15 Best Golf Cart Accessories (with Pictures)

If you’re like me, as soon as you got your golf cart, you were looking for accessories to make it truly yours. When it comes to products for your golf cart, there are plenty of options. For instance, you can get a stereo system, seat belt kits, or side view mirrors, similar to what you’d come across in automobiles.

Or maybe you want more of a practical improvement, a cooling fan for hot days, a grab bar, a portable cooler, or more space for your passengers. I’ve compiled a list of 15 golf cart products sure to meet your needs. So continue reading and check out some of the best golf cart products in the marketplace today.

Here are a few Top Picks for my cart:

Our Pick
Golf Cooler, Premium Beer Holder for Golf Bag
Good Option
Marine Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers Stereo
Good Value
Perfecto Cigar Holder
  • More than just another cigar holder - your snap-on ashtray on the go! 
  • No, it's not plastic! Highest quality nylon - will not melt, burn or discolor.
  • Will hold all cigar sizes, even your biggest (tray is 80 ring wide)
  • Easily clips to all golf cart models

1. Madjax Black Armrest with Cup Holder

ArmRest With Cupholder
ArmRest With Cupholder
ArmRest With Cupholder
Our Score
  • Cushion Bases consist of High Strength Polyethylene Composite.
  • Universal Fit for Most Golf Cart Rear Seats. Drilling Is Required As The Seat Arm Rails Do Not Have Pre-Drilled Holes
  • Customer Service Beyond the Sale

Unfortunately, perfect golf cart weather usually means it’s quite hot outside. And carrying around your beverage just isn’t beneficial when it’s your time to tee off. In cases like these, adding a cup holder is, without a doubt, a great decision.

Madjax Black Armrests with Cup Holder is perfect for such situations. Made out of a high-strength Polyethylene Composite, it offers both comfort and functionality, keeping your beverage safe and sound.

They’re appropriate for most golf carts, and aside from the minor assembly that has to be done, such as drilling the holes into the seat arm rails, it’s easy to set up and go.

With such easy installation, it’s a beneficial addition to any golf cart, especially if you want to avoid any hassles looking for somewhere to place a drink to avoid any unnecessary spills.

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2. The Perfect Fit Golf Cart Cooler Bag Caddy

Golf Cooler, Premium Beer Holder for Golf Bag, Cooler for Golf Bag, Golf Cooler Bag, Golf Bag Cooler, Golf Bag Cooler Sleeve, Golf Bag with Cooler, Beer Sleeve for Golf Bag, Golf Bag with Cooler
9.4/10Our Score

Nothing beats a cold beverage. It’s always good to have a cold drink on hand, and the Perfect Fit Golf Cart Cooler Bag Caddy makes it convenient to do so.

Mcnick Co and Company offers a Cooler Bag suitable for all needs. It’s laser measured to fit perfectly into your golf cart basket, but light enough to be portable as well, weighing just 12.8 ounces. There will be no need to buy beer at the course when you can just bring your own.

The Cooler Caddy fits 18 (12 oz cans) of beer with ice, guaranteeing you a cold one every time you reach into the bag. We all know how expensive beer can be at the course, so it’s a lot more convenient to save some money and pick up the Perfect Fit Golf Cart Cooler Bag Caddy, it practically pays for itself.

3. Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit

Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit
9.4/10Our Score
  • TRUSTED: America's ORIGINAL and No.1 Club and Ball Cleaner
  • ENHANCE GAMEPLAY: Provides better ball flight, cleaner club grooves, and better backspin
  • RE-USE: T-Drain Plug is easy to remove and replace
  • EASY TO MOUNT: Comes with a Universal Mounting Bracket

If you’re going to be using your golf cart mainly for playing golf. Then a golf cleaner can save you a lot of time.
Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit is convenient, easy to install, and comes with durable bristles to clean your club faces, giving them a lasting shine.

The patented single chamber design comes fitted with a T-drain plug that makes it very easy to drain, getting it ready for the next use. We all know just how beneficial a clean club and ball can be, so for an avid golfer, this is a must-have.

The universal mounting bracket ensures that it’s easy to set up on any golf cart, so installation requires absolutely no effort.

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4. Trademark Innovations Golf Cart Enclosure

Trademark Innovations Golf Cart Enclosure
9.4/10Our Score
  • The cover measures 72"L x 41"W x 54". Made for a 2 person cart
  • Made of weatherproof 210D polyester
  • Zippered side openings allow for easy access
  • PVC windows allow for maximum visibility

Having an enclosure that will completely cover your golf cart is absolutely essential if you hit the course often. It will extend the life of your golf cart by offering protection from the sun, moisture, and rain.

Apart from the benefits offered on the tee, if you’re using your golf cart as a way to get around, then a cover like Trademark Innovations Golf Cart Enclosure is sure to protect you from any harsh weather that may arise.

After all, nobody likes to get splattered by the rain. It’s made from waterproof polyester and a PVC window that allows for maximum visibility even in the most difficult situations. The easy setup makes it a great product to have if you want to continue hitting the golf course even in inclement weather.

We also covered all the best golf cart enclosures here so you can compare your favorite ones.

5. Golf cart Side View Mirrors

9.4/10Our Score
  • SIZE 5" X 7"

Even Though you’re on the golf course, safety should still be a top priority. This set of Universal Golf Cart Side View Mirrors includes both the driver and passenger side mirrors to ensure you are aware of anyone coming behind you – just like you’re in a regular car.

The set comes with a few nuts and bolts but it’s designed for simple installation. Made out of impact-resistant high strength lightweight molded plastic, it provides both durability and safety. Measuring 5 inches by 7 inches, the mirrors fit all EzGo, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts.

The large clear vision area, allows you to move beyond the course and use your cart in more personal ways.

6. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Cart Windshield

Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Cart Windshield
9.4/10Our Score
  • Portable windshield for golf carts
  • Protects you from rain or windstorms
  • Made of heavy-duty clear vinyl
  • Rolls up for storage in golf bag
  • Rip-and-grip straps fit most golf carts

Sometimes you have to be ready for unexpected weather when it comes your way. Whether it’s in the form of blinding rain or strong winds.

A portable golf cart windshield can come in handy when you least expect it. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Cart Windshield comes fitted with rip-and-grip straps able to fit most golf carts. Made out of heavy-duty clear vinyl, it offers adequate protection and easy storage in your golf b

ag. There’s also a two-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any damage to the windshield.

7. Noam NuTV4 QUAD – 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth Speakers Stereo System

NOAM NUTV4 Quad - 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
9.4/10Our Score

Enjoying your tunes from a high-quality sound system is an awesome experience. The Noam NuTV4 Bluetooth Sound System is powered by a 4-channel amplifier delivering a high-quality sound.

The Bluetooth system is seamlessly integrated within the speakers, and the built-in AUX input allows you to connect your mobile phone with ease. The 4 speakers pack a remarkable 500 watts of combined power, alongside a water-resistant system that allows you to ride around in any weather, without fear of damage.

The speakers are very easy to install, and the Bluetooth remote allows you to control your phone and begin listening to your tunes right away.

8. Universal Seat belt Kit for Golf Carts

Golf Cart Seat Belts of 4 Retractable Belts 42
9.4/10Our Score
  • Our Golf Cart Seat Belts is Retractable
  • Good Quality & Easy Installation
  • Kids-Friendly Seat Belts 
  • Belts Bracket Kit size: 35" x 6.9"
  • Package Includes

Sometimes you want to use your golf cart for personal use, but if your golf cart doesn’t have seat belts (or seat covers), it won’t be allowed on the road. Purchasing a set of Seat belts ensures that your cart is road legal. The kit features a non-retractable self-adjusting “lap” design, which allows you to adjust it to the desired length.

These seat belts are a great addition to your golf cart to ensure your passengers are safe in the front or rear seats. The setup is quite simple, and included in the package are all the instructions needed to install the belts correctly.

Not to mention, each belt fits comfortably in most Club Cars, EzGo, and Yamaha carts.

9. Madjax Universal Golf Cart Grab Bar

Universal Golf Cart Grab Bar
9.4/10Our Score
  • Gives rear seat passengers added stability while climbing aboard. Works with or without universal hitch.
  • Easy Installation
  • Black Powder Coat Finish

If you like cruising in your cart with friends, you might want to purchase a Madjax Universal Golf Cart Grab Bar. It gives your rear seat passengers extra stability when climbing aboard. The installation is quite easy, as the bar comes already assembled.

Simply attach the grab bar to your cart bumper, and you’re all set.

The black powder coat finish offers protection against potential scratches, and with a 1-year warranty, a damaged bar can be easily replaced free of charge.

10. Golf Cart Flagpole

Golf Cart Flagpole
9.4/10Our Score
  • Fits any square frame up to 1. 25”
  • Holds flags up to 12” x 18”
  • Adjustable to any angle
  • Easy to attach and remove for storage
  • Newly designed anti-furl swivel clips

Golf Cart Flagpole is a great addition to any golf cart. It comes fully equipped with a bracket, allowing you to adjust the flagpole to a number of different angles.

The flagpole attaches securely to a round or square frame up to 1.25 inches wide, allowing you to move it from cart to cart.

11. Fairway Golf Cart Diamond Air Mesh Bench Seat Cover

Fairway Golf Cart Diamond Air Mesh Bench Seat Cover
9.4/10Our Score
  • Black covers fit most two-person golf cart bench seat
  • Comfortable seat covers protect new seats and renew the look of old seats
  • Extends the life of your seats; protects against dirt, sun damage and wear
  • Unique diamond mesh weave allows air circulation, adds comfort and creates a technical, sporty look
  • Stretch fabric fits most golf cart seats in minutes and creates a custom like fit
  • Comfortable seat covers protect new seats and renew the look of old seats
  • Extends the life of your seats; protects against dirt, sun damage and wear
  • Unique diamond mesh weave allows air circulation, adds comfort and creates a technical, sporty look
  • Stretch fabric fits most golf cart seats in minutes and creates a custom like fit
  • Machine washable, 1 year limited warranty

Due to normal wear, it’s quite easy for your seats to get chipped and cracked. So it’s a good investment to buy a Fairway Golf Cart Seat Cover, to protect against any damage.

Made out of polyester, these comfortable seat covers offer protection against dirt, sun rays, and everyday wear. They offer a revitalizing look that seems to roll back the years.

The advanced stretch fabric fits most golf cart seats in minutes, creating a tight snug fit. These universal bench covers supply the comfort needed for a long day on the course.

The bench cover fits most Club Car, Yamaha, and EzGo carts. Keeping the covers clean is very simple, just toss the covers into the washer with some soap, and you’re done. A 1-year warranty offers extra protection for any damage that may occur.

12. 36 Volt LED Battery Status Charge Indicator

12. 36 Volt LED Battery Status Charge Indicator
9.4/10Our Score
  • NEW UPDATE - No Resetting Required (We have listen to your feedback)
  • Operating Voltage: 36 Volt - Range: 36.98V Full - 31.14V Empty
  • Never let your electric equipment run out of power again. This battery indicator is specifically designed for battery powered equipment to monitor the charge status of the batteries charge.
  • Installation Instructions Provided in the Product Description
  • Will not work with Trojan Brand Batteries

Golf cart batteries seem to die at the most inopportune times. It only makes sense to have a way to monitor them. The 36 Volt LED Battery Status Indicator does a great job of allowing you to easily monitor the strength of your battery. The LED battery indicator works on all 36-volt Lead-Acid batteries for EzGo, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts.

The display uses a 10-segment LED bar graph that gives you an accurate look at the strength of your battery. At a 90% discharge, the red and yellow LEDs will begin to blink, indicating a very low voltage capacity.

When the battery is charging, the meter cycles through for a short period of time, and then indicates that the battery is fully charged.

At just .32 ounces, the status indicator is both light and portable. Nothing beats the comfort that comes from knowing your golf car is charged and ready to go.

13. Cooling Fan

Portable Cooling Fan
9.4/10Our Score
  • 【Adjustable wind speed in 3 gears】
  • 【10000 mAh battery with USB charge】 
  • 【Versatile & Multi-usage scene】 
  • 【Multi-functional battery operated fan with LED light】 
  • 【A hidden Power Bank】 

Playing a round of golf in the sweltering heat can get quite uncomfortable if you don’t have a way to cool down. A Cooling Fan can be a great addition to any golf cart. Clip it anywhere to supply a steady silent wind stream. The rotatable head can be adjusted which is perfect when you have a passenger alongside of you.

Fast charging and lasting up to 20 hours will give you cooling power for longer. The easy setup makes this fan a great accessory for your golf cart on those hot summer days.

14. Slasher GTX Golf Cart Tires Combo

Golf Cart Wheels and Golf Cart Tires Combo
9.4/10Our Score
  • Includes: (4) White Steel OEM Golf Cart Wheels (centered offset) (4) SLASHER 18x8.5-8 DOT Golf Cart Tires
  • Fits EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Golf Carts and more without a lift kit!
  • This tire is 18 inches in diameter
  • Tire is DOT approved & Turf Safe - great for turf and pavement!
  • Tire comes mounted on the wheel and aired up

Sometimes accidents happen and we have to be prepared. Having a replacement tire is an absolute necessity for your golf cart. The Slasher GTX Golf Cart Tire Combo comes with 4 tires that are able to fit EzGo, Club Car, and Yahama carts without using a lift kit.

Each tire is 18 inches in diameter, and they’re a great addition to any cart, especially if your driving on dirt or pavement. These tires offer a clean look, providing functionality in any type of weather.

15. Perfecto Cigar Holder

Perfecto Cigar Holder
9.4/10Our Score
  • More than just another cigar holder - your snap-on ashtray on the go! The perfect gift for cigar lovers!
  • No, it's not plastic! Highest quality nylon - will not melt, burn or discolor.
  • Size matters! Perfecto Cigar Holder will hold all cigar sizes, even your biggest (tray is 80 ring wide)
  • Easily clips to all golf cart models, boats, RVs, decks, workbenches and more
  • Will not crush, pinch or tear your cigar. 100% Made in the USA

If you’re a cigar smoker and an avid golfer, then this is an absolute must-have. Touted by the golf channel as “an invention so perfect, it’s in its name”.

The Perfecto Cigar Holder easily clips onto the console of your golf cart, allowing you to play your shot and pick up right where you left off enjoying your cigar. It doubles as an ashtray so you won’t have to worry about any messy cleanup, and it’s made out of high-quality nylon so it will not melt, burn, or discolor.

Apart from cleaning it out every now and again, the upkeep is very simple. It’s sure to be a product you use time and time again.

Hopefully, you’ll give some of these golf cart products a try, including the best golf cart heaters I recommend. Each and every product improves the overall experience of using your golf cart.

Whether your goal is to improve your golfing experience or make your golf cart more suitable for the road, all these products can do just that.

So if you’re considering making some improvements to your current golf cart, stock up on some of the products on this list. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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