7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid: Which Club Should I Use?

Golfing is a fun sport. However, you can’t get started without using the right golf clubs when it comes to playing golf. 

And it can be a little challenging to choose the best type to enhance your gameplay style. With a myriad of golf selections in the market, it can be pretty hard to find the perfect golf bag. 

However, most golf players get confused between 7 Wood Vs. 3 Hybrid golf clubs. Certainly, a mix of both works best, but which should be more? 

Whether they should buy a fairway wood or hybrid? Both these clubs are different, and they vary in their usage. But you can use them for distance shots. But which one should you use? 

Keep reading to get your answer.

Understanding The Benefits Of A 7 Fairway Wood

7 wood vs 3 Hybrid

One of the most important benefits that you will notice while using fairway woods is the distance. These clubs offer more distance.

These clubs hit consistently to a driver, and you will enjoy a swing with a perfect sweeping action. As a result, you can hit the golf ball higher. Besides, there will be minimal interaction with the turf.

Regarding the  7 wood vs. 3 hybrid distance, you can hit the ball for a higher distance with wood. 

If you think you are playing well with your driver and woods, using a 7 wood can be great for hitting approach shots

You may find the 7 wood golf club a little more expensive than other clubs, but the results and performance that you will get from this golf club will surely impress you. 

Another major reason most golfers find a seven wood very useful is because they are a perfect alternative to the golf tee. Both male and female golfers love to use these clubs.

If you can tee your 7 wood up a little bit, you can attain more distance. So, if you are struggling with your driver, you can use wood for a better carry distance. 

Even using hybrid golf clubs, a 7 wood can make it easier. 

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Some Major Benefits Of 3 Hybrid Golf Clubs

When exploring the difference between a 7 fairway wood and 3 hybrids, you can ignore the benefits the 3 hybrid clubs can offer. 

The most important benefit of using a three-hybrid is you can easily take the shot out of the rough. You will not find a club that can offer features like a hybrid club. However, many golfers use this for consistent shots. 

When the golf ball is in the sand or rough, the 3 hybrid’s capability will surely impress you.

Apart from the bed liner, these clubs are very easy to launch. Besides, you can stop it on the ground faster than other clubs. So whether you want to play long shots or want to attain a higher ball flight, you can never go wrong with this. 

Besides, hybrid clubs are also better for par three. If a player wants to hit the shot to a pin, compared to a 7 wood, 3-hybrid can be a great option. Besides, you can also use this for a pure distance.

When To Use A 7 Wood Golf Club?

Well, it can be said that the 7-wood is more versatile than others as one can use it in different scenarios. Some common scenarios where you can trust your 7 wood are: 

  • When you want to land the golf ball softly with better accuracy than 3-wood.
  • If you are dealing with a tight fairway wood, you can use this for off the tee.
  • If the golf ball is around 200 yards from the green or if you are playing on the fairway.
  • If you want to hit the ball over trees or any other obstacles. 
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When To Use 3 Hybrid Clubs

As discussed above, the 3-hybrid can be easily played from the rough, fairway, and the tee. In bad lies, this can be a perfect club. It also offers more loft. This is also the more forgiving club for many golfers. 

  • You can use this for every kind of shot.
  • To make the long-range approach shorter.
  • For more consistent shorts. 
  • To gain confidence in your long shot game.
  • For higher spin and ball flight in the game. 

Which One To Use: Fairway Woods Or Hybrid?

To understand this, let’s discuss the difference between 3 hybrid and 7 wood. 

  • Some golfers prefer to use a 7 wood over then3 hybrid, as they find a 7 wood quite easier to use. Using this, you can easily hit a distance of 230 yards.
  • Sometimes, a 3 hybrid can lead to inconsistent shots used by beginner golfers. But this is quite rare in the case of 7 wood golf clubs. 
  • Some golfers have turned their 5 wood clubs into a 7-wood by adding 1.5 inches extra length. But with a 3-hybrid, this is not possible.
  • The experts say a 7-wood golf club is perfect for the tee for long par 3s and short par 4s. On the other hand, the 3-hybrid will not work well off the tee. 
  • When covering the yardage gaps, you can use a 7 wood. You will not lose much distance. But while playing on the rough, you can use a hybrid for a better shot than the wood. It can offer you a high ball flight in such a situation. 
  • If you like clubs with heavy swing weights, then you may not prefer to use a 7-wood club as it comes with a lightweight head.
  • For golfers who love slow swing speed, 7 wood clubs are lightweight and easier to hit consistently than a 3-hybrid. For soft landing and better swing speed, use a wood club. 

Well, it can be said that every golf player should use a hybrid and wood as different situations will make them use different clubs. For example, sometimes, you will need shorter shafts or longer shafts. So, it’s preferable to carry then both. 

7 Wood Vs. 3 Hybrid: The Verdict

There is no clear-cut answer as to which club golfers should use a 7 wood or 3 hybrids in every situation. Each club has its own benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when making a decision about which one to use.

In general, the 7 wood is more versatile than the 3 hybrids, but the 3 hybrids can be more forgiving for beginner golfers. Ultimately, the decision of which club to use depends on the individual golfer’s preferences and playing style. 

Wood Vs. Hybrid Comparison

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