Best Golf Cart Windshield

The golf cart windshield is one of the most important thing to have on your golf cart. It’s also one of the first things that gets messed up the more you use your golf cart. Having it is pretty important too.

When we were volunteering at Bahia Honda State Park in Key West, we’d call having the windshield down as having the AC on. It would be the only way to get air flow while driving around the park.

Unfortunately, they get scratched up and damaged easily. Here are some of the best golf cart windshield replacements for your cart.

Most of these windshields will fit most golf carts. You can look inside your glove box to get the year and look at our page on how to tell the golf cart year too.

Best Golf Cart Windshield E-Z-Go

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This windshield fits any E-Z-Go golf cart that was made between 2008 and up. The windshield can installs quickly and you can even fold it down if you want to get a breeze coming through.


  • easy installation
  • lightly tinted
  • should get a call from customer service to verify


  • the tinted fold down doesn’t include the top
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Best Golf Cart Windshield Yamaha

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Love how you no longer need to drill holes in your golf cart with these windshields. They come with all the parts to make the installation easy and simple.


  • easy installation
  • lightly tinted
  • comes in clear in you ask for it


  • some vibration might cause it to slide up if not installed correctly

Best Golf Cart Windshield Club Car

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  • Made in the USA
  • all parts for installation come with it


  • Not DOT approved so you can’t make it street legal

Features to Consider

Clear vs tinted is a big topic when discussing windshields. The no tint give a bit of a glare during the day. But the tinted version isn’t very dark, but for some it can be a little difficult to see at night.

To get around that issue, many people just put the windshield down at night and have no problems.

Impact Resistant make sure that the windshield you get is impact resistant acrylic so it can handle minor debris like rocks hitting it. Most windshields also are made of 3/16″ for durability.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’re able to find the windshield that you’re looking for. Let us know which one you went with and why.

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