How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Off The Tee?

One of the most common questions among golfers is how to hit a golf ball straight? Like hitting a ball 300 yards, hitting the ball straight is equally challenging. 

Most golfers have agreed that hitting a long and straight tee shot is the most challenging task in golf.

But don’t worry, here we have mentioned some helpful tips on hitting a golf ball with a driver or iron. 

Keep reading to explore those tips and get ready to play confidently on a golf course.

Why Should You Hit A Golf Club Or Driver Accurately?

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

Should I try to hit the golf ball straight? Well, the answer is yes. However, you will make it challenging by missing your fairway on the tee shot. 

Holes generally reward an objective approach and straight tee shots. Accuracy in golf is crucial, and that means you should choose the best golf club head for your requirements. 

You can make your life easier for the second short and reach the green with an accurate shot in fewer shots.

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Understanding The Importance Of Tee In Golf Game

Golf tee

A tee is a stand used to support and elevate the golf ball straight before striking it using a golf club. A tee utilizes on the first stroke of every hole.

The golf tee is generally allowed only on the first holeshot, called the tee shot, and is prohibited in other trials. But some seasonal or local rules may allow teeing on all shots. For instance, under the winter rules, you can use a tee.

Teeing offers a tremendous advantage for driving the ball straight and is used whenever possible. It also allows a better ball flight, and you can also maximize distance using this.

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How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

Everyone wants to know how to hit a golf ball straight, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. It’s the key to scoring well and enjoying the game. Here are seven tips that will help you do just that.

1. Don’t Forget The Tee

For straight drives, you need to tee up the ball. Distance hitters with more accuracy and freedom can tee the ball to increase the distance and the loft. 

You can tee the ball around halfway up if you want to attain a better driver accuracy. With this, you can enjoy a solid contact with the ball.

2. Keep The Stance Stable

As per the experts, if your stance is stable, you can make your ball fly straight. You need to bring your legs shoulder-width apart and keep your knees slightly bent. 

With bent knees and a narrow stance, you can attain the position to create a good swing speed and hit the ball straight.

On the other hand, sometimes, you can align your legs and shoulders parallel to the direction you want to hit the ball. If you want to cover more ground, keep your feet comprehensive apart.

3. Work On Your Grip

Work on grip

Strain driving range doesn’t require cutting; it requires whipping the ball. And whipping the golf ball depends on the orientation and the location of the grip of the club. 

You might be wondering which side of the club should one grip. Again, as per the professional golfers, you should hold at a higher near the end of the grip. 

This way, you can ensure that your swing has the maximum power.

Remember, this grip positioning is quite compelling, but you may need to compromise with the accuracy here. 

To increase your accuracy, you can grip the golf club a little lower or away from the end.

4. A Perfect Balance Is Important

Your body’s balance plays an important role in hitting the driver straight. It makes sure you attain perfect contact. 

For a perfect balance, you need to keep the center of gravity in the center during your backswing. Now, move your center of gravity forward towards the ball. 

Remember that you should not let your body weight shift to the back foot.

5. A Wide Swing Width

The experts say swing width is important to keep the club shaft on the plane. A poor width during backswing will make it challenging to bring the golf club back to its place. 

Most weekend golf players take the golf club outside the required shaft line. This can lead to pulls and slices.

Here is a simple drill that you can follow to maintain a good swing width. Utilizing a 7-iron, assume your normal position. 

It would be best to swing the golf club back shoulder using your trail arm. There should be a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm. 

If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight with an iron, you will have to work on your swing width.

6. Utilize The Sweeping Motion

When it comes to hitting the ball straight off the tee, you need to create a perfect spin rate. A higher spin rate can affect your good shots. 

Some spin rates will help you to keep the golf ball in the air and on the line. But more than the required spin rate can lead to weak spots, and your ball will fly high but will not cover much distance.

Instead of a downward direction, you can hit the golf ball with a sweeping motion. This will create a lower spin rate. As a result, your ball will travel straight.

Click the video above to play

7. Stress Level

Whether trying to hit a straight drive or enhance another shot, your level of relaxation and stress as your grip, swing, and stand will greatly affect the final results. 

While playing golf, maintain a stress-free and relaxed state to make your body more flexible.

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Final Words

Would you like to know how to hit a golf ball straight for beginners? Then, take your time making adjustments and practice tee. 

Besides, you should work on your golf swing speed and don’t forget to use the right type of golf club. 

Follow all the tips when practicing, and you can constantly hit your driver straight every time you play the game.

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