Advantages Of Left-Handed Golfers Playing Right Handed

What are the advantages of left-handed golfers playing right-handed? Are lefties better golfers than the regular (right-handed) golfers?

As per data, around 15 percent of the total population is left-handed. These percentages drop when it comes to golfers who play left-handed. 

For a different reason, like most golf professionals and guides are created for golfers who play right-handed and are available in golf clubs, some left-handed golfers prefer to play the game right-handed. 

Is there any advantage to left-handed golfers playing right-handed? 

Let’s discuss that in detail in this article and understand whether you should go for this golfing style.

Should One Golf Right-Handed Or Left-Handed?

Advantages Of Left-Handed Golfers Playing Right Handed

Golf clubs come in different styles, both for left-handed and right-handed golfers. Whenever buying a set of golf clubs, the right-handed golfers should buy a right-handed golf club. 

There are not many golf clubs available for left-handers; they sometimes play right-handed golf using right-handed golf clubs. So, if you have the right golf club, you can keep playing left-handed.

Some of the popular golf clubs for lefties are:

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Players Who Play Right Handed

Some famous golf players are naturally lefty but have won many titles by playing right-handed. They do that as they have learned to take advantage of right-handed golf clubs. 

Examples include Jordan Spieth, Greg Norman, Ben Hogan, Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir, Bob Charles, etc. Charles is the first left-handed golfer to win a PGA Tour tournament.

Should You Make Golf Swing Using Your Left Hand Or Right Hand?

Golf Swing Using

If you can play golf as a right-handed golfer, golfing will be easier for you. But remember, the dominant left-hand golfers, adjusting to being right-handed, may find it quite challenging. 

If you are facing any issues, then play lefty for better golf. However, if you find it comfortable to play right-handed, go for that. The simple answer is you should do wherever the format works best for you.

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Do Left-Handed Golf Players Have An Advantage?

In general, the answer can be yes or no. While some golfers enjoy a big advantage by playing golf in this format, others face challenges. But left-handed players might have some advantages based on the shot type of certain shots and holes.

Tips To Play Golf Left Handed

Left-handed golf players quickly realize most golf equipment and cubs are designed for right-handed players. Well, you are not alone at all. The PGA has some world-famous left-handed golfers. 

You can perform better while playing left-handed. All you need to understand is how to make it right. To help you out with this, we have mentioned some useful tips.

Golf Club Grip For Left-Handers

You can perform well without worrying about your hand orientation by making a correct grip. While gripping, ensure that the club passes across the left palm. 

It needs to go through the index finger to above the pinkie finger. Don’t move the grip into your finger, as it can make your golf swing terrible.

Golf Stance

Well, swing and stance techniques are the same for both left-handers and right-handers. However, the only difference that you can find is that they are mirror images.

You need to create a position by grounding the golf club behind your ball. The clubface will be in a square position. Keep the feet close to each other and take a small step toward your right and a large step toward your left foot. 

You will form a position where the feet shoulder-distance part with the ball. You can check some golf videos to learn more about this.

The video below is Lesson with a Lefty, Perfect Golf Posture like Phil Mickelson.

Golf Swing

Left-handed people should swing on the golf ball of their feet to utilize all their power with a complete rotation of the hips. Well, this can also be useful for a right-handed player. 

There should be a well-balanced follow-through as it can offer you the best control and strength. Playing left-handed means training the body to do the opposite of the normal sequence. 

And doing that will require more practice, effort, and focus.

Always Focus On Your Pre-Shot Routine

While a highly focused mental approach is required, you need to create consistent pre-shot routines. Left-handers have more visualization and imaging capabilities. And you need to incorporate that into your gameplay. 

You can understand this if you have ever watched Phil Mickelson playing golf. Before he even uses a golf club, he visualizes the shot he wants to take. 

Then he chooses a perfect golf club that can produce the right amount of motion or swing for the particular shot. 

So, for lefties, a perfect pre-shot routine is quite important. You can easily avoid negative thoughts and hit the best shots to win the game.

Main Advantages Of Left-Handed Golfing

As per the professional golf players, being left-handed means increased imagination and creativity on the course. Left-handed players can utilize their hand orientation to enjoy the better rhythm, visualization, and intuition. 

One study has found that left-handed players score much higher in daydreaming, imagination, intuition, and creativity.

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Do Left-Handed Golfers Have Some Advantages?

You may not find any solid reasons to believe that left-handed golfers are better than right-handed. Playing right-handed, left-handed golfers may enjoy some benefits, but experts always suggest playing with your dominant hand. 

On the other hand, golf manufacturers are now offering lefty golfers the same type of equipment as right-handed golfers.

Every golf swing should be done using the right hands and left hands, and the wrist in golf. If your left hand is not controlling the swing, the right hand will dominate the swing. 

As per the experts, your left hand and arm should play the dominant role while making a golf swing. Keep practicing, and you can play well with both your left hand and right hand.

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