Driver Swing Plane Vs. Iron Swing Plane: What Are The Differences?

Those who don’t know much about golf or those who are beginners swing every golf club in the same way for long shots and short shots. 

As a result, they don’t get the desired angle of attack, and having total control over the clubs becomes very challenging.

Remember that you will need different swing motions for different shots. Besides, you also need to use the clubs designed for that particular club. 

For instance, your swing motion with irons will differ from the driver’s swing.

Keep reading to explore more about driver swing and iron swing planes and when you can use them.

Is An Iron Swing The Same As A Driver Swing?

A golfer swing with his driver

To hit your golf ball at a perfect trajectory, you must consider the right golf swing type. And two major types of swings are driver swings and iron swings.

During the driver swings, the golfers prefer to use a low lofted club head to hit the ball that will be teed in the air. It creates a solid contract. You need to place the ball inside the front foot, and the club’s handle should be right behind the golf ball. This way, you can make the ball fly higher.

  • Iron swings on the golf ball that is lying on the green. You will need a centered iron and a narrow stance to hit the ball forward. You can easily create a divot if you do it properly after every strike.
  • You might wonder if my driver swing is the same as my iron swing? Well, both these clubs are designed for different types of shots. And the major difference between them is your angle of attack.

You can use an iron when you need a downward angle swing, and a driver will work great for an upward angle swing.

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Understanding The Difference Between Iron Swing And Driver Swing


As a big golf club, a driver is perfect for enjoying maximum distance off the tee and fairway. You can hit the ball as straight and as far as possible. 

But the irons are for better distance control while making a normal swing. Due to its perfect attack angle, you will have good landing control.

Attack Angle

It means a club’s angle while hitting the ball. While using a driver, you can create an upward angle of attack. The clubhead will move upward, and launching the ball from the tee will be easier for you. 

But while playing with iron, the club will hit the ball at a downward angle. The spin produced will offer a steady trajectory, and your ball will stop faster when it hits the green.


Using a driver means you want to cover the maximum distance, and you need to produce a powerful swing to boost your range of motion. Here, you need to take advantage of the driver’s length.

You should keep your feet shoulder-width apart to create a controlled shot for an iron swing.

Ball Position

Many golfers make a simple mistake by not understanding where to place the ball or where it should be positioned for every swing.

Ensure that the golf ball is inside your left heel for a driver swing. It will feel a little forward in the stand, but you will be able to hit up.

The ball needs to be positioned a little back based on the club’s length. For example, for long irons, place the ball between the lead foot and the middle of the stance. 

On the other hand, the balls should be placed a little forward of center for mid-irons. If you are using short iron, the right ball position is in the middle of the stance. 

You can use a golf alignment device to mark your ball position to learn faster.

Some Useful Tips Regarding Iron And Driver Swing To Hit The Golf Ball

When you choose a driver or iron, the selection of your golf club will make a statement about the golf ball’s goal. What does that mean?

If you choose an iron swing, you are focusing more on accuracy. But if you go for a driver swing, you may want to achieve a better ball striking distance.

You can enjoy better control with your irons but produce more power with your driver. You can easily attain this by creating small changes to your swing approach.

Maintain Your Body Movement

Body movement during swing the golf club

To control the iron shots better, you should keep the body in the center while making the swing. 

When you are in a steady position and make the swing, you can deliver a square clubface when the clubhead hits the ball. While allowing you a solid contact and offering a controlled ball flight.

However, if you are using a driver, the best swing is that it has more speed. For this, twist your body to form a coil and develop momentum. Besides, you need to extend the body and push off the lead foot.

Shift Your Weight

You should shift your weight forward or side to side when you swing. Begin with putting more weight on the lead foot and shift your weight to your back leg while swinging back. While using the driver, you need to create more motions.

But in the case of iron, less motion will be enough. Just remain steady and cantered. Create a controlled rotation for the swing.

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Is It Good To Swing Harder Using A Driver?

Whether you are using an iron swing or a driver swing, killing the ball is not good. Even though hitting the driver very hard can lead to lost balls, you should not create a downward swing motion.

As per the experts, try to generate around 80 percent power while taking the iron or driver shots. [1] This can improve the odds of the driver’s swing hitting the golf ball on or close to the driver’s sweet spot.

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