What Are The Golf Clubs Needed For A Beginner?

If you are just getting started with your golfing journey but don’t know much about the golf clubs, this article is for you. 

You will know everything about the most important golf gear and clubs here. Besides, you will know what golf clubs are needed for a beginner and how many clubs and golf pieces of equipment you should carry in your golf bag.

So, let’s get started with this. 

Why Do Golf Clubs Matter?

What Are The Golf Clubs Needed For A Beginner

Do golf clubs matter for beginners? For all beginner golfers, it is crucial always to play golf with suitable golf clubs. 

In general, beginner golf clubs come with large club faces and shorter shafts, and their designs help the new golfers easily hit the ball. 

Besides, most beginner golf clubs forgive, and you can develop more consistency with regular practice. So now, let’s talk about the must-have golf clubs for beginners. 

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Understanding Golf Clubs And How Many Clubs You Should Carry? 

Different types of golf clubs are available in the market, and each type has its purpose. Here are the golf clubs you should know:

A Fairway Wood

Fairway woods are big blocky-headed clubs that will hit the ball the furthest. They are made out of wood. 

This club can be used while playing on the fairway wood as the second shot of a long par-4 hole or a par-5 hole. 

Fairway woods are perfect for lifting the golf ball from the turf. Distance, as well as accuracy, will be decent. 

A Driver

A driver will be the longest club with a large-headed driver in your golf bag. You can use this club on the tee shots for each hole. 

When it comes to hitting the ball higher, this will help you. 

Pitching Wedge

To play any approach shots close to the green, you can easily get the driver under the golf ball and hit it higher using this type of club. As a result, the ball would land faster on the ground. 

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Short Or Mid Irons

Irons are the most versatile clubs, and you can use them for different situations. Therefore, all beginning golfers should have this. However, if you are a  beginner, golf experts suggest buying four irons, i.e., Iron 6, 7, 8, and 9. 

Beginners can easily use them and enhance their gameplay style. Remember that the higher the iron number, the easier it will be for you to hit the golf ball. 

For example, using a6 to 7-iron club, you can attain a distance of 150 to 200 yards. 


When the players are on the green and trying to hit the darn golf ball, they can use a putter. Putters come in a flat face. As a result, hitting the ball will be easier for you.

Sand Wedge

Sand wedge golf clubs work great in hitting the ball in the sand. The design of this golf club allows you to swing it through the sand’s top layer.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs have become one of the most popular clubs among professional and new golfers. It is because these are more flexible than other clubs. 

Hybrid irons are easier to hit from the fairway than long irons. Besides, instead of the tee, you can use hybrid clubs. 

For chip as well as run shots, these can work great. So, a hybrid club is considered one of the essential clubs for all. 

Should You Go For Individual Clubs Or A Set Of Clubs?

Well, this game shouldn’t have to be very expensive. But sometimes, things can get a little costly. 

So, first, you should buy a few clubs to get started with the game. Then, once you know everything about it, you can buy a starter set. 

You can always go for the options mentioned above for minimum golf clubs to carry. You will find many amazing options in the market at the best prices. 

When you have the right type of club, nothing can stop you from enhancing your golfing skills. And don’t forget to join online holding lessons to learn more about it. 

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How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry To A Golf Course As A Beginner? 

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry To A Golf

Every beginner should know how many clubs you should carry in your golf bag. Well, this is the most common question among beginners. 

Having a perfect set of golf clubs is crucial before hitting the ground to win the game. As per the rules, professional golfers can carry 14 golf clubs. 

However, as a beginner golfer, you can begin your journey with ten golf clubs, including some hybrid clubs. Hybrid clubs are used mainly by professionals, but these are not essential clubs for beginners. 

Your set of golf clubs can include four irons (including long irons), two fairway kinds of wood, a driver, one putter, and two wedges. 

However, buying the right clubs to learn the game is crucial, and it will be easier for you to hit the ball higher. 

What Clubs To Use To Hit The Ball For A Beginner? 

When it comes to hitting the ball, these are the essential clubs that you need to carry with you when playing golf.

200 Yards And More: Long Shots

In such a case, attaining a higher level of accuracy will be very challenging. Besides, the clubs will be difficult to hit. 

So, experts recommend using hybrid clubs for long shots as these golf clubs are quite forgiving. The 5-iron set can also work well. 

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100 Yards And Less: Short Shots

To play short shots, you can always use a sand wedge and 9-iron. Then, you can get a little creative and begin to analyze the shots. 

By playing short shots, you will understand how to control the distance. 

150 Yards: Mid Shots

Based on how far you want to hit, you can use 9-iron or 7-iron. For best results, you can focus on a small target. 

Playing golf means understanding the distance between the ball and the hole. You may make mistakes as an amateur golfer, but keep practicing, and you can control your swing speed. 

Around The Green

In such a situation, you need to create your shots based on your imagination in such a situation. 

However, to avoid bad shots, you can use a 7-iron. Lear using this golf club first, then you can try other clubs. 


Now that you know more about the different types of golf clubs and what situations they’re best for, choosing the right clubs for your game is important.

Make sure to buy clubs that fit your budget and skill level, and take some time to practice with them before taking them to a golf course.

It’s time to hit the course and put your new knowledge into practice. Be sure to start with the basics.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Golf is a game meant to be enjoyed.

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