Best Ooga Horn For Golf Cart (Top 5)

Are you looking for an ooga horn for your golf cart? It’s a great accessory to add to your cart so people know you’re coming. An Ooga horn is not only something that’s useful, but is also something that is fun and gives off a vintage feel.

Because of the sheer amount of brands that are available within this category, it can be hard to find the ones that work best for your needs. There are several things that one must take into consideration when trying to shop for a product within this category, and all of these tend to have varying ranges of sounds that come along with them.

To make the task of finding the right horn for your golf cart, we have made a list of five options that you can consider.

Wolo 330

The Wolo 300 is one of the first products on our list and is considered to be one of the more popular ones that golf cart owners choose to outfit their carts with.

This particular product is something that offers the best functionality of an ooga horn and stays true to what it claims to offer. Even though this product might seem simple, it is without a doubt incredibly effective.

The ooga horn runs only on 12-volt vehicles, and any vehicle that isn’t able to offer that might not be with this product. The sound of this particular horn is incredibly discernable even from a distance and has the classic ooga sound that customers are generally on the lookout for.

Overall, this is an incredibly efficient and functional product that can fit the needs of golf cart drivers incredibly well. The product is backed by an incredibly heavy-duty motor, and offers superior performance every time.

The horn is not too heavy and weighs around 1.54 pounds. This means that it can be easily propped up onto any structured part of the car.

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OMELINK International OOGA Horn

If you are on the lookout for a horn that truly sounds like an old-fashioned horn, the OMELINK International OOGA Horn is the product that you should consider going in for.

This particular product is similar in terms of functionality when compared to the Wolo 300, but does have a few more characteristics that make it distinguishable from the previous option.

The OMELINK International OOGA Horn can also only run on 12-volt vehicles and requires certain vehicle configurations to be able to perform as intended. The product is one of the easiest to install because it comes with its own installation kit.

This means that you won’t have to go hunting for all the right tools when trying to find one that you need to fit the product onto your golf cart. The only factor that concerns customers looking for this kind of product is the size of the product.

The ooga horn is slightly bigger as compared to most products on the market, and weighs a little over two pounds.

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Old Fashion Classic Vintage Chrome Bugle Horn

If you are on the lookout for a product that looks like an old-fashioned horn and emits a sound that is reminiscent of one, this product from Golf Carts Universe is the get.

To start off, if you are on the lookout for something that looks incredibly authentic, this is the product. The horn has a beautiful frame that looks like it has come straight out of a 1950s vehicle.

The body of the frame is layered with chrome plating, which gives it a shine and smooth feel. In addition to the look of this product, the reason people tend to go in for this product over other options is the weight.

This is one product that is incredibly light, which means that it can be placed on almost any part of the cart.

The horn weighs a little over 1.4 ounces, making it a great lightweight solution for golf carts. In addition, the product dosen’t need any kind of power source to run and functions as something akin to a basic air horn.

For carts that don’t have the requirements for a standard powered ooga horn, this is one that can work no matter what vehicle you have.

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FLAMM 66059 Ooga Horn

The Flamm 66059 is an Ooga Horn that meets all the basic requirements that one would have for this kind of product. The horn gives out a distinctly old-fashioned sound which is exactly what you might be looking for.

One of the more prominent characteristics of this kind of product is the dual motor technology incorporated into it. Because of this product’s structure, the sound produced tends to be a lot more prominent and a lot more efficient.

Overall, this is a good product for those who want something simple, and a product which is easy to install. The product also comes with all of the tools that you would need to fit this horn and get it up and running. This makes it one product that is on the easier end of installations and can be used with absolute ease.

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5. Vixen Horns Loud 110dB Antique Vintage Classic Old Klaxon Air Horn

Not all Ooga horns produce the exact same sound, and sometimes, a few differences in the sound can be the make or break factor in this kind of a product. If you are incredibly specific about the kind of sound you want for your golf cart, the Classic Old Klaxon Air Horn from Vixen Horns is the one to choose.

best ooga horn for golf cart

This brand is known for tailoring the sounds that are offered through their horns so as to give their customers the very best, and this is showcased incredibly well in this particular product.

The product is incredibly light and weighs 1.6 pounds. This makes it easier to install and place onto any comfortable part of the cart. The size of the horn, however, is something that should be taken into consideration, especially because this is one of the biggest products on this list.

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Finding The Right Ooga Horn

Factors To Consider

Before we get into the products that are considered well rated in this category, it is essential to know what one should be on the lookout for. Here is a list of things that you have to consider when going in for a product within this range.

The Sound

One of the first and most important things one needs to consider when buying any kind of ooga horn is the sound that emits. The horn should be loud enough to alert people nearby, but should not be so loud as to cause noise disruption in the area.

The sound that is emitted by the device should also be of good quality, and should not be something that is rather inconsistent and uneven.

The Ease Of Installation

Different products and brands tend to have different installation methods, which vary depending on the intricacies of the products themselves. A good ooga horn should be easy to install and not something that is too complicated.

Some products come with the tools pre-packaged within them, and some of them tend to need some kind of tools to install. These can have an impact on the overall functionality of the device, which is why a horn that is easy to install should be the one you go in for.

A good tip is to find the product you like and look up a YouTube or written guide on installing it. If it looks easy enough and is something that you can do, it might be a good one to go in for.

Stereo Close Up Shot
TIP: You can use a horn sound from your stereo in emergency. You should buy your horn still!

The Size

The Size is not the most important thing that one needs to take into consideration but is a factor that influences the manner in which you can use your horn. Individuals who want to go in for an ooga horn generally want something that is not too big, yet not so small as to make it hard to find.

The weight of the product too is something that you should be on the lookout for since this can also impact its placement and usability.

Best Ooga Horn for Golf Cart Yamaha

ModelVoltage and Fit Type
MaxLouder OOGA Air Horn Antique Ahooga Vintage Classic Old Style School Chrome 12VVoltage
12 Volts

Fit Type
Universal Fit
Ooga Horn 12V KitVoltage
12 Volts

Fit Type
Universal Fit
MaxLouder OOGA Air Horn Antique Ahooga Vintage Classic Old Style School Chrome 12VVoltage
12 Volts

Fit Type
Universal Fit

Carrfan 12V Vintage OOGA AHOOGA Classical Car Horn for Ford Model Antique Old Style 110db
12 Volts

Fit Type
Universal Fit
Different Model of Ooga Horn Best for Yamaha and their voltage and fit type.


There is no doubt that an ooga horn can be a fun and useful product to integrate into a golf cart and finding the right one for your vehicle is incredibly easy.

It is important to note that some states do have restrictions on the kind of horns that you can use, which is why you should always cross check with the horn related laws within your state to ensure that you get the product that is absolutely right for you and your needs.

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