the golf ball will be poor. 

So, if you want to make better shots, you should invest in some good golf shoes. Do beginners need golf shoes?

They can use any shoes with a good grip for golfing, but they can practice confidently with golf shoes. 

The golf shoes’ sole is quite larger than athletic footwear or shoes if compared. Besides, these shoes are wider than regular shoes. 

A golf shoe can offer good balance while swinging with a large base.

5 Benefits Of Using Golf Shoes

Let’s take a look at five common benefits of using golf shoes over other types of shoes for playing golf.

Better Balance

Different from other shoes, golf shoes provide a better balance. All thanks to their broader base and more oversized sole than the standard running shoes. 

As you need to make the swing while standing still, it will be good for you to wear shoes with a large shoe base. 

Tennis or running shoes don’t have a large base as they are designed to offer sustained or quick foot movements.

Impressive Stability

Golf shoes is Impressive Stability

The unique design of your golf shoes can easily counter your foot movements during the swing to effectively optimize your stability. If you are a beginner golfer, you should wear golf shoes.

When you move your foot, it can destabilize your stance and cause a blister. This will increase your chance of falling off. 

Nowadays, golf shoes come with built-in stabilizers on the arches side to prevent the sliding or shifting of feet.

Great Flexibility

While playing on uneven ground, you will need shoes to create a good grip. Sometimes, golfers play on hilly or irregular ground, swinging the golf club on awkward slopes. 

That’s why most golf shoes are designed to offer maximum flexibility.


Most shoes designed for golfing have high-quality waterproof material. As a result, your feet will remain comfortable and dry in all weather conditions.

Better Comfort

When you play an 18 holes golf game and prefer to walk the golf course, you may need to cover around six miles. 

So, it is essential to buy comfortable golf shoes to cover a long distance. Golf shoes are designed to let your foot breathe. As per the experts, you can get a golf shoe that has padded inside soles.

Is It Possible To Play Golf Wearing Flip Flops?

The first thing you need to consider here is that flip-flops will not match the golf dress code. They are not designed for golfing. Golfing is a luxurious game, and you do not want to use your flip-flops for this.

Does A Golf Shoe Affect Your Golf Swing?

Most golf players think that golf shoes can complement their clothing. Besides, unlike a normal running shoe, a golf shoe is designed to support and enhance the golfer’s performance. 

And the most important thing to consider here is that golf shoes can influence your club swing movement.

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What Types Of Shoes Can One Use For Golfing?  

Is there any best substitute for golf shoes? If you don’t have a pair of golf shoes, you can wear sneakers or running shoes with a good grip. Shoes with hard rubber can also work well for golfing. 

If the shoes have metal spikes, it is not advisable to use the course ripped up. You should avoid using street shoes, sandals, or boots for better performance.

Can You Use Running Shoes For Golfing?

Do golf shoes make a difference? Is it fine if you wear your running shoes? 

As per professional golfers, running shoes provide the players with the advantage of comfortable design and lightweight. And can also make the 18-holes game comfortable.

But such shoes don’t have any twist grip as well as waterproofing. So, while playing in wet conditions, making twisting motions can be difficult for you.

On the other hand, the constant twisting movement produced while swinging can wear away the shoes’ grip if you use them frequently.

Most golfers suggest using spiked or spikeless shoes with a twist grip design.

Spikeless Or Spiked Golf Shoes

Spiked Golf Shoes

If you have decided to buy golf shoes for your next game, it’s time to consider whether you should go for spikeless golf shoes or spiked golf shoes.

Spiked shoes will offer you a better grip on the course, but recent developments in the shoe manufacturing process have made both types of shoes quite popular. 

Spikeless golf shoes can offer the desired grip on a flat and dry course. Buying a good golf shoe will depend significantly on your personal preference. But for beginner golfers, spiked golf shoes can work better.

Wondering Which Golf Shoes The World’s Best Golfers Prefer?

When it comes to golf shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best golfers in the world have different preferences for their footwear, and what works for one player might not be ideal for another. 

Certain brands and models of golf shoes seem to be more popular among pro golfers than others. 

If you’re looking for a new pair of golf shoes and want to know what the best players in the world are wearing, here are some of the most popular options:

Do You Need A Golf Shoe To Play Golf?

What if you don’t have a pair of golf shoes? Well, don’t worry, as no such rules make it compulsory to wear golf shoes while playing golf. 

Well, you can also use athletic shoes or spiked golf shoes. But it will be better for you not to use spikeless shoes as they may not create a perfect grip.

When choosing shoes on a golf course, you need to consider one important question- will the shoes produce sufficient grip or be comfortable to use in any golf course condition?

You should wear golf shoes if you regularly slip while swinging the golf club. You can easily find many models under your budget.

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