52 Degree Wedge Distance: How Far Does A 52 Degree Wedge Go?

In the golf game, a wedge is essential as you can cover an extra 100 yards using the right wedge. But using the wrong wedge can cause trouble, and you might struggle around the greens. 

You must know about the 52-degree wedge distance when playing a golf game. Indeed, selecting the right wedge is confusing, but doing so is essential. 

This post will help you understand the essential features of a 52-degree wedge – how far the gap wedge goes, when to use it, and how to hit it?

What Are 52 Degree Golf Wedge Distances?

52 Degree Wedge Distance

The 52-degree golf wedge distances, also known as the gap wedge, are the most popular in golf. 

It is considered a specialist golf club ideal for close golf wedge distance shots. In addition, you can use it as a putter to hit long-range shots. 

The 52-degree golf wedge distances are uniquely positioned between pitching and sand wedge. 

You can use a pitching wedge to make shots that fly higher and longer. On the other hand, a sand wedge is excellent for hitting longer shots at a lower angle. 

If you want to hit a 100 yards shot, it’s recommended to pick a 52-degree wedge. Compared to 54 and 56-degree average wedge distance, this one provides good precision and enhances a player’s short game skills. 

If you are looking to hit a chip shot on greens, a 52-degree wedge will be helpful. 

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How Much Does A 52-Degree Gap Wedge Go?

A gap wedge is known to cover a golf wedge distance of 70 to 110 yards. When it comes to a 52-degree wedge, you can expect it to cover a golf wedge average distance of 85 to 100 yards. 

Only professional golfers can hit a shot up to 100 yards. Beginner shots can make it to 85 yards. 

Do You Need A 52-Degree Wedge?

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You must carry a sand wedge and pitching wedges when you start playing the golf game. A 52-degree wedge in the sand wedges is the best option for amateur golfers. 

These two wedges can smoothly learn the basics of different game shots. 

Often, players can’t select the ideal club as they find it challenging to gauge the average golf wedge distance. In such a situation, amateur golfers can choose a gap wedge, especially a 52-degree wedge distance. 

A 52-degree wedge distance is an excellent option for green shots that are too long to use a pitching wedge or sand wedge. 

There is no rule about what average golf wedge distance this club should be used for like other golf clubs. You can experiment with different golf wedge distances to find the right one. 

Can You Use A Sand Wedge?

It can be used in sand and is called a sand wedge. It’s ideal for sand bunker shots. You must have a good bounce on your shot for successful sand bunker shots. 

You can get the golf ball out of sand bunkers with heavy sand if you have a low bounce. Lastly, you do not require heavy bounce if you have sand bunkers with soft sand. 

Can You Use It In The Fairway?

Many golfers think that a 52-degree wedge distance is preferred only for sand bunkers. Similarly, as this is referred to as a sand wedge, people thought it was good only for the sand. 

But if you need to have the golf ball top quickly, it can prove its worth around the greens. 

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How To Hit a 52-Degree Wedge?

You can use a 52-degree wedge distance: high lofted chip shots or an all-around shot. You can hit golf clubs perfectly if you know what degree wedge distance will work the best. 

You must get sufficient backspin when keeping your contact clean. You can use the bounce angle technique if the ground is not too firm. 

When striking down through the golf balls, try to set up your heels closer together than normal. It will create less resistance. 

Best Situation To Use A 52-Degree Wedge

Out Of The Bunker

get out of bunker

Sand wedge can help you get out of the bunker, but sometimes, you can also take the help of a gap wedge to get out of the bunker. 

Let’s assume; that you happen to crush your tee shot in one of those annoying fairway bunkers. When you check the handy GPS, it says you are still 100 yards away. Using a gap wedge, you can break out. 

Doing so is suggested because the pitching wedge might not have enough loft to get you over the lip. Thus, you might not be able to hit your sand wedge too far. 

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Trying To Get Out Of Trouble On Golf Course

When trying to get out of trouble on the golf course, you can use a 52-degree wedge. For example, let’s assume you want to get the golf ball over a tree coming in your way. 

When you analyze your shot, you realize that a sand wedge can get over the tree, but it might not get you on the dance floor. 

Similarly, the pitching wedge does not have enough loft to get over the tree. You can use a 52-degree wedge to get out of trouble on the golf course. 

Use Pitching Wedge In the Fairway On Approach Shots 

Average golfers do not hit a 52-degree wedge from the fairway. It’s unfortunate because you can get plenty of time when facing such an in-between degree wedge distance. 

Your pitching wedge is about 80 yards, and you hit your sand wedge about 60 yards. When you check the GPS, it says you are 72 yards from the pin. 

In this situation, you can hit your gap wedge as the chances of you sticking the ball on the green are high. 

Around The Greens

You can use the gap wedge near the green and want to pull off a good chip shot. You must get enough roll on the ball to hit perfect chip shots. 

You will get too much air under the ball if you hit chip shots with lob wedges or sand wedges. Also, the ball won’t roll out too far. 

You can use a gap wedge as it does not have much loft. It is a better option when chipping around the greens. 


It is advised that every golfer must add a 52-degree wedge to their bags. 

However, beginner-level players can fill in the gaps with a 52-degree wedge when they understand how far their sand wedge and pitching wedge will go. 

Professionals and amateur golfers can comfortably handle and practice using a 52-degree wedge. 

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