Will I Lose Distance With A Stiff Shaft Flex?

The stiffness of a golfer’s shaft is something that many golfers take pride in. However, choosing a too light and flexible shaft will cause you to overpower the club, causing it to whip around too soon. 

The clubs become extremely hard to control. Is this, however, always a good thing? Will I Lose Distance With A Stiff Shaft Flex?

With so many individuals still buying clubs without getting fit, purchasing a new driver is an important issue. Today, we’ll look at whether you should choose a conventional or stiff driver shaft.

It’s critical to note that every golfer is unique, and many of these ‘rules’ will not apply to you. However, you must use a launch monitor and have a specialist assist you with the fit you require for your swing.

Check out our article here if you’re wondering what signs you need a stiffer shaft.

Now, let’s get into it!

Can Driver Distance Be Affected By Shaft Flex?

Your ball distance reality

Yes, and you must get your stiff flex just perfect. In a study published in Sports Biomechanics, the research team challenged players to hit identical drivers with different shaft flexes [1]. 

Everyone engaged was unaware of the flex, and the effects were astounding.

Not only was clubhead speed (which directly affects distance) altered in most players, but also loft angle and lie angle in a quarter of them.

If you choose the wrong flex of the shaft for your driver, you will lose the distance and control of the ball.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Stiff Shaft?

The 150-yard test is a fantastic way to figure out how much flex you need. A stiff shaft is for you if you can easily hit an 8- or 9-iron 150 yards. 

This implies you’ll have a driver swing speed of roughly 100 mph, and the benefits of a stiff shaft will be apparent.

You’ll know it’s right for you when the club performs well, and you don’t have to swing it as hard as you can to get the ball up in the air. 

When a club is excessively stiff, it produces low slices with poor contact and controls the intensity of the hit.

What Are The Benefits Of A Regular Shaft?

Most golfers should be employing a regular shaft, especially if they are a beginner. However, often players hesitate to pick it. 

A normal shaft will be optimum for your game if you utilize a 6- or 7-iron to hit that 150-yard shot. However, the club will operate better, and you will gain distance with less effort if you use a shaft flex suited for you.

The result will be greater consistency and fewer missed opportunities. However, many golfers would benefit from a stiffer shaft in their wedges. Most wedges have a less flexible shaft because it helps you control your short game.

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Can Accuracy Be Affected By Shaft Flex? 

shaft flex accuracy

Shaft flex can affect the accuracy of your golf shots in various ways. First, having a club that fits your swing allows you to be calmer and more consistent while hitting the ball, which improves accuracy.

 A stiff shaft flex also helps to reduce dispersion by allowing the club to move less during impact and thus be more consistent.

Also, consider that your golf club’s shaft is its motor. Thus inefficiencies here will result in less accuracy. 

There’s also nothing stopping you from splitting your set; you might focus on the precision with your shorter clubs and have less flex in your scoring clubs while having more flex in your longer clubs. 

This is when custom fitting comes into play. 

Finding out this crucial information about your golf swing has never been easier. Almost any pro or company that does custom fitting will have an instrument that can provide you with this number. 

Consider this to be your starting point.

Even if you have a swing speed that should handle a stiff shaft, a standard shaft may be able to aid you, so try several out and double-check your figures.

Remember, there are no clear rules in golf. Therefore, certain conventional shafts can perform effectively with high swing speeds occasionally. 

Your tempo and how you load the shaft influence the flex you require, so consult an expert on this.

What If My Driver Shaft Is Too Firm?

When using a stiff flex, the ball will have a low and left trajectory. As a result, you’ll get the impression that the club is lifeless and that firm contact is difficult to come by. 

It won’t feel pleasant in general. You won’t obtain the clubhead speed you deserve, and you’ll miss fairways.

As you become older, your athleticism will wane, and you’ll need to increase the flex in your shaft. This will improve your swing and make you feel terrific.

Are Heavy Shafts Different From Lighter Shafts?

Heavier shafts do not need to be stiffer; instead, the added weight will force them to perform at faster clubhead speeds, similar to less flex.

For many people, shaft weight comes down to personal preference. Often, players like a thicker shaft in their driver because they enjoy the feel. 

You’ll learn what you prefer as you try additional clubs and setups, which will assist you in making your decision.

Do Heavy Drivers Hit The Ball Farther Than Lighter Drivers?

Certainly not. While striking the ball with a heavier object may cause it to travel further, you must balance your swing speed with this weight. 

Many golfers will be able to create faster clubhead speeds by using a lighter shaft.

Like everything else in this text, your swing is unique, and none of these guidelines are absolute. 

You’ll find something that works best by experimenting with different items and combinations.

Will I Lose Distance With A Stiff Shaft Flex?

The more you study golf shafts, the more complicated they appear. Thankfully, some people are true specialists in this field and are willing to assist you.

The flex of the shaft is a critical factor in the fitting. Our testers noticed distance differences of up to 22 yards between flexes. Getting the appropriate flex is crucial for a perfect fit.

The bend of the shaft has a significant impact on distance. Therefore, a firm shaft is required if your swing speed is 95-105, while a standard shaft is needed if your swing speed is 85-95. 

We recommend an X firm shaft if your score is higher than 107.

However, if you are still unsure about your decision, you can seek our guidance or follow our other golf-related blogs to have clarity regarding your doubts.

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