What To Wear Golfing In 50-Degree Weather?

The weather appears to be gradually cooling, and it could quickly drop to 50 degrees. As a result, golfers who hit the course early in the morning may experience cold wind gusts, though this isn’t a major issue yet.

Cold weather will undoubtedly not deter the most ardent golfers. But, if you’re one of those crazy golfers, you’ll have to brace yourself for the cold weather while out on the course.

How does a golfer avoid looking like a stuffed teddy bear on cooler days?

It’s important to remember that staying warm doesn’t always necessitate wearing layers of clothing and overcoats. Here’s how you can keep your game elite even in chilly winter on golf courses.

6 Cold Weather Golf Attire For Men

Cold Weather Golf Attire For Men

The dress code for men is more likely similar to any golf player who plays the game throughout the year wearing a few extra layers to keep themselves warm. However, if you are new to this sport, you can look for clothing stated order-wise in this guide below.

#1. Bottom Layer

Every golfer’s wardrobe should include a pair of winter base layers designed to trap heat while releasing moisture and sweat to maintain body temperature. 

They can provide support and stability to the muscles while playing and provide good thermal properties. Depending on your preferred style, a short or long sleeve thermal shirt can be purchased from various companies.

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#2. Hat And Thick Gloves

Headgear and gloves are great for the summer, but you should use winter hats like beanies when the weather cools down. Furthermore, cold hands make it difficult to hold clubs, so keeping your hands dry and warm is essential. 

A wet-weather glove is a must-have item that will keep you in control while pouring and cold outside.

#3. Jumper

Your next layer should be a jumper, once you’ve put on your base layer and a good polo shirt. Again, we recommend looking through our latest knitwear collection, which includes crew, V-neck, and roll neck jumpers, as wool variants will keep you warmer than cotton versions.

#4. Thick Long-Sized Jacket

One cannot predict how cold it will be today. However, if you are a golfer, it’s better to carry extra layering than nothing. 

If you are looking for something that is lightweight and warms you up throughout the game, then a thick yet light weighted long-sized jacked could be a fit for you. 

However, before buying, make sure the jacket is well ventilated and has breathable moisture-wicking constructions. Then, you won’t have any difficulty swinging the shaft.

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#5. Shoes 

Your whole body will be affected if your feet are chilly and wet. You’ll want to invest in some waterproof golf shoes to avoid difficulties like these. There are many options, so deciding on a pair is purely a matter of personal preference.

#6. Scarf

We recommend investing in a good scarf for the last layer of warmth. Ours are made of cashmere, so they’re lovely and toasty without being too bulky, allowing you to move freely. We recommend this one.

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Cold Weather Golf Attire For Women

Cold Weather Golf Attire For Women

When it comes to fashion, women’s golf is on another level. The ladies are often talking about the latest fashion trends.

Unlike men, golfwear is more planned and fashion-oriented for women. Since golf is a sport of eliteness, the attire should do proper justice to the game. 

Most women look for something which makes them look sleek and confident yet something that also keeps their body heat intact. 

Here are a few things to consider if you or your lady plan to play on golf courses this winter.

#1. Women’s Jumper

This is the one element of an outfit that may make or ruin the whole look. Starting with a conventional polo shirt, layering with compression shirts, or going for a long-sleeve polo are all options.

One can start with a basic polo shirt and layer from there. Long-sleeve compression shirts are available in various styles that can be worn alone or under your favorite polo.

Long-sleeve polos are another alternative for an athletic style. These are ideal for keeping your arms warm while adhering to the dress code.

#2. Women’s Golf Jackets For Winter

It would be best if you had a sporty winter jacket to layer over our polo shirts for the colder months.

Look for a jacket that will keep us warm while allowing you to move around and do whatever you want as you’re swinging away.

Rain is almost certainly in the forecast at some time, so waterproof raincoats are a must-have while prepping for your winter golf rounds!

#3. Bottoms For Women

As long as one keeps to the basics, finding a pair of capris or trousers to go with your golf top should be simple. Even though it isn’t skort or short-wearing season, one can still look fantastic.

Here are some noteworthy buys to consider, whether you’re looking for a thin fit or fleece-lined pants to wear in colder weather.

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#4. Thick Socks

It’s a personal choice what kind of golf socks you wear.

If you’re going to play in shorts, a shorter sock will look more professional.

Longer socks may assist keep your feet and lower legs warmer if you’re playing in the cold while wearing pants.

Wear long socks to protect yourself against ticks and other bug bites if you spend a lot of time in the rough or on a golf course with high fescue grass.

#5. Shoes For Women 

Women’s shoes are quite different from men’s. They are not as broad as men’s and are built to feel confident on the golf course knowing which golf shoe model is most suited to your golf round’s purpose and goal.

Suppose you’re looking for a shoe with spikes for better traction. In that case, we recommend the Women’s FootJoy DryJoys Premiere Cleated Golf Shoe, a top-selling, waterproof golf shoe that is fashionable and useful.

The Best Ways To Survive While Playing Golf In The Cold

Clothing alone sometimes may not be enough to cut through the chilly winds on winter days. Here are some tips that can keep you extra warm on the field apart from your clothing.

#1. Walk The Golf Course

Golf carts are nearly everywhere, so take a walk around the course. If you don’t want to go out on a cold day, though, sitting in a cart is the best way to ensure that you will be unpleasant from start to finish. 

Walking nine or eighteen holes will improve your blood circulation and make you feel warmer. Carry your bag or use a cart. The most important thing is that you work your legs to enjoy a round of golf in the cold weather.

#2. Modify Your Game Play

Your strokes will play longer in the cold, similar to the length of the club in the air. An extra roll off the tee and a larger first bounce on approaches will help you recapture some of this, but switching clubs will be beneficial more often than not.

#3. Take Drinks To The Field

Many golfers bring insulated bottles, ensuring that your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate stays hot for much longer. 

A swig of whiskey or another drink, if desired, will warm your bones to a pitch. Look for kummel if you want to drink something traditional.

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Health is above anything. There is a reason why sports have dress codes. One cannot continue to wear their summer clothes to the field in nail-biting winters. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is important to be fully focused on the game for which there should be no distractions (shivering because of cold weather).

So next time, if you plan to play golf in winter, make sure you follow our guide as a reference and enjoy your game very well!

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