Golf Grip Overlap Vs. Interlock: Which Grip Is Better?

Three significant types of golf grips have dominated the golf game for years. But among those three, the overlap grip and interlocking grip are the most effective and popular. 

Based on the situation and shot type, golfers choose the right grip. Speaking about the third grip, it is called the baseball grip or hammer grip. 

Most golfers, including professional golfers like Tiger Woods, avoid this golf grip. If you don; know much about golf grip, then keep reading to explore more about golf grip overlap vs. interlock grip. 

Besides, this article will also help you choose the right golf grip to improve your gameplay.

What Do You Mean By The Overlap Grip?

Golf Overlap Grip

Even though this is the most used golf grip in the game, it was not popularized by Harry Vardon, a professional British golf player. 

The technique greatly revolutionized the game. Most PGA professionals prefer to use this grip. This golf grip is not for amateurs.

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How To Form An Overlapping Grip?

For this, first, you need to create a ten-finger grip. While maintaining the grip, lift your pinky finger of the training hand and place the finger in the groove between the index and middle finger of the primary hand. 

Ensure that the leading hand’s thumb points down towards the golf club. On the other hand, make sure that the trailing hand is closer to the primary hand. 

As a result, there will be no gap between the hands.

What Do You Mean By An Interlocking Grip?

golf interlocking grip

Most famous golfers, like Rory Mcllroy, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Wood, prefer to use the interlocking grip. 

Most golfers have found them easier to perform. However, some players have found the grip uncomfortable, producing friction between fingers. 

If you face the same issue, you can try loosening the grip pressure or wearing a golf glove. If it still doesn’t work for you, you should try the overlap grip.

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How To Form The Interlocking Grip?

To form this type of grip, you need to place the pinky finger of your right hand between the middle and index finger of your left hand. 

You will find the hands locking together to form a solid grip when you do this. With this grip, you feel like both hands are working together. But there are some issues with this type of grip. 

For example, you may create a very tight grip on your club. Some golfers say such a grip feels funny and produces friction.

Golf Grip Overlap Vs. Interlock: A Video Explanation

3 Benefits Of Using Overlap Grip

A Perfect Combination Of Control And Wrist Freedom

This grip can make your hands more unified and increase the wrists’ control. You can move them as one, but you don’t have to sacrifice wrist freedom.

You Can Always Follow Professionals Golfers

Well, most professional golfers do model your golf grip and swing. On the other hand, adopting the popular grip will make performing easier.

Ideal For Golfers With Bigger Hands

If you have bigger hands and long fingers, an overlapping grip called the Vardon grip can be a good option. The Vardon grip will be more comfortable as it will partially wrap around your primary hand, not just the golf club.

Such type of golf grip allows unity between two hands without affecting the range of your movement.

Exploring Some Benefits Of Interlocking Grip

A golfer is using golf interlocking grip

It Can Lower The Tension On The Golf Club

As all ten-finger grip pressure will be back on the golf club, the interlocking golf grip allows you to hold the club naturally. 

As a result, there is no need to produce more grip pressure. Besides, this way, you can avoid golf club choking, and your golf swing will be smooth.

Perfect For Small Hands

You can go for an interlocking grip style if you have small hands and find it challenging to create a better grip in golf. 

Experts like Jack Nicklaus say that an interlocking grip allows the female golfers to create a better grip on the club and lower the excessive wrist movement. 

Besides, golf players with stronger hands can also go for this; they can create a firm grip pressure without producing a lot of tension in their forearms.

Locks Wrist And Hands Together

As per the experts, you can make your hands act as one unit with an interlocking grip, one of the most preferred golf grips in a golf game. 

As a result, you can enjoy better control without worrying about your wrist movements.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the grip methods.

Is Ten Finger Grip Similar To Interlocking Grip?

The interlocking golf grip is very similar to the ten-finger grip. But you need to place the right-hand pinky finger between the index and middle finger to have more control over the golf club. 

But compared to overlap grip and interlocking grip, you will find ten fingers golf grip quite simple. Some greatest golfers are still using this grip.

Is It Possible To Switch From One Golf Grip To Another?

This is fine if you have been playing them with an overlapping grip and want to shift to the interlocking grip. But if you want to switch from one grip to another between seasons or rounds, that would be a huge mistake.

Which One To Choose?

Deciding between golf grip overlap and interlock golf grip can be confusing as both have advantages. And different golf grips will work differently based on your hand size and the strength of your body.

But if you have large hands, the overall grip can be a good option. And if you are playing golf for the first time and have small hands, you can opt for an interlocking grip. But both the grip types can work for right-handed golfers.

Understand your golfing style and choose a grip using which you can comfortably release your golf clubs and remain connected during the swing.

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