Best Train Horn For Golf Cart

Are you looking to get a train horn as an easy way to accessorize your golf cart? We wanted something cool to add for when we were tooling around the music festivals and campgrounds. To help you out, we have researched some of the best train horns for golf carts that are currently available, and you can view them below.

Grand General Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn 

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Dang, this thing is LOUD. You’ll definitely turn heads when you use this. And your spouse might be a little embarrassed too. When you’re thinking of getting a train air horn, you’re obviously going to want one that sounds good, but that cannot be your only point of consideration.

The great thing about train air horns is that along with their distinct sounds, they also feature a striking appearance that would make them fine additions to any vehicle from an aesthetic standpoint. Most train horns look good enough, but only a select few can really be regarded as great design pieces.

The 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn from Grand General is one of those horns that can be considered as a truly good addition to a vehicle just going by its appearance. Most golf cart owners will put it on their roof to let the sound blare out.

It’s covered in that kind of chrome that shines brightly under the afternoon sun and the way the horns themselves are contoured is reminiscent of fine craftsmanship.

The arrangement of the horns is also smartly done because they don’t get in the way of one another.

These train horns have an operating range of 70 PSI to 120 PSI. Ideally, you want the upper limit of that range to be right around 140-150 PSI, but 120 is good enough, and that should also keep them functional for longer.

In terms of performance, the electric solenoid included with the horns actually has an adverse effect on the way they sound. The sounds can be a little on the high side because of the solenoid.

That issue can be resolved by getting a different solenoid, but that’s obviously a bother. If you do end up getting that better solenoid, you won’t regret it, because it significantly improves a product that can work well for you for a very long time.


These horns look great and would fit well on almost any vehicle


The solenoid included with the horns needs to be replaced if you want the best sounds

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MPC B1 4 Trumpet Air Horn Kit – Being Loud Is Its Specialty

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This thing is loud. Did I already say that? It’s probably from the hearing loss. Ok, this thing is louder. If you want something loud, then these are the train horns you are looking for. The moment you are able to properly install this contraption on top of your golf cart, you will be able to blare loud sounds at will.

The switch is highly responsive and you have full control over the horns at all times. Even though it does make use of the same solenoid as the product above, the quality of sound these horns produce is noticeably better.

The horns themselves are still quite stylish, but not as visually appealing as the ones from Grand General.

It’s nice to have the air tank already included. An air tank is not a hard item to find, but you will still appreciate no longer being asked to secure one for yourself. The folks at MPC also included a bunch of crimps, wire connectors, and zip ties to make the installation of these horns as easy as it can be.

That said, the installation process is still likely going to take up a big chunk of your day, and it doesn’t help that there are restrictions on where you can place the air tank as well. Don’t be surprised if you have to make additional adjustments to your vehicle just to get the horns and the air tank to fit.

Pricing may also be an issue. You can understand why the price is where it is given all the components already included, but that’s still a good chunk of change to pay for a train horn.

Should you go through with the purchase though, you’ll be in possession of something that can significantly enhance the golf cart or whatever other vehicle you are using.


In terms of loudness and sound quality, there’s no question that these horns deliver


You may want to clear your schedule before you decide to work on installing these horns

Vixen Horns Loud 149dB 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn – For Those Seeking Great Durability

[amazon box=”B01M1A0ICC”]

Durability is the calling card of the 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn from Vixen Horns.

These horns are made out of stainless steel, a material best known for its outstanding durability. You can also feel how sturdy the horns are when you grasp them.

To further extend the life of these air horns, the folks at Vixen Horns decided to use a non-magnetic variant of stainless steel. That’s an important feature. Because of their material composition these train horns can be used extensively in any type of weather, and you can still remain confident that they will not rust over.

The installation process for these horns is also much simpler, and you should be able to get it done pretty quickly even if you are not that experienced with that type of stuff.

A 12 volt electric solenoid is used for this item and it works perfectly fine. The sounds produced are loud and clear, although some may feel that they are a tad high-pitched.

Visually, the train horns themselves look great, but then you get to the mount.

It’s not that the mount itself is ugly, but it does not work well together with the horns, resulting in the design concepts clashing. If you can find some way to hide the mounting of these horns, then you should go ahead and do that.

Overall, it’s a solid set of train horns, and you can count on them performing well day in and day out.


The durability of these train horns is top notch
Installation can be completed quickly


The mounting used for these horns is not great to look at

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Zento Deals Single Trumpet Air Horn – The Budget-Friendly Option

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Not everyone has money just for purchasing a train horn, but once you have your heart set on getting one, it is really tough to fight that urge.

The good news for you is that you don’t necessarily have to spend too much a quality train horn.

Now, because this is just a single air horn, it’s obviously not going to produce sounds as loud as the ones blared out by the items mentioned previously, but you still get something that will grab people’s attention. That works fine, because that is what you should be aiming for first anyway.

The people at Zento Deals have already included some of the items that you will need to install this air horn, but you may need to look for other tools as well. That could up your investment if you don’t have a fully stocked toolbox.

Durability is also a bit of an issue with this product, but that probably shouldn’t surprise you given the price.

Honestly, you should look at this train horn as a kind of introductory option, or at least something to get while you save up for something else.

As long as you have your expectations set correctly, you should come away happy from making this purchase.


You’re getting a good deal with this train horn


Its durability is questionable and you may have to replace it after a while
As you can see, there is no shortage of good train horns on the market. Whether you’re looking for something stylish, something very loud, something durable, or just something that is easily affordable, there is a train horn that you can get.

Just remember to keep in mind your needs and preferences when you are shopping for a train horn and you should find one that will work ideally both for you and your vehicle. Now that you know about some of the top train horns on the market, there’s no longer any excuse for you having a vehicle that is incapable of making a loud impression.

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