The 10 Best Left-Handed Golfers on The PGA Tour

As per data, around 12 percent of total golfers are left-handed. Such a low percentage can make you think about whether you should play golf left-handed or right-handed.

If you are a player who prefers to play left-handed, you should continue with the format. 

If you think left-handed golfers can’t perform better than right-handed golfers, look at the list of best left-handed golfers who have achieved a huge reputation and tremendous success in this game.

Let’s find out who they are!

Top 10 Best Left-Handed Golfers In The World Right Now

Here are the top 10 best left-handed golfers in the world.

1. Eric Axley

Eric Axley
Eric Axley

There is something about the swing of this golf player that always looks like beautiful poetry in motion. Born and raised in Tennessee, Eric Axley turned into a professional golfer in 1997 when he was just 23 years old. 

As per the records, at the 2006 Valero Texas Open championship, he managed to win a PGA tour victory. In addition, he has competed in around 30 PGA Tour events. 

Apart from the PGA tour, he also claimed some wins on the tour and the Hooters Tour. He has cornered five professional wins, and his highest official world golf ranking is 169.

2. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

Even though he is a right-handed golfer, he has set some standards by which all the left-handed golfers are measured. Phil Mickelson has a successful and consistent career in golf history. 

As per the data, Phil Mickelson has successfully won 42 PGA Tour wins played for every Ryder Cup and President team since 1994. In addition, he has earned more than USD 74 million by winning some major championships.

3. Nick O’Hern

Nick O'Hern
Nick O’Hern

Nick O’Hern doesn’t have a winning career on the PGA Tour, but he has notched 23 top-10 finishes in the top circuit of golf history. He has 13 years of long golfing career on the PGA Tour and has played many games. 

But he is most active on the Korn Ferry Tour (formerly known as Tour). During his PGA Tour career, he has won USD 7.5 million.

4. Sam Adams

Sam Adams
Sam Adams

Speaking about the PGA Tour win of Sam Adams, he has won one PGA Tour Championship. In the year 1973, he won the Quad Cities Open championship. He also won the North Carolina Open Championship in 1975. 

Even though he doesn’t have a distinguished professional golf career, still many new golfers follow his gameplay style.

5. Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson was considered an underachiever, but things changed in 2010. That year, he defeated Scott Verplank and Corey Pavin at the Travelers Champions tour. 

He dedicated his great victory to this after, who was suffering from cancer. After that, he became one of the best golfers of all time. 

In 2010, he lost the PGA Championship, but he managed to win five PGA tour matches, including two master’s Tournaments.

6. Bob Charles

Bob Charles
Bob Charles

Bob Charles is considered the trendsetter for left-handed golfers. He was the first left-handed golfer to win the 1963 Houston Classic championship and the 1963 Open Championship. 

During his career in golf, he captured more than 60 professional titles, including 23 Champions Tour wins, four European Tour wins, and six PGA Tour wins. In addition, he is well-known for his longevity. 

Seven years ago, he impressed everyone by finishing the European tour’s Michael Hill New Zealand Open in a tie after making a 68 during his second round. In New Zealand, he is known as a sporting legend.

7. Mike Weir

Mike Weir
Mike Weir

This Canadian golfer made history in 2003 by becoming the second left-handed golf player to win any major golf championship. Yes, in 2003, Mike Weir won The Masters tournament. 

When he was a teenager, he had been suggested to play right-handed. But he soon started playing as a left-hander as he was very comfortable with that form. Unfortunately, he lost the 2007 PGA Tour tournament following his elbow injuries. 

But he made a remarkable comeback and became runner-up at the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

8. Bonnie Bryant

Bonnie Bryant
Bonnie Bryant

Well, Bonnie Bryant won the Bill Branch LPGA Classic championship 40 years back, but till now, she remains the only member of the LPGA Tour to win a tournament while playing golf left-handed. 

She is a fast-pitch softball player. She started her golfing career when she was 20 and maintained a successful golf career. 

One of her life’s most exciting golf tournaments is the 1979 Coca-Cola Classic. Unfortunately, she lost to Nancy Lopen in a sudden-death playoff.

9. Russ Cochran

Russ Cochran
Russ Cochran

Russ Cochran is a well-known American professional golf player who is a member of the Nationwide Tour and the PGA Tour. He is regarded as one of the best natural left-handers to win a PGA tour tournament. 

From the 1980s to 1992, Russ Cochran was the only left-handed golfer on the PGA Tour. Speaking about his PGA Tour wins, he won the Central Western Open championship on 7th July 1991, with two strokes. 

Besides, he also won 9 major titles, including the Senior Open Championship in 2011, Half Moon Jamaica Open in 2012, LIME Jamaica Open in 2011, and The Shootout with Bob Charles in 1984.

10. Brian Harman

Brian Harman
Brian Harman

When speaking about the best left-handed golfers of all time, you can’t forget Brian Harman. He is one of the promising and younger players on the PGA Tour. 

He has created an impressive resume of his golfing career, winning significant championships, such as the 2005 and 2009 Walker Cup Teams, the 2003 U.S. Junior Amateur tournament, and The Amateur Players Tour in 2005. 

He played a major role in the University of Georgia Golf team and parlayed multiple event victories. Speaking about his first PGA Tour win in 2014 at John Deere Classic. 

After three years, he won the 2017 PGA Tour title by winning the Wells Fargo Championship.

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Final Thoughts

These ten professional left-handed golfers have significantly impacted the sport, with some significant winning championships and others setting records. 

Their stories are even more impressive because they all achieved these accomplishments while playing golf left-handed. 

Left-handedness has not always been accepted in golf, but these players have paved the way for future lefties to succeed.

These professional golfers have shown that playing left-handed can be just as successful as playing right-handed, and they will continue to inspire other lefties to achieve greatness on the golf course.

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