Best Radio and Speakers for Golf Cart

Sometimes you want a dedicated set of speakers for your golf cart and sometimes a bluetooth speaker suits you better for different intended uses.

When you start looking for radios and speakers for your golf cart, you’ll find a ton of different ones on the market. That’s why this article will review some wired and some wireless and let you decide which works best for you.

1. Sound Storm BTB6 Amplified Sound System

Are you looking to enjoy your time every time you are on the golf course during your gaming session? If you are, you might want to get Sound Storm BTB6 Amplified Sound System to enjoy your favorite tunes.

It is an ergonomically designed speaker that fits well on your golf cart. It measures 26 by 9.5 by 7.5 inches and only weighs 12.5 pounds. Intriguingly, BTB6 supports Bluetooth audio streaming, allowing you to play and control your favorite tunes from apps such as Pandora and Spotify wirelessly.

Additionally, you can connect this speaker easily to your media devices such as your MP3 player, iPod, Smartphone, and iPhone through its 3.5 mm Aux-in.

But wait, there is more. It is designed with waterproof poly injection speaker cones plus high-performance tweeters to provide you with an intimate sound experience.

With a frequency response of 45Hz to 25 kHz, you can rest assured that the music experience in your golf cart will be nothing short of excellent.

The speakers of the BTB6 are also powered by a high performance inbuilt 450-watt class A/B amplifier.

What’s more, installing this speaker is as easy as ABC. Its durability should also not concern you because it comes with a 3-year platinum online dealer warranty.

Sale 15%
Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine...
  • BLUETOOTH - Bluetooth Audio Streaming lets you play and control music and apps like Spotify / Pandora wirelessly via a smartphone or MP3 player
  • WATTAGE - 450 Watts Power Peak; 225 Watts Power RMS. The speakers and tweeters are powered by a high-performance built-In class A/B amplifier
  • INCLUDES - (2) Heavy Duty Zip Ties and (2) Heavy Duty Straps with Velcro for any Mounting Position
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Sensitivity: 90dB; Frequency Response: 45Hz 25kHz; 3.5mm Aux input compatible with audio output of smartphones and MP3 players
  • DIMENSIONS: - 7.5" x 26" x 7.5"
  • WEATHERPROOF - The BTB6 has been outfitted with the latest weatherproofing techniques for protection against the elements. It has an IPX5 rating
  • AUXILIARY INPUT - 3.5 mm aux-in compatible with audio output of iPod / iPhone, smartphones and MP3 players
  • CONTENTS - Heavy duty mounting straps, Nylon zip straps, power accessory extension adaptor, user’s manual
  • WARRANTY – Sound Storm Laboratories provides a powerful 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty so long as the purchase is made through We strongly encourage professional installation of...

2. Golf Cart Speaker Stereo Pods

These speakers are designed to deliver 800-watt peak power so that it can produce loud, clear, and high-quality sound in the golf cart. Moreover, this set has 4-ohm impedance that allows it to produce the sound quality that you would desire in an outdoor environment.

Now, there is one more point I need to make. The speaker set is weatherproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when there is harsh weather outdoors.

The set comes with two 3-inch speakers that ensure your golf cart achieves the amplified surround sound you desire.

And it doesn’t stop at that. The set also features a heavy-duty, durable construction, allowing it to resist the effects of harsh weather – an aluminum die-cast bullet style cabinet.

Moreover, its audio cones are also made from durable materials, and it has a strontium magnet structure. This implies that you can enjoy your golfing sessions any time that you’d like.

You also need not worry about fitting this speaker set on your golf cart. Why is that? It comes with easily understandable installation instructions, accessories, as well as mounting brackets.

Golf Cart Speakers EZ GO Club Car Radio...
  • Anodized aluminum clamp
  • Heavy duty poly-vinyl plastic
  • Black textured finish
  • 6.5 inch speakers
  • 3000w of power each

3. Pyle Marine ATV Powered Speakers

The truth is, some people have more than one hobby. As a result, you might find people who love playing golf and enjoy listening to music too. If you are one of such people, you don’t have to worry about doing each one at separate times.

You can enjoy cruising in your golf cart as you listen to your favorite tracks after you’ve gotten this speaker.

The speaker has a rugged but ergonomic design. It is built with waterproof qualities to ensure that you enjoy your music as you drive without having to worry about the harsh weather.

Additionally, it has a sturdy and durable construction to allow you to enjoy your golfing adventures as long as possible. Its housing is also weather resistant to combat the effects of bad weather.

This speaker also has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to control and play your music seamlessly from any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

The device has two poly injection cone speakers to produce an impressive surround sound. Moreover, both speakers have a maximum power output of 1000 watts – a capacity that is adequate for most outdoor environments.

If you opt not to play your music via Bluetooth, you will be glad to know that the system also features an Aux-in connection for a seamless plug function.

It gets better. This speaker is designed for music lovers who love stylish products. Both its speakers come with multi-color LED lights that you can control with a remote control.

Sale 30%
Pyle Marine ATV Powered Speakers - 4.0...
  • 8” SPEAKERS: These poly injection cone speakers are 6.5” and the tweeters are 1.0” with Titanium dome diaphragms. Engineered with Tube design for maximum sound projection, and perfect for ATV,...
  • 1000WATT POWER: The speakers are very powerful with a MAX output of 800 Watt of RMS of 400 Watt (200 x 2). Has a built-in 2-Channel digital amplifier and can be hard-wired or powered via cigarette...
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Comes with automatic 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming that works with iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet and other devices. The Bluetooth name is...
  • IP 44 MARINE WATERPROOF RATING: This dual 2-way audio system is waterproof with an IP 44 marine grade rating. It has a water resistant housing and rugged heavy-duty construction. The frequency...
  • MULTICOLORED LED LIGHTS: Features built-in dancing and flashing color changing LED lights. There are 19 dynamic color changing modes in red, green and blue. The speed and color brightness are also...

4. NOAM NUTV4 Quad – 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth Speakers Stereo System

Give yourself a soothing and impressive musical experience as you drive your golf cart with NOAM NUTV4 Quad. You, however, will need to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire this device, but it could be worth your while.

The sound quality of this speaker is not only excellent but also crisp and clear to ensure that you enjoy any music you play when you are in your golf cart.

One of the most intriguing things that you might find with this speaker is that it comes as a full set with all the accessories you need to enjoy your favorite tunes.

NOAM NUTV4 Quad includes 4 speakers and 4 11.5-inch wires, a Bluetooth controller, a power wire, an amplifier, and mounting accessories.

Yes, you read that right.

You don’t need to look for other items to get your device operational. Its control is also quite something, considering that it has six buttons.

It allows Bluetooth streaming with your Bluetooth enabled devices, and it has an AUX input for easy play and plug function.

Interestingly, you have two options when you want to mount this device to your golf cart – surface mount or snap-in flush mount. Each of the options is also easy because you will use the included metal bracket.

The 4 speakers provide you with the ultimate surround sound, and each is designed with 4-inch high-quality poly injection cone. The speakers also have a 4-ohms impedance, allowing you to use thinner wires.

That’s not all. The two pairs of speakers have Butyl rubber surround and 100 watts in addition to a 1-inch PEI Neodymium dome tweeter. You must also know that this speaker has a 4-channels marine amplifier that has an ON/OFF switch.

NOAM NUTV4 Quad - 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth...
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The NUTV4 QUAD has is all in one package. Amplifier, Bluetooth remote control, 2 pairs of N4 speakers and all wire & accessories are all included in this one package. Simple...
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY: Use the smart Bluetooth remote to control your phone's function or simply connect your music player to the remote's Inline AUX input. Control Your Phone/MP3 player – the NBTA4-R...
  • VERSATILE: Your search for a bluetooth waterproof speaker is finally complete! All around water resistant unit; ride in any weather conditions. Speakers, AMP & Bluetooth remote are all water...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: 2 Pairs of 4" 2-Way Waketower mountable bluetooth speakers, Marine Grade Waterproof Construction. These speakers can be mounted on any round roll bar with size of 1.5"-2" (mounting...
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING FEATURES: Other standard features include being IPX6 waterproof grade tested, four channels output, watertight plugs, and an inline power switch and LED power indicator. You can...

Best Bluetooth Speakers For the Golf Cart

The best way to listen to music in your golf cart is with a bluetooth speaker that can connect to your smartphone. The portability of a bluetooth speaker is ideal for being out on your golf cart.

So how do you choose a bluetooth speaker that will work best in your golf cart? The following features will be essential:
  • A design that allows it to be quickly and easily secured to the golf cart
  • Shockproof design to minimize disruption
  • Waterproof design for use in any weather conditions
  • Long range Bluetooth connection
  • Good volume control
  • Long battery life

If you are in the market for a quality bluetooth speaker for your golf cart, here are 5 models that are guaranteed to keep you grooving on the course.

1.Amp Caddy Bluetooth Speaker

The last item on the list is perfect if you take your golf cart on the links since it was designed in the US by golfers. It’s rated #1 for golf enthusiasts.

It easily mounts to your golf cart rod and can swivel 180 degrees which is great when you have to park your cart in different directions while approaching your next tee.

It’s 20 hour battery life will last 18 holes and then some giving you plenty of crystal clear music to listen to while driving around in your golf cart whether you’re playing golf or just tootling around your neighborhood.

The housing of the speaker is made of a sturdy and durable poly-vinyl that will leave you enjoying music on your golf cart for a long time. Its material neither dents nor oxidizes and is waterproof.

Sale 20%
Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Ampcaddy...
  • ✅GOLF PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Designed in the USA by PGA golfers and featured on the Golf Channel, the Ampcaddy portable wireless speaker is the #1 Most Recommended speaker for Golf...
  • ✅LOUD, QUALITY SOUND AND BASS SUBWOOFER - The Ampcaddy features crystal clear sound that projects on the green and bass that amplifies your golf game. Enhance your golfing experience through music...
  • ✅180° DIRECTIONAL AUDIO SWIVEL - Mounts securely to any golf cart or bag and directs your music in any direction. Other speakers disturb fellow golfers and course rules but the Ampcaddy's...
  • ✅EXTENDED BLUETOOTH RANGE, 20-HOUR BATTERY LIFE - Synch the bluetooth speakers to any iPhone, Galaxy or other smart device. Extended 100-foot connection range. Rechargeable battery that lasts up to...
  • ✅ WATERPROOF IPX7 & SHOCK RESISTANT - Built for performance with a rugged design, the Ampcaddy Speaker is a fully waterproof speaker. 100% Money Back Guarantee with 2-Year Warranty.

With a 100 foot bluetooth range, it will be playing your favorite music even while you’re searching for your golf ball off in the rough (or water) from your tee shot.Shortcode

A unique feature of this speaker is the cell phone holder. A clip can be mounted on the opposite side of the speaker to hold your smartphone, making song selection easy for any member of your party.

Another distinct function of this speaker is the infrared thermal sensor. This sensor automatically detects fading sunlight and illuminates the buttons on the device for easier navigation.

Like other products on the list, Golfjams includes two loudspeakers to produce quality surround sound for increased enjoyment. Two speakers can be paired to the same Bluetooth for a more amplified surround sound.

The Bluetooth technology has been updated to the latest version to assure quick and seamless connections between your smartphone and the speaker. It also supports Apple Siri and Android Google Now.

This speaker does not have the same flexibility of other speakers on the list to be able to direct the sound toward where people are gathered, but its other features make this a great choice for the golf course.

This innovative speaker is designed to be strapped wherever you want the party to be. This is a great system that lets you pair two bars to one phone if you want to expand your system.

This system even comes with a party light for the truly adventurous. I can imagine it being a hit at all the music festivals as well as while driving around and socializing with others.

The stereo linking capability of this speaker allows you to connect two speakers to the same device. They can be designated as right and left speakers for a fuller sound.

This can reach very loud volumes, allowing it to be heard from farther distances. The quality remains very clear even when the volume is high.

This setup is meant to attach to your batteries and has a remote control that you can use to control your music.

If you don’t want to attach your speaker to your cart batteries, then this speaker will work really well. The 360 degree speakers have 8 drivers built in for a full and complete surround sound.

It also boasts a 35 hour battery life, allowing for several rounds of golf between charges. This is the highest amount of listening time of any of the speakers on the list.

Another useful feature is that this speaker has USB ports built in to function as a portable power bank. This lets you charge your smartphone and any other devices while listening to your music.

The speaker is compatible with Apple Siri and Android Google Now for voice command functions. It also includes a built in duplex speakerphone for easy, hands free phone calls while you ride or wait for your turn to putt.

Like other speakers on the list, the FUGOO is shockproof and waterproof. Unlike others, this speaker also floats if dropped in water. This likely won’t be necessary at the golf course, but could come in handy if you get too close to the water hazard.

This speaker comes equipped with an auxiliary port to connect directly with a smartphone or music device, or it can connect through Bluetooth. It also has several built in mounting slots to attach it to the golf cart, though the process for securing this speaker is more complex than the models mentioned above.

This powerhouse of a speaker does more than just play music. It has a whole host of functions and features that make it the perfect speaker for the golf cart.

Just like other speakers on the list, this speaker is waterproof and shockproof for high quality listening in all weather conditions. It includes zip ties and a screw mount to provide you with options for the best way to connect the speaker securely to the golf cart.

Similar to the FUGOO model, the speakers on the Celtic Blu span 360 degrees for a high quality outdoor sound. The volume also goes very loud to allow for long distance listening.

The speaker’s rechargeable battery provides 30 hours of music from a single charge, which puts this speaker on the higher end for battery life.

The Celtic Blue speaker is also capable of charging other electronics while in use, such as cell phones.

The Bluetooth capabilities are superior for this speaker, connecting at spans of up to 100 feet. It also has a built in microphone to allow for voice commands, and includes a remote control to change tracks without pulling out your phone or returning to the speaker.

One feature that sets this speaker apart is that it can function as an FM radio using an antenna that is built-in. Another unique design is the Micro SD card slot, which can store and play up to 32G worth of songs to eliminate the need to connect a separate device.

While all of these speakers have the same basic and important functions, there is a lot of variation in style, price and additional features. Any of these would be a great buy for use on your next trip to the golf course. So take time to evaluate each model and choose the one that best meets your budget and your personal preferences.

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