Golf Cart Bag Vs. Stand Bag: Which One Should I Buy?

This is our comparison of Golf Cart Bag Vs. Stand Bag.

When it comes to golf, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of golf bag to carry your clubs in. Do you go for a regular golf bag or invest in a stand bag?

Stand bags are popular among golfers because they are easy to carry and don’t require a cart. On the other hand, Cart bags are designed to be used with a golf cart and offer more storage options.

So, which one should you use? It depends on your personal preference and playing style.

Let’s get into more detail.

What Do You Mean By Golf Stand Bags?

golf stand bags

Golf stand bags look similar to a cart golf bag, but there will be two extra legs. The legs help the bag to stand correctly on any surface. So, while taking your best shot, you don’t have to worry about the bag.

Even though these bags can fit in a car, most golfers prefer to carry these bags while walking on the green. Therefore, such a bag has carrying straps or shoulder straps so that you can carry them easily. 

These are compact and smaller than a cart bag. So, with these golf bags, you will get limited space and may not carry extra supplies or equipment. Most junior golfers prefer to use these bags.

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What Do You Mean By A Golf Cart Bag?

Golf Cart Bag

These golf bags must be put on a hand cart or power cart to carry the bag around. As a cart bag has a strap, you can sling it over your shoulders. But while playing, you can keep the bag upright on any surface.

In general, these bags are ideal for smooth or flat surfaces. However, for a fairway, you need support to stand the bag, for example, a pushcart or power cart.

Golf Cart Bag Vs. Stand Bag: Major Differences

Before choosing between a golf cart bag vs. a stand bag, it will be better for you to understand the significant differences.


You can distinguish between a cart and stand bags by looking at the design. For instance, with a golf stand bag, you will get legs so that it can stand on the ground. But the cart bags are designed to be used with a golf trolley.

Golf cart bags are a good option if you are searching for a suitable club carrier. Besides, these bags offer impressive options, like rangefinder clips, umbrella straps, accessory sections, full-length apparel pockets, 14-way drivers, and more.

The golf stand bags have two built-in legs that are foldable. When you want to carry the bag, you can pull the legs. Every bag has durable straps with soft cushioning.

Storage Options

With a cart bag, you will get lots of storage pockets to carry rangefinders, golf balls, golf shoes, etc. Besides, you can also bring sunblocks, rain suits, umbrellas, and more. But with a stand bag, you will get less storage space as the bag is lightweight.


Another significant difference between stand bags and cart bags is the weight. Cart bags are considered tour bags and come with divisions and pockets for storing clubs, balls, and gloves.

On the other hand, stand bags are the golfers’ backpacks. They will feel lighter, and when empty, they may weigh around 5 pounds or less.

Is a golf bag too heavy? read how the “20 percent rule” could save your back here.

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The Pros And Cons Of Cart Bags

Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using cart bags on the golf course.


  • Available in the push as well as a pull functionality
  • The bag is storage-friendly.
  • Easy to carry on the shoulder
  • It can be attached to a golf pushcart.
  • As there will be many pockets, you will get ample space.
  • It is an ideal bag for professionals and value for money.


  • It feels a little heavier than other bags.
  • The size is also bigger than a stand bag.

The Pros And Cons Of Stand Bags

Now, let’s look at stand bags’ pros and cons.


  • Compact in size and lightweight.
  • Relatively easier to defray.
  • It consumes a smaller space than a cart bag.
  • It comes with sturdy legs so that the bag can stand without support.
  • It has a cushioned pad that allows you to carry it comfortably.


  • If you add too many items to the bag, you can’t carry it.
  • Not ideal for senior golfers.

Should You Use A Golf Push Cart On The Greens?

Using a pushcart, you can save your legs, back, and shoulders by carrying the bag’s weight for 18 holes. Whether you are a professional or beginner, there is nothing wrong with using a pushcart.

You can comfortably walk around the golf course without worrying about carrying extra pounds for a few miles. 

Some golfers prefer to use a pushcart for around 75 percent of their rounds. It will make your gameplay experience more comfortable.

Which Golf Bag To Buy For Your Golf Game?

After understanding the difference between a stand bag and a cart bag, you can say that the cart bags are ideal for golf players who use a golf cart or trolley on the greens. 

These stand bags are perfect for players who don’t use a golf cart. But, if you love to walk on the golf course, go for it.

Players with back pain and elderly players should not use stand golf bags. Instead, most golfers prefer to use a bag that is easier to carry and has at least five pockets. But it all depends on your personal preference.

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Final Words

Deciding whether to buy a golf stand bag or a golf cart bag is undoubtedly challenging. But after going through the above discussion, you can make the process a little easier for you.

You will find both types of golf bags useful when it comes to keeping your costly golf equipment protected. However, you need to understand your demands and playing style to choose the right golf bag.

On the other hand, consider the storage space, your gear, the approach of movement on the golf course, and the space in your golf cart. Get the best golf bag now and make your golf game comfortable.

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