Best Golf Cart Light Kit

Good quality golf cart lights are essential for serious golfers, especially those who use their carts on a regular schedule today. Even on sunny days, these lights can be helpful for later afternoons, when you’re rolling around just before or after sunset.

During cloudy or foggy weather, high-power, dependable lights are essential for safely driving carts around the campgrounds or the golf course.

Since there are currently a wide variety of golf cart lights available on the consumer market offering multiple technological advancements, you and your fellow golfers can select the ideal light kits to satisfy your specific preferences and needs.

Best Golf Cart Light Kits You Can Purchase Today

The top quality golf cart light kits now available and easily accessible to you and your golfing friends via the consumer market include the following brands and models:

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Best Universal Light Kit

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This kit should fit on all models of golf carts. This golf cart lights kit from TecScan contains a head light and harness with a power control switch. Power usage is low, and the featured LED lights are bright enough for safe cart use, even on dark nights or foggy weather. Sturdy adjustable installation brackets are included in the kit. Use of the 8-volt batteries requires a VOLTS-easy plug-in voltage reducer.

Visibility is enhanced by tuned reflectors. These latest 2835 LED lights offer improved brightness and are low-heat chip LEDs. Amber end LEDs are no longer used in the headlight in this kit.

The 24 LEDs included in this package are the newer, more powerful SMD 2835 LEDs, which make use of the very latest technological advancements. They provide greater light per watt than previous products, and they remain cooler during operation.

All the wiring needed is included for full use of this headlight and the connected turn signals in the same unit. The mounting is thin for convenient use, and the lighting is steady and bright.

This kit contains 3 amber LEDs, 18 white LEDs and 3 more amber LEDs stretching across the light bar. Each section has a separate wire to provide power, which enables you to make turn signals.

The included wiring harness is designed to have all three sections powered together as a group so that one flip of the power switch will turn all 24 lights on simultaneously. With use of a 48v to 12v converter, the power drain will be evenly balanced among all the batteries for optimal lighting results.


• This product offers great value for the price.

• This lighting kit provides enough bright light for easy driving at night.

• This lighting package contains top quality parts, and these lights do not require excessive levels of power for use.


• You need a 48V to 12V voltage converter to operate these lights, and the converter is not included with this product order.

Best Club Car Light Kit

[amazon box=”B07ZNX9H72″]

This golf cart lighting kit is composed of durable, quality parts that are guaranteed to last for long term use. All components of this top quality lighting package have been tested and proven to meet high standards for their materials, design and capacity for high-grade performance during usage.

This product is a shining example of a fine caliber golf cart accessory at the best possible price. The manufacturer’s technical support team is ready to assist you to resolve any questions or difficulties you may have regarding setting up your cart lighting. You can also access their free installation instruction videos posted on the DIY Golf Cart Garage Channel on YouTube.

Some new users of this product report that, after watching these clear, concise instructional videos, they had no need to read the instructions. All necessary steps to installing these cart lights are shown and explained in full by these presentations.


• This product is easy to install.

• If you purchase the upgrade, you also get a horn and blinders.

• Golf Cart King provides excellent tech services if you have any difficulty with lights installation.


• There are numerous imitation MadJax products on the market, so take care to ensure that you are buying an authentic model of this lights kit.

[amazon box=”B01GUEW6QA”]

This deluxe LED golf cart lighting kit contains a pair of headlights and a pair of taillights along with a wiring harness, screws and zip ties for installation. Too bad it doesn’t come with some golf cart heaters. Also included in your kit are a turn signal indicator, a brake pad, a horn, a hazard light switch and a column cover.

This lighting kit is best suited for installation and use on carts that currently have headlights cut into the cowl. The pre-existing holes can be covered completely, or at least adequately, by the larger size bezel in this package.

This kit is specifically designed for use on the 1993 + Club Car DS Golf Carts, and it will also work on some carts from 1992. If you have questions concerning whether or not this lighting kit can be properly installed on your golf cart, please contact the company for advice and assistance.

If your golf cart operates with factory-made and installed headlights, you should call the tech support team with the exact measurements since some factory-produced headlights can only be replaced with OEM lights.


• This kit has superior quality components that install easily.

• All connectors are color coded for simple and accurate installation.

• Lights are bright and the horn is loud enough to be easily heard.


• Brake light pad is cheap and may need replacement after limited use.

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Best Light Kit for Yamaha

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This authentic MadJax lighting kit for your golf cart lights installation comes with the Golf Cart King’s Customer Service Guarantee. Well designed, constructed and durable, this product has been tested extensively and shown to meet ultimate high requirements before being released on the consumer market for sale.

One of this company’s main objectives is to provide golfers with optimum quality golf cart accessories at the very best prices obtainable today.

This cart lighting kit is packaged with installing instructions. However, if you still have unanswered questions after reading these product directions, just contact the company tech support team for assistance. You can also watch an installation in progress by accessing the DIY Golf Cart Garage YouTube Channel.

It is essential that you install the cart lights correctly and securely for safe ongoing use and enjoyment. By doing so, you will gain the benefits of having a well-lit cart to use at any hour of the day or night.


• This light kit is tested extensively for quality before being placed on the market.

• The product has well-made, durable parts.

• This lighting accessory is designed for use on both gas and electric carts.


• This light kit is recommended specifically for use on the Yamaha cart model G14-g22 for optimal performance of all components.

Best E-Z-Go Light Kit

[amazon box=”B005XOBF5W”]

This cart lighting kit contains a remote control with steering wheel mount providing self-controlled headlights, taillights and turn signals. This kit also offers the bonus of a key fob remote control device. Also included is a patented and adjustable automatic brake light function.

Major components in this kit include the SMD 2835 LED 400 Lumen Headlight and an Extreme Visibility Taillight. This lighting installation is compatible with most golf carts, which makes it a popular choice for many golfers.

The kit also supplies an EZ Install Plug-in Wire Harness with Built–in Voltage Meter plus necessary hardware and installation instructions. This product is sold with a one-year warranty, and the 8-volt batteries require use of a VOLTS-easy Reducer.

Tech support agents are available by phone if you encounter any problems or questions during installation of your lights. Some customers ask whether a LITES-easy Controller can be used with a gas-powered golf cart, and the answer, in most instances, is yes.

However, the controller must be set on standby in order to register commands from the remote control device. Although this activity uses a very minor amount of power, this power usage could actually deplete the power of a 12-volt battery over a length of time. This occurrence of battery discharge is most likely to take place when the cart is not in use on a regular schedule.

You should also refrain from connecting other accessories to the cart battery, using your controller to connect these other items. Technicians suggest that you trickle charge the 12-volt battery in your cart and add an On/Off switch for cutting the power supplied to the controller.


• The brake lights work well with the surge system, as designed.

• The company tech service team is very helpful in guiding you when installing any add-ons to your lights.

• This lighting system’s remote control works really well and requires little power, so does not drain the battery when used properly.


• The steering wheel control needs to be backlit. Otherwise, the driver often hits the horn by mistake at night.


Of all the best products for your golf cart you can get, the above are fine quality golf cart lighting kits offering different combinations of the latest advancements in lighting technology and designs.

When comparing their features and functions, the top two picks as contenders for the ultimate quality product appear to be the TecScan LiTESeasy Deluxe Golf Cart Remote Control Lights & All Signals Kit and the Golf Cart Basic Light Kit For Yamaha G-Series (Gas & Electric).

While the TecScan lights kit offers self-controlled headlights, taillights and turn signals as well as the SMD 2835 LED 400 Lumen Headlight and an Extreme Visibility Taillight, the Yamaha model provides the option of gas or electric powering plus the Golf Cart King’s Customer Service Guarantee of top-tier quality operation.

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