7 Best Jobs to Play Golf (and the Skills Required)

Growing up, I had little time and money. Essentially, two things you need to enjoy playing golf.

As I got older, I started blogging, which gave me time and money to play.

However, whether it’s paying bills or speeding up a career, we all have to work our jobs for one reason or another. Yet, is there a way to make playing golf essential or a requirement for specific lines of work?

In the movies, investors, businessmen, and real estate agents do a lot of golf together to close deals. In this article, I’ll show you a list of the best jobs to play golf in, and let’s confirm it together.

Golf Course Attendant

This is obvious, but working for a golf course can help your golf addiction. In fact, in most cases, you will golf for free as well. 

A golf course attendant does a lot and stays busy, so it is hard work. But, yeah, free golf… 

One of the job duties of the attendant is to make sure the golfers hit the course on time and don’t bump into each other or slow down gameplay. 

I’m sure you have had an attendant come to you at some point and tell you that you’ve done something wrong. Those guys can be annoying, but someone has to keep order, I guess. 

There is no formal training that is required to do this, and the training for the position can be done on-site once hired. 

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Golf Coach

This job requires more than just teaching golfing skills to others. To become one, an excellent trait to have is patience. It won’t matter which tier of golf you’ll be teaching: college, grade school, or even pro level; every student you’ll come across will need help in mastering their skills.

Close up shot of a golf ball ready to be hit by a golf club.
Golf coaches must keep an open mind and may use multiple teaching methods.

Some may learn faster or slower than others. Golf coaches are also expected to:

  • Be responsible for seeking out and recruiting potential athletes
  • Coordinate matching days and team practices
  • Keep up an educational and positive team environment

Whereas you don’t necessarily need a teaching degree to become one, it can help. What does help, however, is making sure you’ve obtained a lot of golfing experience before becoming a golfing coach.

Yet, will this allow you to play some games on the job? You bet! You’re teaching people how to improve their game, and what better place to do that than on the course itself?

Private Banker

This career is what most see as a typical Fortune 500 job and can allow you to meet up with clients on the golf course often. However, becoming one can be a long and tedious journey, and most private bankers need many prior credentials, such as having experience as a financial analyst. What I’m saying is, that it takes some specialization and serious recognition.

These kinds of bankers will only take on a few clients at a time. The professionals in this field deal with folks who have around $750,000 in “investable” assets.

I know that sounds like too much work to deal with that much money, but being a private banker means you may have to meet your clients on golf courses, so consider that as part of the job!

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Real Estate Agent

As I mentioned earlier, jobs associated with the Fortune 500 label might require some serious course time. Joining a real estate career can get you closer to that.

It can vary from state to state, but odds are you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to start one. There are also licenses you must earn, like having a “pre-license education.”

It also comes with you working alone a lot, which essentially means you’re your own boss, so golf time, maybe? I know I would!

However, this also means you must do all the work a typical boss would do. As a blogger, I also have to manage my free time carefully. Imagine being your own accountant, your own secretary, your own HR manager… you get it.

There are also nine other careers you can apply for once you get your complete real estate license, so at the very least, you have variety. With a four to six month-average time to finish earning one, you could see some job prospects coming very soon.

Investors and Businessman

Businessmen and investors go to golf to meet co-business persons. In this way, they can expand their network and seal deals.

Those people in business don’t want to put their time and money into waste so they do everything for profit and productivity even in their hobbies. Because golf is such a fun and relaxing game, they often get a positive result at the end of every game and chit-chat!

School Teacher

As one commenter in one of my sources stated, as a teacher, he gets “ten WEEKS of SUMMER!” Yes, that’s all free time. Hmm…I wonder what to do for two months?

An aspiring teacher needs secondary education to start their career. Similar to being a real estate agent, you’ll also need to earn a license before applying for work. The rules vary depending on your state, so check with your local education governing authority to learn more.

Some high school teachers will need courses on a specific subject to specialize in anything. You’ll need an undergraduate degree and a Certificate or Diploma of Education in the UK. It’s not the hardest career to get into, but it may take up much of your free time for several years on end.

Freelance Writer

This one might be a bit unexpected, but as one myself, I can tell you that getting started can be a bit difficult. However, I can use whatever free time there is as I please.

Hand holding an orange pen on top of a notebook.
I’m my own boss, meaning I can choose the level of work that suits me best.

Golf on Saturday, every Saturday? Why not if it doesn’t interfere with my chosen career too much? The key to getting good at freelance writing is consistency.

Always be willing to learn new things and form polite and formal relationships with your clients.

Think of it like your own private business, and your business will only expand depending on how much work you put into it. Even if you take only one day a week off, such as that Saturday, you can tell yourself that your job allows you to play golf!

A good way to start is learning good cold-pitching skills. This will allow you to expand your number of clients and, therefore, expand your business in the process.

Also, remember that the word “freelance” can mean many different things depending on the job title you’re looking at. Know what kinds of topics you’d like to write about. Part of being your own boss is that you have to reach out to your own customer demographics.

You’ll also experience a lot of rejection. However, by keeping my chin up, I learned that it’s not always a bad thing.

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need to stay consistent. That one sports article you wrote wasn’t accepted? Reach out to another magazine. You never know until you try.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what I do for a living: blogging. 

I’ve been a blogger for 7 years, and growing up, I did not have much of time and money. But when I started finally blogging, and the business took off, guess what I finally got… 

Time and money. 

Most times, I go golfing now when my son is at school. I drop him off in the morning, go play, and by the time I am done with 18 holes, it’s time to go pick him up. 

Whadda life, right?

Becoming a full-time blogger is not easy, but after about 2 years of hard work can usually net you a website that is making $5k to $10k a month consistently (and passively at that). 

Find out if you’re on the list in this video.

What is the Best Way to Learn Golf?

If you’re starting to make golf a career or hobby, there are ways for you to learn aside from learning from players. Here are my recommendations:

Group Golf Lessons
1-on-1 Golf Lessons
Golf Clinic
Combination of Actual and Online Golf Lessons
Simulation Golf Lesson
Best Way to Learn Golf

Speaking of lessons, you might want to read my other article best for 60s!: Learning To Play Golf


Of all the jobs mentioned, the best positions to play golf have been the ones that involve some entrepreneurship. Usually, being an entrepreneur (especially a digital entrepreneur) allows you to work when you want. 

Not being tied to a 9-5 goes a long way in you choosing what you can do with your time.

Location freedom helps as well. I can work anywhere there is an internet connection. This means golf travel trips happen on the regular! 

Regardless of what you choose or dream of choosing, make it something fun so that you can support your golf habit. 

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