How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost? (2023 UPDATE)

Have you ever wondered how much does a golf cart cost in 2023? If you’re looking to buy a golf cart, there will be a number of things to consider. What do you plan on using the golf cart for? Do you want a gas or electric golf cart? Do you need a roof, walls, cargo space? All of these considerations will affect your end price.

Typically, a ready-to-go golf cart is about $2000 on the low end. For newer carts, the prices can go as high as $10,000 – $15,000. These include some ridiculously decked out cart customizations with added accessories.

Why Shouldn’t I Spend Less Than $2000 on a used Golf Cart?

While you may get lucky and find a golf cart on Craigslist for less than $2000, it’s very likely that this golf cart won’t be in safe operating order, or it will be a couple of decades old. Make sure to keep the used golf cart checklist handy.

This could be ok for you if you’re a handy person and don’t mind fixing the golf cart you just bought, but if you want a ride-ready golf cart, don’t waste too much time on anything under the $2000 mark.

As an example, my best friends bought a golf cart for $1,600 and thought they were getting a great deal. Since then, they’ve had to replace all 5 batteries, all 4 tires, get a new steering rod, all within a year of having it.

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Club car

The most well-known brand for golf carts, they can charge more than other brands for their name and reputation of reliable, well-appointed, and efficient golf carts. Before you think that extra dough is just for a name, though, remember that they earned their reputation.

You might spend more on a Club Car golf cart, but it comes with more luxuries, more features, more power, and more efficiency than nearly any other brand.

If you have the money, and you want a golf cart that can do anything, anywhere, and with comfort and style in cart loads, than seriously consider this brand.

XRT800 $6,099


This vehicle is the most basic in their lineup. It has seats and a bed. What more do you need? Now, of course you won’t be turning heads with its style or comfort, but no other cart in its class has the same power, efficiency, or warranty.

Some cool features are its ability to fit into a standard truck bed. This makes it easy to take with you on vacation. It also has optional limited slip differential so your tires don’t tear up the turf or yard.

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Carryall 1500 IntelliTach $17,319


The most expensive on their list, this golf cart has it all. Even a tool attachment in the front to use shovels, forklifts, or any other type of front attaching tool. You can also get the one without the tool attachment for a few grand less, with all the same power, comfort, and capability.

With this golf cart, you really would be turning heads with its impeccable style and luxury. With the Carryall’s giant cargo capacity and optional 4 personal seating, you could carry your whole crew all around the course, or take the whole family out to the backwoods for adventure.


Another well-known brand, but not as high-end as Club Car. E-Z-GO’s golf carts are more widely used in utilitarian fields, hospitality fleets, and maintenance fleets than high end golf courses. That being said, they’re nearly unmatchable in quality and durability.

Freedom TXT $6,299

freedom txt

This is another basic golf cart, but it comes a little more well appointed than Club Car’s entry level XRT800. Of course, the Freedom TXT is meant as more of an actual golf cart, for use in your country club, small town, or suburban environments than a deer lease.

With a few upgrades, this golf cart can come with all the luxury appointments you’d expect out of a car, including a USB plug, cup holders, and comfortable seating. At this price point, no other brands have a golf cart to match its reliability, comfort, and efficiency.

Express L6 $11,499

express l6

Beautifully and masterfully appointed, capable of carrying 6 people and assorted stuff, and with impressive ground clearance and power enough for off-roading, this cart provides nearly everything a family could possibly need in most situations.

Whether you need to transport your family around town, or bring some friends and all your gear deep into the woods, this awesome golf cart would be able to handle it all.

At this price point, that’s pretty awesome. Of course, you could just buy a car for that kinda dough, but it probably wouldn’t be as nice.

Used Golf Cart Prices

Getting into used golf carts will allow you to save money, while still getting a great golf cart. Prices here can range from the lowest of the low at $2000, to about $10,000 for the highest end, most well-appointed golf carts on the market.

I chose two golf carts to give you an idea of what to expect at both the low end and middle range.

2002 E-Z-GO TXT PDS Electric $1950


Coming in right at that $2000 mark, this is a golf cart with no bells or whistles. At 16 years old, it could legally drive itself, as well, haha! You may find newer models in this same price point, but most will be simple two seaters, without a lot of cool features.

This really is what you should expect at the $2000 entry point for golf carts. You won’t turn heads or impress anybody with its features, but you’ll have your very own golf cart, and what’s cooler than that?

2013 E-Z-GO RXV Electric 4 seater $7,000


This is a great price point for a used golf cart. Of course, you could get a spanking new one, but it wouldn’t have as much carrying capacity, or have such nice accessories. That’s why looking for a used golf cart is typically cheaper.

At this same price point for new, you’d get a basic golf cart with limited features, but looking for used golf carts in this price range allows you to find golf carts that would be $10,000-$15,000 new for about half the price. You’ll still have all the same brand reputation and reliability without spending as much as you might on a used sedan.


So, how much does a golf cart cost? Well, as you saw, the price can vary a whole $15,000. The more important question is what are you looking for? Mostly, it’s better to think of a price range depending on what your needs are.

Think of it in four tiers:

  1. $2,000-$5,000
  2. $5,000-$7,000
  3. $7,000-$10,000
  4. $10,000-$15,000

Each of these ranges will cover different needs, and each range has its own things to look for. With all of these, you can also find golf cart financing in a few spots, if you really want it.

  • A decent two seater golf cart with a little of carrying capacity, perfect for a day on the golf course, will be about $2,000 for a used golf cart. You can’t find new golf carts in this range, but if you’re wanting new, you’d probably have a higher budget.
  • In the $5,000-$7,000 range, you can get something for the whole family or for doing a little work in the yard in the used department. Most used golf carts in this range will be newer, have some decent accessories and comfort, and be more than sufficient for a day on the golf course, picking up groceries, or mild off-road adventures. New golf carts in this range will be basic, but new golf carts have great warranties, and come with less hassle.
  • For the $7,000-$10,000 range, you can get a top of the line workhorse for hunting, yard work, or anything you need in the used golf cart market. Really, at that budget, the sky’s the limit as far as accessories, seating, cargo space, and power.

For new golf carts, this range can get you a very nice, mid-tier golf cart capable of most everyday needs. It may not be the best golf cart on the course, but it would still be comfortable and reliable and look great with some nice covers.

  • For the upper echelon of $10,000-$15,000, you can get nearly any new golf cart you could dream of, capable of off-road trail riding, backwoods schlepping on your deer lease, or a workhorse for a ranch. I wouldn’t suggest this range for most people,w however, as you could get a used one for half the price.
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