Best Golf Cart Camo Wraps (Good to Know)

The default appearance of the typical golf cart is, to be blunt, dull.

Granted, you probably shouldn’t be expecting much style-wise from a vehicle primarily designed for cruising around manicured golf courses, but still, it would be nice if you could change its lookup.

Camo wraps were explicitly made for that purpose as they add a look that is both stylish and rugged to the plain old golf cart, but it can be a challenge pinpointing which one is going to best suit your needs and preferences.

We’re here to help by sharing the four (4) most popular camo wraps and what we like and dislike about each one. Listed below are four of the top golf carts that are currently available and what you need to know about them.

Mossy Oak Graphics Treestand Golf Cart Camouflage Kit

Mossy Oak Graphics is among the leading companies in the vinyl wraps market, and you’ll see why soon enough once you get a hold of their products. We’ll discuss two of the camo wraps they offer in this article, and we will start with their Treestand Golf Cart Camouflage Kit.

Golf cart

Mossy Oak Graphics uses premium materials for their camo wraps.

Ideally, you want vinyl to be used in a camo wrap, which is what the folks at Mossy Oak Graphics have gone with. To be more specific, they have used cast vinyl from 3M.

Cast vinyl is notable because it makes the wrap as thin as possible. Because of how thin it is, it becomes capable of hugging the surface to which it will be applied closely. Even the curves of the golf cart will be covered tightly by the cast vinyl.

You will see those things for yourself when you apply the camo wrap. When you take a closer look at the spots where the graphics are curving to accommodate the vehicle’s shape, you will notice that there is no stretching.

The quality of the camouflage design maintains its integrity and your golf cart is the beneficiary of that.

Speaking of the quality of the image, the print is well done. It’s not dull and features great detail. You’ll see the contrast in the hues, but they’re not prominent. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in a camo wrap.

3M is also a known brand in the world of vinyl, and they have a reputation for producing highly durable products. This wrap will stick to your golf cart like glue and that holds true even when it has been exposed to the elements.

The manufacturers designed this camo wrap in a way that air bubbles will not be an issue for you.

Still, don’t expect the installation process to be completed with no issue. Though the manufacturers have done well to make the material flexible and durable, it can still be unwieldy at times.

If you aren’t experienced at all when it comes to installing items like these, then you should probably enlist some help or have a tutorial video ready on your laptop or smartphone.

Tricky installation aside, this is a high-quality product that will look great on your golf cart, and even with its current price tag, these best products, along with this camo wrap, are still a good purchase.

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Mossy Oak Graphics Shadow Grass Blades Golf Cart Camouflage Kit

Next up is another Mossy Oak Graphics product, and this time, it is their Shadow Grass Blades Camouflage Kit.

The most significant way this item differs from the one listed above is in the graphics pattern it uses. Instead of going with a pattern that features tree branches and dead leaves, this other camo wrap uses dried grass blades.

That distinction matters because this second camo wrap has a lighter look. It’s the kind of wrap you will want on your golf cart if you plan to take it out around twilight time because it blends into the surroundings quite well.

The same high-quality cast vinyl from 3M has been used to create this camo wrap. That means the wrap remains highly flexible and will continue to provide good coverage over the area you use it. You can also continue to count on using this golf cart camo wrap for a long time.

Unfortunately, because it is highly similar to the product above, that also means that placing it on your golf cart could turn out to be quite a tiresome and time-consuming endeavor.

One last thing that you should know about the Shadow Grass Blades Camouflage Kit from Mossy Oak Graphics is that it is less expensive than its Treestand counterpart. The difference ultimately amounts to just around $20, but that’s still a factor worth considering if you have a budget you’re trying to stick to.0

AMR Racing Graphics Decal Kit Camo Plate Black

AMR Racing goes in a different direction with their camo wrap as they have opted to go with the black, white, and gray camo color scheme. AMR Racing decal kit

The result is a camouflage wrap that is not as visually interesting as the ones from Mossy Oak Graphics, but maybe that’s exactly what you want from this kind of item anyway.

The plate pattern with the camo graphics takes something away from the product’s overall look. I personally prefer a smoother finish on the camo wrap because it allows the graphics to blend in better with the body of the golf cart.

Golf cart in front of a garage

With the plate pattern included, the graphics are disrupted more, and the final image can look can disjointed when viewed from certain angles.

You’ll have nothing to complain about regarding materials used again. Vinyl is prominently featured here too. Because vinyl is used, the camo wrap adds a distinct look and great durability to your golf cart.

The installation process is also so much easier to manage with this item.

The folks at AMR Racing have cut up the different portions of the camo wrap.

They cut the camo wrap into objects resembling puzzle pieces, so when installation time arrives, all you need to really do is just put together an easy puzzle, although you will likely still have to use some tools to get the job done.

If you find yourself liking what you hear about hearing this item, then it would probably be best if you set aside some money for it. You will have to pay over $360 to get this item, which is a huge jump up from where the previous two items are priced.

However, if you are willing to pay that price, you can rest assured that you will be given a camo wrap for your golf cart that will provide added style and protection for a long time.

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Greenline Drivable Golf Cart – Camo Color

Last up on this list of camo wraps is the Greenline Drivable Golf Cart Enclosure, and right away, you’ll notice that it differs significantly from the items mentioned previously.

First off, this item is structured in a different way. Instead of covering the front, side, and back panels, it leaves the front panel bare while providing coverage for every other exterior portion of the golf cart.

It also doesn’t adhere as closely to the body of the golf cart as the aforementioned wraps, and what it does instead is to act kind of like a blanket for the vehicle.

The camo pattern is nothing special and even dull, so steer clear of this item if the styling matters most to you.

You’re still getting a quality product here; it provides terrific protection for you and your golf cart. The materials used for this item are also highly durable, and they should last long even if the wrap itself is constantly used.

Because of the way this item is designed, it can be removed and installed pretty easily. The zippers definitely help in that regard. You can even use this item together with a different camo wrap to provide extra protection for your golf cart.

With a price tag of just over $100, this is also the least expensive item on this list.

Should you paint rather than wrap a golf cart?

Yes. However, paint isn’t as much are durable as wrapping it with film. Furthermore wrapping can allow you to make as muke adjustments as you would like because painting can somewhat limit your creativity.

In addition to that, a painted golf cart needs to be maintained; otherwise, you would be repainting it often.

How many feet of wrap do I need for a golf cart?

The measurement for wrapping your golf cart depends on its size. Watch this video on wrapping a car for your reference. This would help you with an estimate.

Final Say

Camo wraps for golf carts come in all shapes and sizes. They also possess different strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, this article has shown you exactly how the top camo wraps for golf carts vary. Using that information, you should be able to make the right purchase and end up with an item you will be happy with.

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