Do Soft Golf Balls Go Further?

Golf ball technology is evolving rapidly, making it easier for new players. But most new players might not know how to purchase the best golf ball. 

A golf ball can significantly influence your game, like your putter, driver, or club. One of the most popular types of golf balls is soft golf balls, or you can say low compression golf balls.

But the critical question here is, do soft golf balls go further? What are the significant differences between soft golf balls vs. regular? 

Have a look at the below-mentioned points to get your answers.

Do Soft Golf Balls Go Further?

Yes, they can! Soft golf balls do go further than hard golf balls. There is, however, a catch. Even though a softer or a lower compression golf ball can go further from the tee, the gap will be around 5 yards. 

So the slower swing speed players must fit their golf balls to their irons and drivers to increase the distance. And to attain more distance, you can use Titleist golf balls, like Titleist Velocity or Pro V1.

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Soft Golf Ball Vs. Hard Golf Ball

Soft Golf Ball Vs. Hard Golf Ball

When we talk about choosing the best golf balls for beginners, two options come into our minds. Either it’s the soft golf balls or regular golf balls

Hence comparison between the two is required to choose the best one. When you hit them, softballs will feel much smoother and better than a hardball.

Earlier, there were only two major types of golf balls, i.e., HardCover and Balata balls. While the balata golf balls offer better spin properties, the hard-cover golf balls are designed to offer better distance.

But now, due to technological advancement, golf ball manufacturers are combining different materials to create balls having better spin and distance coverage abilities.

When playing with the right type of irons and drivers, a low compression ball will travel further when it hits the ground. But in the case of hard golf balls, they generally cover a short distance, but when they land, they will roll further.

Do soft golf balls make a difference? After considering the above explanation, it can be said that a softer ball makes a huge difference in your game.

Different Types Of Soft Or Low Compression Golf Balls

1. Two-Piece Golf Balls

These golf balls are designed to lower the spin and increase the distance. If you are a beginner and want to attain more distance off the tee while keeping the spin low, you can use a two-piece soft golf ball.

2. Three-piece Golf Balls

With three=piece golf balls or mid-compression balls, you will not have the distance that a two-piece ball can offer. Therefore, these balls are good for improving golfers who need more iron or spin shots.

3. Urethane Covered Balls

You can use lower compression balls covered with a layer of urethane to have more control over the shots with a slow swing speed. But it would help if you kept in mind that balls with urethane covers can be more expensive than the normal ones.

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Why Do Golf Players Prefer To Use Softer Golf Balls?

If you are a new golfer, you might wonder why you should use low-compression golf balls? Experts say that a low compression golf ball or the softball has slower swing speeds.

In general, you can easily attain more distance while playing golf if you have faster swing speeds. 

But golf players with slow swing speeds can find it challenging to hit the golf ball for a longer distance. This is where they can use low compression golf balls, like the Callaway chrome soft golf balls.

You will have to develop different ways to attain more distance if your swing speed is low, whether you’re golf disabled or have a slow playing style. 

And it is not advisable to use a high compression ball or hard golf ball. The energy transfer from your golf club head to the golf ball will be much better in a low-compression golf ball.

These balls can squeeze more when you hit, and you can have better control while putting and playing chip golf shots. So if you are still wondering if soft golf balls make a difference, then the answer is yes.

Which Type Of Golf Players Can Use Soft Golf Balls? 

As per the golf experts, low compression balls or soft golf balls can be used by different players. For instance:

1. Beginner Golfers

Using softer balls can be perfect to begin your game as a beginner. A firmer ball will allow you to attain a better distance off the tee compared to other golf balls. In addition, it helps them feel disheartened regarding distance from their drivers. 

However, this may not be ideal for you when playing around the green. You need to use a hard golf ball or a higher compression ball in such a case.

2. Senior Golfers

As you age, your body will change, and your power and strength will go down. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t play golf. If you find it challenging to hit the ball, use a softball. 

For seniors, this is the right golf ball. As there will be a reduction in your swing speed, a low compression ball will allow you to attain more distance than other golf balls. 

Professional golfers also use such golf balls in some situations.

3. Short Game Golf Players

If you want to try out some creative shots while playing around the green, you should try a soft golf ball. The muted response will let you stop the golf ball faster on the green.

You can also use it for putting. Some golfers love a heightened sense of pull while playing, and a lower compression ball can offer them that feeling.

4. Golfers With Low Swing Speeds

While testing their techniques, most new golfers can have a low wind speed. So, it will be better for them to use a soft golf ball for an extra distance.

So, understand your gameplay style, swing speed, and driver, and buy the right softball to improve your game.


Many different golfers can benefit from using low compression or soft golf balls. 

Whether you’re a beginner, senior, ladies, short game golf players, or have a slow swing speed; there’s a ball designed specifically for your needs. 

Using softer golf balls will give you more distance and control around the green, so be sure to try them out and see how they can improve your game.

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