Golf Cart Go, a leader in golf information and tips, has acquired The acquisition date is April 14, 2022.

We would like to welcome all Golf Business Community readers!‘s primary goal is to help educate golf cart owners and golfers about how to play the sport, care for the tools we need to support our habit, and make smart decisions for products and services to invest in to improve ourselves a little at a time.

About was the go-to resource from 2009 to 2016 covering the great game of golf and its expansion across the world. This included industry news and resources that spanned from China to Abu Dhabi to the United States.

In the words of golf great, Gary Player, had a purpose and delivered on its promise.

This conference has been absolutely outstanding. Every single topic has been discussed and it’s enlightening.

Gary Player, Golfer


Since March of 2018, Golf Cart Go has become the hub of all things related to golf carts. This includes maintenance and making them look nice as we spend time with those that are closest to us.

Beginning in 2022, Golf Cart Go started to tackle other golfing topics such as clubs, bags, apparel, golf shoes, golf balls, even nutrition for golfers, and other insightful questions.

You can check out our extensive blog here.

Chris Myles, the owner of Golf Cart Go, shared the following about this acquisition:

Golf Business Community was a resource that I read to keep up with international news for golfing as well as their hub for the annual HSBC tourney. We are extremely excited to acquire this business and the future seems bright!

Chris M, Owner of

When I first started playing golf, I had so many questions about how things worked and the nuances that you really cannot get unless you are actively playing the game.

Common questions such as:

Join us on this journey to perfect the game we love so much and look forward to chatting with you.