Can You Use Car Wax on a Golf Cart? (Fully Explained)

I know a lot of people who wax their cars religiously every few months. But what about golf carts? Can you use car wax on a golf cart?

As a general rule, using car wax on a golf cart is safe. However, you should only wax after you have washed the golf cart and removed any abrasive debris.

I did some additional research, and it turns out there are a lot of mixed opinions on this topic! I decided to try out both methods and see for myself which one works better – and here’s what I found.

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Should you wax a golf cart?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of your golf cart, and whether you want to preserve a sleek shine for years to come. For those who own golf carts and have waxed them in the past, the reviews are a bit mixed.

Some say applying a coating of regular car wax after a wash does no harm, while others recommend waxes specifically for golf cart use.

To make things simple, if you want to use car wax, go ahead! However, be mindful of the overall process. You need to consider some important steps, like washing your vehicle first. Your cart needs to be clean of any abrasive debris before giving it a stunning shine.

We’ll discuss these steps in more detail later in this article.

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What Wax Should I Use on my Golf Cart?

When doing the waxing step, it depends on which product you choose to buy.

Some folks recommend Turtle Wax and Dry that you can find on Amazon. Others recommend specialty waxes made for golf carts, such as this Club Car Wax All. For those who feel uneasy about using anything with carnauba wax, there’s a brand by Meguiars that uses alternative ingredients and has relatively high customer reviews.

Some you can use on wet surfaces, and others recommend that the exterior of your golf cart be dry and clean before applying. Give the directions a careful read, no matter which product you choose. Some waxes might require a polishing cloth, while others can simply be sprayed on.

Determining this comes with reading the fine print on the container. Do this before buying anything to help save you money.

How do you polish a golf cart body?

To get to the bottom of this question, we first have to prepare the cart by giving it a good washing. Those who work on golf cart restoration or general automotive restorations will tell you to give your vehicle a solid cleaning before any wax is applied, ever!

Any dirt, gravel, dust, or other kinds of debris will end up scratching the heck out of your cart if you don’t give it a meticulous scrubbing and rinsing beforehand.

Gather Supplies

To begin, gather the appropriate supplies. You’ll need a non-detergent soap that’s recommended for vehicles. In some cases, it’s okay to use products that are used for dish-cleaning. Next is a pressure washer or garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle. If you’re using a pressure washer, be warned, limit the PSI to 700 maximum, and keep the fan extended as wide as possible to avoid any possible damage to the golf cart exterior. Most golf carts are made with a plastic finish, and tend to be much softer than the metal chassis of most cars. Other materials you’ll need include, but are not limited to, buckets, sponges, microfiber cloth, and drying towels.

Choose Specific Location For Cleaning

The next step is choosing the right location for cleaning. Experts recommend you park your golf cart in a nice shaded area. This is to prevent any soap from drying out in the sun too fast, which can leave unsightly spots on your cart exterior.

Begin Hosing Down The Cart

Before you begin spraying, remove loose items or anything else that can be damaged by water (GPS device, paper golf-score cards, pencils, floor mats, etc).

Also, prepare two buckets, one with soapy water, and another without any soap. Hose your entire golf cart down to remove dirt, gravel, and debris.

There’s a chance that your seat covers are removable, and if so, cleaning them will require reading the manufacturing instructions.

Soak Your Wash Cloth and Wash

Next up is soaking your washcloth in soapy water, and wiping down the entire surface of your golf cart.

Remember, the polishing part requires the exterior to be super clean, so don’t shirk away from scrubbing nice and hard. Scrub the floor, the seats, the sides, the roof, the steering wheel…you get the picture.

For the windshield, using soap is okay as well. In fact, it’s highly recommended. Most golf cart windshields are acrylic, and will be scratched and stained by any cleaners intended for glass. Avoid using paper towels for drying it, and instead use a micro-fiber (or very soft) cloth.

Rinse the Golf Cart

Once the entire cart is scrubbed and soaked in a soapy foam, rinse it all off. Like with the windshield, avoid using paper towels or abrasive cloths to avoid scratching the exterior when drying. All your cleaning/drying materials should be soft and good for plastic surfaces.

Even though the sun might be blazing and the air is nice and hot, avoid letting your golf cart drip dry to avoid any water streaks.


Finally, we get to the polishing part. The bulk of the directions should come from the container of the wax product you wish to use. Apply as instructed. Most waxes should be applied on a clean, dry surface. Similar to the cleaning process beforehand, if directions instruct you to, use a microfiber cloth to spread the wax evenly on the golf cart exterior.

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How do I keep my golf cart clean?

You’ve finished a full day’s worth of labor on making your favorite golf cart shine like the gemstone it is, but how do you keep it that way from now on? Depending on the wax you used, you may not have to do much to keep the dirt off. Considering that most (if not all) waxes are water-proof, you may have to give your cart a simple rinse with a hose right after using it.

To prevent it from getting dirty when not in use, store your golf cart in a clean, dry area. Many owners prefer the comfort of their own garage. If storing outside, get a tarp or specialty cover that will protect your cart from rain and hail.

Other tips include using vinegar to get rid of any water spots, scrubbing your golf cart battery nodes with distilled water and baking soda (for any corrosion), over even using a specific cleaner intended for any aluminum parts your cart may have. For a more in-depth guide, check out this website.

Can you hose down a golf cart?

Short answer is yes you can.

However, as mentioned earlier in this article, be wary of anything on the cart itself that you don’t want getting wet. It’s also recommended to let your golf cart cool off after use before giving it a good hosing.

If you don’t mind the odd water spot here and there, you can let it drip dry in the sun. Otherwise, use a microfiber cloth instead.

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