List Of Illegal Golf Drivers: Which Drivers Are Non-Conforming?

Every golfer wants to play better, have more control over the ball speed, and hit more distance. Thanks to the rapidly evolving golf equipment technology, you can now find some great golf equipment in the market that can improve your game. 

But you should keep in mind that not all golf drivers or clubs are legal. Well, using non-conforming clubs, you can easily hit farther. 

They come equipped with different technologies, allowing the golfers to achieve long drives. 

Keep reading to know more about illegal drivers, and we have also given a list of illegal golf drivers that you can try to enjoy better golfing.

Some Of The Best Illegal Golf Drivers

Here are just a few of the best illegal golf drivers on the market. Please note that some of the drivers may be sold out or unavailable in the market.

1. Money Club High Launch Driver

When buying the best non-conforming driver, you can always go for this driver. When you use this driver, you will find it quite consistent. 

As per the manufacturer, the clubhead size of this club is 520cc, and it features a loft of 10.5 degrees. Another impressive feature of this product is its superior quality lightweight graphite shaft. 

With this, golfers can easily achieve some extra speed. The combination of a larger clubhead and better speed means impressive results.


  • A perfect driver for high launch
  • It can be used for extra long distance
  • Lightweight shaft for better speed


  • It produces a harsh or irritating sound

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2. Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw

This driver model is designed by keeping senior golf players in mind. It has a 515cc head that offers better forgiveness and a large sweet spot. 

On the other hand, it comes with a thin beta titanium face, and the COR rating is 0.86. So, adding extra distance to your shot will not be a difficult task with this driver. 

What’s more? With an offset hosel, you can enjoy a consistent ball flight and can prevent slices on the green. This illegal driver has a lightweight senior shaft flex, and the loft angle is 10.5 degrees.


  • 515cc clubhead for a larger sweet spot
  • Lightweight shaft for better swing speed
  • A face that can improve distance
  • Can fix slicing issues


  • It has an all-black face and clubhead; not all players like this combination.
  • Not good for faster swing speeds.

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3. Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Driver

This beautiful and powerful matte black illegal driver is a budget-friendly non-conforming driver and comes with amazing features. You can smash it with a higher head over the UGA limit for more distance.

The head size is 50cc. On the other hand, the combination of silver, black, and green makes it look trendy and futuristic. With a huge sweet spot, you can enjoy better contact with the golf ball than conforming drivers.

Talking more about this, it is 46 inches long, and the loft angle is 10.5 degrees. Besides, it has a mid-flex graphite shaft.


  • Larger sweet spot compared to legal drivers.
  • It comes with a headcover.
  • This illegal driver can be used for more distance and controlled shot


  • Not durable and can be dented easily
  • The X mark located in the middle of the head can distract some players

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4. Intech Behemoth Shaft Driver

Want to hit the ball confidently for a better distance? Give this driver a try. The driver head size is 520cc and offers a larger sweet spot. With a smooth swing speed, you can cover maximum distance. 

You can buy it in a senior flex or regular flex. Besides, it is available in two different loft angle options, i.e., 12 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

Most golfers will love to hold that in their hands as it comes with a traditional design. The best part is that it has the company’s own Intech Behemoth Shaf, which is a very lightweight shaft. 

As a result, you can create and produce a faster clubhead speed. On the other hand, the face is a little offset to promote better ball flight and less slice. You will also get a headcover with this. 

On impact, it creates less sound compared to the above-listed non-conforming drivers.


  • Maximized distance
  • Comfortable driver shape
  • shaft is lightweight


  • Club and ball impact sound is not good
  • Build quality is not impressive

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What Do You Mean By Illegal Drivers?

Speaking about the illegal drivers, they are designed so that they don’t meet the R&A and USGA regulations. As the name suggests, you can now use an illegal driver for handicap rounds or golf tournament play.

Exploring Some Pros And Cons Of Using Non-Conforming Drivers

There are good reasons to use non-conforming drivers and some potential drawbacks to using them. 


  • It will be easier to hit the golf ball straight as most non-conforming drivers come with offset hosels. The hosel’s position in these drivers can help prevent slices, and you will enjoy better draws.
  • A non-conforming driver comes with a bigger head. They can be of around 500cc. As the head has more volume, such drivers will be longer than conforming drivers. You will get a huge sweet spot.
  • The golf club faces are designed to produce a spring effect. That means the golf ball will have a better off-the-face bounce.


  • As discussed above, non-conforming clubs can not be used in golf tournament play.
  • Most of them are not manufactured by well-known golf companies.
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What Makes Golf Drivers Illegal To Use For A Tournament Play?

To understand that, you need to look at the rules of golf mentioned in section 4c, appendix II of the USGA. 

As per the rules, the construction, design, material, and clubface should not have the spring features that can exceed the limit set in the PTP-Pendulum Test Protocol.

Besides, they should not come with features or technologies to influence the ball’s movement speed. As per the regulations, the size of the driver’s head should be 460cc or lower than that.

The COR- Coefficient of Restitution value should be 0.83 or less and 48 inches or lower in length.

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