What Is A Cadet Golf Glove? Explained

When shopping for a new golf glove, you’re faced with dozens of styles from several brands. 

Most golf gloves offer similar features, but not all are manufactured the same way. For example, if a golf glove is labeled “cadet,” it is undoubtedly shaped differently than a regular golf glove. 

Have you ever felt a hot burn due to friction or slipperiness while holding the golf driver? 

Sometimes golfers cannot hold the golf clubs properly due to sweaty hands. And it’s completely normal among amateur players. Cadet golf gloves are the best choice to avoid reduced grips on the golf clubs. 

Well, go through this article to explore more about cadet-size golf gloves and why they differ from regular ones. 

What Do You Mean By Cadet Golf Gloves?

White Cadet Golf Gloves

More than 25 percent of golf players use these big golf gloves for golf games. The number is quite big during warm seasons. 

The main advantage of using a golf glove is improved grip, especially for drives and long-iron shots. 

Bare hands can become slippery, especially on warmer days, allowing the club to turn or move in a player’s grip during their swing. More than 20 percent of golf players use cadet-size golf gloves. 

It is the normal type of glove but shaped quite differently from a regular glove. Cadet-size gloves are specifically designed for golfers with shorter fingers and wider palms. 

As different players have different hands, cadet sizes can provide better comfort and control while playing the game. 

Even though the shape differs, these gloves offer all the features that you will get with a regular glove. 

Understanding The Difference Between A Cadet And Regular Golf Glove

To understand a cadet golf glove, let’s discuss how it differs from a regular one. 

If you compare regular golf gloves and cadet gloves, you will find two major differences. Speaking about the first difference, it is the finger length in the gloves. 

The best cadet golf gloves have fingers around one inch shorter than the normal golf gloves. If you think your hands are not proportional to the finger’s length, you should try cadet gloves instead of standard golf gloves. 

Coming to the second difference, it is about the palm width of the gloves. The palm width is slightly wider in cadet gloves than in regular ones. After all, as the finger length is different, the palm width will also vary. 

So, before buying a glove, you need to check the finger size and palm width. If a regular glove doesn’t fit the size, go for a cadet golf glove. 

The Ideal Fit Of A Glove

Ideal Fit For Cadet Golf Glove

Shop for fit first and fashion second. 

If you look at the shape of your hand and fingers, you might need a cadet glove. However, the type of glove they need is not obvious to some golfers. 

When shopping for a new glove, try on a regular and cadet glove to determine which fits best. Once you’ve determined the type, choose the brand and look. 

But these gloves are available in men’s and women’s sizes. They range from small to double or triple extra-large, with a bigger size range for men than women’s gloves. Unfortunately, there isn’t much room around the wrist and fingertips. 

A best-fitted glove will feel like wearing a second skin, especially with insulated gloves. 

You need to ensure that the back closure doesn’t fully cover the surface of the velcro flap. Then, you can adjust the glove based on your requirements.

On the other hand, a well-fitted glove should offer you a better grip under different weather conditions to have better control over the swing and your golf club.

Should You Use A Cadet Glove?

Should you use a cadet glove? This will greatly depend on the shape and size of your hand. But don’t always consider the shape of your hand. 

Look at the golf glove that you are using currently. If it is loose and you cannot have a perfect grip, you should buy a cadet glove. 

What About Playing In Wet Conditions?

Some players prefer to use leather gloves while playing in wet conditions. It’ll help them have a better grip during light rain. 

But to increase the lifespan of your glove, you need to dry it properly. Don’t heat them directly as it can lead to tearing and stiffing. 

You should always have a backup glove in your golf bag. And the best option for you is a cadet glove. 

Size Guide Of Cadet Golf Gloves

Regular gloves come in different size ranges for men and women. You can go from a small to a triple extra-large size based on your size. 

However, the cadet gloves come in sizes from small to double extra-large size, based on the manufacturer. Have a look at the below-given guide to understand the size. 

  • Small glove: The length of the middle finger can be 1 inch to 4 inches. The palm width can range from 3 inches to 5 inches. 
  • Medium glove: Middle finger length will be 3 inches to 4 inches. The width of the palm will be 5 inches to 6 inches. 
  • Extra Large glove: The palm width can vary between 8 inches to 9 inches, while the middle finger length can range from 5 inches to 7 inches. 

In the case of women, choosing a good cadet glove can be a challenging task. But you can consider the small to medium-sized range for men to get a perfect fit. 

It will be better to try out the cadet and regular gloves first to understand which one fits you perfectly. After that, you can choose the design, material, and brand based on your budget. 

Click here for more detail about the cadet olf sizes.

Some Cadet Golf Gloves Recommendations

Here we suggest the best cadet golf gloves for you:

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Final Words

After going through this article, you now have a better idea of a cadet golf glove, its purposes, and how they differ from standard golf gloves. 

Even though these gloves are different, they are available in the same sizes, i.e., small to double XL. Some manufacturers also create triple XL cadet gloves. You will find them inexpensive and are about the same price as regular gloves. 

Remember that using the right type of golf gloves for the hand can help you play better

You can create a perfect grip that, in turn, will allow you to swing the club perfectly. If you have wide palms, then this is the best solution for you, 

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