Top 7 Longest Golf Holes In The World

If you’re looking for an extreme golfing challenge, look no further than playing the longest golf holes in the world. These holes will test even the most seasoned golfer’s skills and patience. 

Each is unique, with varying difficulty levels and stunning landscapes to enjoy along the way.

So grab your clubs and get ready for a test of endurance – these are the list of seven longest golf holes in the world you should go!

Top 7 Longest Golf Holes In The World 

#1. Gunsan Country Club (3rd Hole), South Korea – 1,097 Yards

Gunsan Country Club

The 3rd Hole at Gunsan Country Club in South Korea breaks all the records and currently serves as the world’s longest golf hole globally. The course exceeds 1,000 yards and is a par seven course of 1,097 yards.

With a massive 457 yards, Justin Thomas holds the PGA Tour record for the longest drive this season.

Although some of the pros could make one of the same lengths in the coming time, they’d still have 316 yards to cover the Hole.

So it’s good that players on the 13th Hole at Heron Lakes can open their shoulders and give it a big biff off the tee.

Although the fairway is wide open, the second shot requires some consideration.

The Hole is a par seven that is also a stroke index one, but if the distance of the course isn’t enough to impress you, consider the fact that beautiful lakes also surround this golf course in South Korea.

#2. Satsuki Golf Club (7th Hole), Japan – 964 Yards

 Satsuki Golf Club

The second world’s longest golf hole is situated at the Satsuki Golf Club of Japan, which spans 964 yards.

Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese golfer to win a significant event in men’s golf this year, triumphing at the storied Masters in April.

On the other hand, Matsuyama could find the 7th Hole at Satsuki Golf Club in his country a little challenging, as it measures about 1,000 yards and has been made a par seven to give golfers at least a chance of conquering it.

#3. Meadow Farms Golf Course (12th Hole), USA – 841 Yards

Meadow Farms Golf Course

The third world’s longest golf hole in the United States is the 12th at Meadow Farms Golf Course in Virginia, measuring 841 yards.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, once you’re within striking range of the green, you’ll notice that it’s guarded by a gorgeous drainage ditch– which is pretty problematic to cross over, especially when you have traveled over half a mile on the course.

#4. Penati, Slovakia (15th Hole)– 783 Yards

Penati, Slovakia (15th Hole)

The Deepest Hole in Europe is likely to be found in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Scandinavia, all of which have a long history with golf. 

However, the par-six 15th Hole at Penati in Slovakia, which covers an astonishing 783 yards, is the longest golf hole in Europe.

It is not only a long hole but also a wonderful place to play golf, as the course was designed by the great Jack Nicklaus’ business, Nicklaus Design.

#5. TPC Colorado (13th Hole), USA – 773 Yards

TPC Colorado (13th Hole)

TPC Colorado appears to be just like any other course until you reach the 773-yard 13th Hole, which is still a par five, although the longest on the Korn Ferry Tour. 

The TPC Colorado Championship, which was previously won by world number 32 Will Zalatoris, who had a breakout year on the PGA Tour in 2021, will see players from that tour tee up at the Hole.

This isn’t even the country’s longest Hole, but more on that later.

#6. Farmstead Golf Links (18th Hole), North Carolina – 767 Yards

 Farmstead Golf Links (18th Hole)

Visiting players can choose from over 400 golf courses in North Carolina. However, there is just one site where golfers tee off in one region and putt in another. 

Farmstead Golf Links in Calabash is one of several main courses in the Brunswick Islands, a well-known golfing destination off the coast of North Carolina.

The 18th Hole at Farmstead is a massive 767-yard par 6, making it one of its longest. Farmstead’s 18th Hole is one of two Par 6 holes in North Carolina and was named one of Golf Digest’s 18 Most Fun Holes in America.

#7. Black Mountain Golf Club (17th Hole), North Carolina – 747 Yards

 Black Mountain Golf Club (17th Hole)

The 747-yard 17th Hole at Black Mountain Golf Club is the last on the list, and when it first opened, it was the world’s longest. 

Black Mountain Golf Course offers a one-of-a-kind, entertaining, and down-to-earth golfing adventure. 

The course, which opened in 1929, is encircled by some of North Carolina’s most breathtaking mountain views. The course is about seventeen miles east of Asheville, in the heart of historic Black Mountain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Dimension Of The Tee Box 19th Hole Of Safari Resort In South Africa?

The tee box is 400 meters above the green and 395 yards (360 meters) from the starting point. A par on this Hole is a massive achievement since a long drive is required to get anywhere near the green, particularly when considering the elevated tee box.

What Factors Go Into Determining A Golf Par?

The height of every Hole from the teeing ground to the putting green is the primary factor in determining par. A standard number of strokes to reach the green is based on the typical distance a good golfer hits the ball, and two putts are allotted to holes with par values of three to five.


The world’s longest golf holes are some of the most challenging and beautiful you’ll ever play. The courses these holes are on offer a unique experience worth the trip. 

If you’re looking for a new challenge or simply want to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, be sure to add one of these holes to your bucket list.

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